Wednesday, December 28, 2016

12/26/16 Merry Christmas


That probably should have been in last week email...but today is good too. 

Christmas as a missionary is a very spoiled time of the year for a missionary. At least it was for me. I was so grateful, I got packages from members in previous areas, presents from members in this area and I haven't even met them yet! Satuday and Sunday was all about going from one dinner appointment to the next. Like I woke up this morning still full. 

No snow! The weather was actually beautiful, in the 70s,  got some lightning storms yesterday too. 

Some really cool things tho:

The V.....'s are a family that moved in a month ago, and invited us to make cookies and deliver it to their neighbors so that they can meet their neighbors, I went while my companions went to other appointments, it was so fun,  and they were a great family:) really enjoyed their company and example!

Sacrament was great! We had all 4 wards in the area meet in the stake center, and all the primary kids sang "Picture a Christmas" I laughed rather hard because out of the 4 wards, it made up the primary in my ward in Oakley. haha these wards are small in general though, they did a great job! and looked beautiful. and the spirit was felt. 

We had a zone conference on my birthday! (I'm 20 now!) and everyone semi sang to me. so at the end of the conference I started saying to people "Thanks for coming to my birthday party!" hahhaa they laughed. Elder Nau, and I have served around each other for awhile now, and he got some elders together and did this year beat/clap rhythm thing while Elder Nau danced a happy birthday dance. It was sooo funny, everyone was cracking up. Good way to spend the bday though. 

umm...hung up christmas lights. that was a challenge. 

And ya:) it was a great Christmas and birthday week. But what I loved most....was how often my thought directed me back to the birth of the Savior. to a specific chapter in the Book of Mormon actually.

1 Nephi 11. I invite yall to read that and ponder on the message. 

I love this time of year, its a beautiful time of year, its a time to remember where peace and hope come from, and that's from Christ. What a great way to end a hard year and start a new one. I pray that yall make new year resolutions, and make at least one that is centered on Christ. Perhaps it will be to read the Book of Mormon as a family daily, to do your home and visiting teaching monthly, to develop a Christlike attribute, or so on. 

im fixin on mine and will share with you next week! share with me yours!


Sister Pollard

Monday, December 19, 2016

12/19/16 Joplin

Hey yall!! 

These past few days have been crazy and a rollarcoaster. lets take it day at a time


I got to my new area! JOPLIN! I've always wanted to see Joplin. It's a mix of city and country I think. I like it, but it is COLD! I thought I was ready for the winter but nope, nope, nope. Plus we are a walking/biking area, luckily there is a trolley! woot woot

Our mission boundaries are changing. We are giving three zones/stakes to the Oklahoma City Mission. Therefore right now we are combining with Carl Junction area and a sister there. Her companion is in Oklahoma showing the OKC missionaries the area,  a bunch of missionaries are doing that, so until the new year we are in a trio, and grateful Carl Junction does have a car! so no walking or trolley just yet:) thank goodness.

We have a bigger Christmas tree then the one in Centerton so that's a plus and we just decorated it the other day. 

We had our ward christmas party! I was so thankful because I was able to meet many people in the ward, they also asked if any of the sisters could play piano. I said I could. and I played Picture a Christmas for the primary kids:) they said they might need me in primary on Sundays to play. There's not many piano players here, and if they are, they have other callings. Our ward is small. I told them I would be happy to of course:)

We had breakfast from our 1st investigator, J...... She is from Bulgaria (Crazy, right Mikee!) and she is so selfless and loves to serve and children. Definitely prepared for the gospel but timing is not now. she loves us but wont read the Book of Mormon because she is scared to. We tried to console her and address her concerns, but she made it very clear that when she is ready to read it, she will call us. so...she dropped us (meaning we will no  longer be teaching her, and now we have no investigators but that's okay! Because a fresh start is always good and we  can focus on the members! 

Saturday got a huge ice storm, and we were given council to stay inside, so lots of studies that day and getting to know my 2 new companions! Sis Bisch and Sister Stirling. Sister Bisch is my companion for Joplin. Sister Stirling is waiting for her companion.

Due to the ice storm Church was canceled. More studies, then when the roads cleared up we went out and saw members! woot woot 

and today is monday. 

So ya, nothing too exciting yet but we had powerful member lessons and I'm looking forward to be serving in this part of the vineyard!!

Christmas is this weekend! 

Keep Christ at the Center!



12/14/16 Transfer week

And this days are always chaotic especially when someone is leaving, which is our case

I'm leaving to Joplin Missouri! OOH OOH

I've never cried over leaving an area. But last night I did tear up a little. So today is all about packing, cleaning, shopping, and saying goodbye to people that I love and will dearly miss. R..... will probably be the hardest to say goodbye to, I haven't even told him yet. 

Gonna miss Sis Robison A LOT too, but she is getting a great companion so I'm not too worried. I don't know anything about my new companion. 

But so quick highlights

-Christmas parade:)

-Conference with Elder Gay of the Seventy

Honestly I'm drawing a huge blank. My mind is racing on a whole lot of to lists. so....I did buy stamps I'll just have to send yall a letter:)



Sister Pollard!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12/5/16 Light the World


We had a good week this week. Some highlights:

We took R.... to the temple on Saturday! (had to get up at 2am to be there by 7:30) he took his mom and dads name and loved every minute in the temple. Super powerful. We then went to Liberty Jail and learned more about the early saints and Joseph Smith. Afterwords R.... said "I feel like I understand Joseph Smith better than before" He loves Joseph Smith and is baffled by his story. We then had lunch at TEDS. I love Ted's. I am having Ted's withdrawals. I love R....... so much! I cant wait for you all to meet him too!

So yesterday Ro...... came to Church again!! Yay! and she was so moved by the spirit that she shared her testimony. oh my goodness it was painful trying to stop the tears from coming. I'll never forget what she said and how humble I feel. 

Some funny things...

Sis Robison did our companion inventory (this is where we tell each other what strengths we see and an improvement the other could make) for my improvement that she gave me, she said, "Maybe you could start using your blinkers when you are making a turn as we are driving." I laughed so hard. but I am now using my blinkers!

Sis Robison and I were washing our car, and we went through an automatic car wash and soap starts piling on and she said "man, I'm gonna pretend we are in a snowstorm!" I laughed so hard again. There is no snow in Arkansas and we really miss it haha. 

But life is good! Christmas is getting close and we have a couple families fighting for us so tha'ts super funny. I just want to testify that God's hand is in the details of our lives, and he cares about our desires. But he does expect us to work. (alma 60:21-23). and this Christmas season, as we are blessed with our needs and wants, He has asked us to do work-to Light the World, and I promise that if you do this, you will have the best Christmas ever:) Go on to learn more, and tell me all about it!

Dec 2. was honor your mother and father.

Dad-I want you to know that from you I have developed the hard working skills that I need. I am quick in my thoughts and words. I am comfortable with people and can speak to anyone. Because of you I have learned the importance of prioritizing and God and the family will always be number 1. thank you for you being that example and teacher:)

Mom-first off, when people see a picture of you they think you are my sister. Second off I'm so grateful for you. You have taught me how to be Christ like. From you I have learned creativity and organizational skills. I have learned the importance of fulfilling a calling to the fullest. Because of you I'm able to love those that are difficult to love or to understand, because you took the time to teach this to me throughout my years. 

Mom and Dad, I love you. I honor you.I respect you. I miss you. and I will see you soon!

Next week is transfer week. so i'll be emailing on Wednesday. and my heart is being tugged on. so I'm not so sure if I'll be staying. But we will know next week! Thanks yall!

Sister Pollard

Friday, November 25, 2016

11/20/16 baptism

Kendyl did not write this week but shared with us this photo.

11/9, 11/14 2016

Im so is pday tomorrrow is transfers, and I wont be able to tell yall what I did this week. There is so much I need to prepare for. Sister  Martin is leaving to Missouri. and I have a lot of "projects" I have to get done on the computer before my time is up. if I have time after I'll send another email. But if you are on, i will chat! 

love you all. and love my new niece already!

things are good. just A LOT going on haha:)

Sister Pollard

This is my daughter! (What missionaries call their trainees) I picked her up early in the morning with this glitter pink sign! (I had no idea what she looked like so somehow she needed to find me) and apparently there were a few elders who were jealous and want their own "pink glittered sign!" hahaha!

She is wonderful! from cache valley Utah and looks A LOT like Krissi:) 

10/31/16 Peace in the scriptures

Kendyl Celebrated my Birthday with a member
Hey Everyone! Happy Halloween!

This week has been member miracle week. We got a lot of referrals from members and more an more people are coming out with us. And more and more are fellowshipping our investigators. I have been very very impressed and moved by them and their sincere genuine desire to serve. 

But I choose to share one story that was the perfect way to end the week, and I've been pondering on it since. 

Out here in Centerton there is this family the C's. They have a friend, R......., who is staying with them temporally right now. Before I got into the area, Sister Martin had met him but he wasn't that interested in taking the discussions. Then my 4th week here, we had dinner with the C's and Sis Martin brought up R....., asking how he was doing and so forth. We left the C's a copy of the Book of Mormon to leave out at their house so that R..... can read it. A few days (maybe a week) later Sis C..... texted us and said "Just so you know, R...... has been reading the Book of Mormon. He has tons of questions. and he is coming to church on Sunday." Sister Martin and I literally were jumping up and down because of how happy he felt (I did most the jumping...). But what happened next is what touched my heart.
Sunday comes around and R.... came. After the gospel principles class  he turned to us and said "Who gave me the Book of Mormon?" We told him. then he said "When I saw that book, I knelt down and prayed about it before I even opened it. I haven't heard great things about the church, but I wanted to know. I told God, if this is true, if this is His, then to let me feel peace. I opened it. I felt peace. And I havent felt peace in more than 19 years. But I felt peace. Thank you!" Our conversation carried on, he is in 1 nephi 18 has lots of question loves church and more that I wish I could say. I just remember when he said while pointing at his heart "I don't ever want this peace to leave me"

I honestly dont think that my writing gives enough detail and description of this man. He was very emotional. The spirit told us that what he said was true. That he hasn't felt peace in years, that he has abandoned God. That he is coming back to his Savior. That he found an undeniable peace in the Book of Mormon. Why? Because the Book of Mormon has the everlasting gospel. You will come closer to your Creator as you read the Book of Mormon with sincerity. God designed it to be that way. and it can be that way for everyone. This man describe his emotion as "hunger" he is "hungry for the truth." Tears filled my eyes as I heard his simple testimony. I love this man. I love him because I saw God's constant and patient love for him. I saw his potential. Dressed in white.  I feel blessed to have known this man. 

other miracles similar to that has happened as well. but i'm going keep those in my journal for now. I love you all. And if you need peace, love, guidance, security, joy, hope, faith, READ THE BOOK OF MORMON, 


Sister Pollard

10/24/16 The Book of Mormon

Hey Everyone!

For today, I really just want to share two amazing miracles, in hopes that all may see that God prepares His children to accept the gospel, and that the Book of Mormon has power to overcome all sorts of evil. 

Story #1. R.... and K......

There is this returning less active family in the ward that is striving to come back. Every week we visit them and give them a lesson. They are great. Well in their apartment complex, a woman and her 17 year old daughter were kicked out. Our members, being christlike, took them into their own homes. This woman, R..., I swear has been a blessing to the members more than she realizes, but the members have also introduced her to the gospel.
At first R....was not interested, nor her daughter K,,,. but by the next couple of lesson she started sitting in, but not participating. Then this pass week, Sis Martin and I went on splits, and Sis Martin saw R.... and the members and R.... confessed that she wants to go to church. They had a great discussion and helped her over come her fears. Well fast forward, she has the Book of Mormon now and has been reading, has accepted to live the Word of Wisdom and baptism. No date yet. she is coming to church with us on Sunday. Her daughter is also reading the Book of Mormon and is doing well. This all happened in a week. Sister Martin and I were baffled. R..... is the most patient and hopeful person I've ever met. 

Story #2 W.....

Theres this former investigator W..... and his wife. Well you see when the missionaries found him in the past, they weren't obedient. So they got used to "fun, chilled, disobedient missionaries". But none the less they love missionaries. She would have been baptized but he isn't a fan of the church. He tries to give us a hard time about it, and bring up anti Mormon stuff but nothing we haven't heard before. Well, we threw it back at him and said "W.... what will it take for you to read the Book of Mormon?" He said sacrastically that if he read it to us we will listen and the only good time for him is at 5:30 in the morning while he is taking a smoke. We told him that we will be there the next day at 5:30 to read with him. he thought we were bluffing. But 5am roles around and we get out of bed and go see W..... he called us crazy. put put his cigarette out and read alma 32 with us. His face, his voice, the look in his eyes changed. He didn't read he listened and stared at his book and us. After we were done he said "Yall are dedicated." We smiled and told him we were, and that this book is important. We had a great discussion with him about the chapter, then offered to come the next day. he said "yes, but we will give you a call cuz you aint coming at 5:30"
He just needed a little bit more reading I suppose;)

Book of Mormon does have power. Have you felt it?

Love you all!

Sister Pollard

10/17/16 getting in the Christmas mood.

Good Monday Morning to all my loved ones! 

This week was a struggle busy week, but not a discouraging or crying week. haha. First off, my wonderful companion loves Christmas music. So we have been listing to the same 5 Christmas songs we have haha. I don't mind, it makes her happy:) But ya we are in the Christmas mood!

We had some good lessons this week and met some interesting people and did some stupid stuff. We met this former investigator L.... We went to visit her to see if she wanted to take the lessons again. SHE LOVES THE MISSIONARIES! She literally praised us for a good 10 minutes before we got a word out. at first I was touched, then I be like "L..., do you want to talk about the gospel? After all that's really why we are here." She loves Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon but is catholic and is happy with that. We are seeing her again to teach the plan of salvation. we think that will be the turning point for her. but now we know, if we are having a bad day to go see L.... she will make us happy!

We  have been doing a lot of active member lessons. Trying to get members to feel the Spirit and flame in missionary work, so that's good. 

We met the young mother name N....who is my new favorite person. She is our new investigator and she has two small boys and she desperately needs the gospel and recognizes that:) we are seeing her tomorrow. I just admire this young mother:)

The spiders out here are ridiculous. I'm not scared of spiders. I'm okay with killing them. But we had this one who was the size of my big toe and it ran inside our apartment just as we were leaving for an appointment. I couldn't bear to think that I'll be sleeping in the same place as the disgusting spider. So we literally spent 15 minutes screaming and trying to kill it. We thought that was the worst, but its dad must have found out cuz now we have-no joke-this spider that could wrap its legs around my foot constantly outside our door. every morning when we go work out we hide behind each other, peaking around the door to see if its there. nasty. good thing winter is coming

I'm gonna keep it at that for now:) 

Life is good and all is well! more details will be sent in letters! 

Sister Pollard 

10/10/16 Keeping the Sabbath day holy.

AH! My companion and I taught sharing time yesterday at church:) it was the best ever! I forgot how much I miss primary and working with kids:) We talked about prayer. And I used some of my old tricks that I used in singing time when we had too much time. For example we learned all the kids name be singing the welcome song over and over, and we made it rain, and I loved it and so did the kids:)

I am serving in a young family ward. There are lots of kids and I can count the grandparents on 1 hand. What is amazing though, is that this ward is so selfless and welcoming. I've been very impressed. 

We rode our bikes this week as well and that took a lot more energy than I thought I had. Cheyenne, I don't know how you do it. But since our car is going to be taken away soon, we will keep practicing and building those leg muscles!

Sis Martin has become a great friend of mine. Truly. I can talk to her about anything. She pushes me as well, in ways that other companions haven't so its been a growing experience. 
 Story time? I say yes

There is a recent convert. Her name is T... she was baptized in August. Sis Martin and I are doing the new member lessons. She is a cute mom. has 3 boys and a supportive husband. One day she texted us and said that she got a job at Walmart (which everyone btw works at here in Walmart city) and she works on Sundays so that she can be home with the kids on Saturdays. Sis Martin and I were so sad at this because keeping the Sabbath Day holy is a commandment. We go over for a lesson, determined to talk about the sabbath day in a loving but firm tone. Before we even start she says "Lately the commandments have been on my mind. I think about them all the time. and I know that is because I work on Sundays now. And I know that God has commanded me not to. I just dont know what to do and I pray all the time to figure it out." We smile because we saw her sincere desire to keep the commandments and her concern as a mother. we had a wonderful discussion and found some solutions for her and her situation. 
I bring this up because of a few things. 1. Keeping the sabbath day holy is and will forever be a commandment. 2. God is aware of you and your situation, therefore as you seek his council and approach the situation with faith, divine revelation and sometime intervention will come to you. 3. I LOVE THE HOLY GHOST! I love how he reminded T...constantly of the commandments to hep her and build her trust in God. Remember, if it inviteth one to do good, it is of God. 


Some really funny stuff happene,  and lots of good experiences and people.
I think my favorite part though, was in a 7 year old (we are teaching him the lessons because his active parents asked  us to) told us that he prayed about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and Baptism. we asked him what his answer was and with a big bright smile he said "I wanna get baptized." We are seeing them tonight to teach the plan of salvation. But when he told us with that sweet strong spirit, my heart skipped a beat and I could just feel Gods infinite love for him. and Feel how proud he is of his son. 

Sister Pollard

10/3/16 New area Centerton Arkansas

First off, wasn't General Conference just amazing!? Oooh it filled me with the Spirit!!

I'm in Centerton Arkansas now. (Close to Bentonville/Close to mission home) and I'm very impressed. I'm actually serving in a country-ish area. Its a lot like Kamas Valley but more spread. Lots of fields. Lots of good people. LOTS of dirt roads. cattles, chickens, trees. Everyone I've met is very self sufficient-which is amazing. I am now driving a truck, and I was terrified at first. Okay still am. I'ts a small truck but big to me.

My apartment is beautiful! No more rats:) (in case you didn't know there were rats in my last apartment)

My companion is wonderful! She reminds me a lot of Cheyenne and Mikee. So I know we will get along just fine:) She just finished training, so she has only been out 3 months. But she is way mature and sweet and humble and all that goodness you would want in a companion.


1. My first dinner here was with the Jones. There are 4 kids between 3-10ish, they are energetic kids. Well, I had my ukulele in the car so we ran out to grab it and we sang primary songs with them for our dinner message then talked about the Book of Mormon. the kids were so focused in and loved my "little guitar" Sis Jones took a video of it (how embarrassing) and sent it to Sister Loveland....hopefully it doesn't go too far. Moral of the Story is, I am soo excited to be in a family ward working with kids again! I forgotten how much I've missed them.

2. We have this investigator, and she lives with her parents but her parents are soo against the church, that whenever we go over for a lesson we have to have the lesson in her barn! It made chuckle, there are pigs, chickens, goats, bunnies and a giant turkey just around us as we talked aobut the Word Of Wisdom. it was stinky but I couldn't help but to laugh that I was teaching someone in a barn.

3. We are teaching this incredible guy! Sis Martin taught him the restoration before I got here, then when I met him for our lesson he asks us "I read the introduction to the Book of Mormon. I admire Joseph Smith. Can I come to church with you this sunday?" My jaw dropped, no one has ever said that to me. We explained to him general conference, and he got more excited. We called up these amazing members, then on Sunday, our investigator and us went to our members home to watch general conference. We watched the first session then had a BBQ with the bishop! Then watched the second session. Our investigator stayed for the full thing. He took notes. We discussed a little bit about it over lunch. I am very impressed. He also texted us this morning thanking us again. We are seeing him Thursday. I just love how perfectly God prepares his children.

4. I saw something unusual....we knocked on a members door and hanging above the door frame is a Ziploc bag filled with water and a penny inside. I asked Sis what that was about. She said it keep the bugs/flies away, but she doesn't believe that it works. But this other member swears by it.....haha really funny, made me chuckle. Who knows maybe it could work!

Well that's my new exciting stories for now:)
the leaves haven't changed color yet. and are truck is getting sold so soon we will be on bikes most likely. 

OH! I pray that you all take something away from General Conference. something important to you. Something that the Lord needs you to do. I know I have!


Sister Pollard

Friday, September 30, 2016

9/28/16 TRANSFERS!!

Hey everyone! This is week is transfer week, hence the emailing on Wednesday. 
Yes, I am getting transferred. Really bittersweet. I am going to Centerton, Arkansas and my new companion is Sister Martin. I'm excited to be in Arkansas because they say that's the best place for fall:) and I'm sooo excited for a fall that lasts more than 2 days! eeep!

I don't know anything about Sister Martin. But I'm really really excited. I'm nervous for this next transfer for many reasons but super ecstatic for greater reasons!

Update on People here. The Less Active Couple, whom I love dearly, that are preparing for the Temple are doing great! We had a lesson last night, it was beautiful. and 30 minutes later they call us to tell us that they are engaged! so I'm even more happy for them:)

I actually want to take this moment and tell my mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
I love my mom. She is 39 and still looks 29. I dont know how she does it! luckily I got her genes so my future looks real bright:)
I've been pondering.....a lot of what we teach and help people understand and feel is that personal love that God and Christ have for them. And I was listening to this song and it kinda clicked why we emphasize that soo much. There love for us is perfect. and we don't entirely understand that perfect love but we can feel it or least glimpses of it. And the reason why we want to feel it, is more than just to feel like our life has a purpose or someone really does care and understand us. But this perfect love from God and Christ has the power to soften and change peoples heart, right? And in that spirit, we have that desire to change. It's not rocket science, and I understood this, but if we are to become like God, we need to have that same perfect pure love-Also known as Charity. So I asked myself "is my love that strong? does it make people want to change? Do I give the glory to God." I would hope but I've got plenty of room to grow. Then I thought "Have I felt this type of love from anyone, besides my Maker?" 
And without a doubt or hesitation, I say YES. I have felt this love. From a few people actually. And one of the greatest person I know that has that pure love of Christ, to soften my heart and help me want to change and be a better person is my MOM. Her love, however, does not just effect me and my family, but all those around her. 
Thank you mom, for loving me unconditionally. I think that is the best lesson I have ever learned form you:) (well one of the many.)  Happy Birthday! May you enjoy being 39 again!

I wish i had more time to write, but again, I've got today to pack and do everything since I leave tomorrow for Arkansas. My new address however is:

501 East Centerton Blvd.
apt 913
Centerton, AR 72719

Love you all!

Sister Pollard

9/19/16 Keeping your line in the water

Hey family and Friends! 

A lot has happened this week:) Sister Friel and I have been striving to be more obedient. Not just with the schedule but with the advice and counselling given to us by our leaders and the Lord as well. For example-watch all the district, ride bikes more, keep your line in the water (that means to always look for ways to share the gospel with all the people around you) and A LOT more. It can feel very overwhelming at times trying to remember all that you need to do and not to do but we are striving to be diligent and the Lord blesses us for our efforts and miracles happen "after all that we can do."

An example of this: I don't have too ton of time to write because before this Sister Friel  and I went for a hike (glorified walk) and we left at a time from the trail to make it back in time to write for more than 40 minutes. Regardless, we wanted to "keep our line in the water" so I grabbed a Book of Mormon and we began our walk! We walked and saw people but no gospel opportunity yet. Not until we were on our way back. We meet this guy Name Stevens with the cutest little puppy ever. I love it when people have dogs cuz they make it not weird to talk to said person. Anywho we talk to Stevens he asked us a lot of good honest questions about our belief and some funny ones about Mormons. we gave him the Book of Mormon and he gladly accepted it, and told us how he is on his search for finding the truth.😄 when people say that I hear "I am ready to be baptized!" hahahaha JK, more great talk and we are seeing him on Friday! woot woot! Sadly he is actually visiting Tulsa. he lives in Colorado. Gladly there are missionaries in Colorado and he knows a return missionary who's married in the temple that lives in Colorado. still happy to teach him:) glad we found him, and we think he was glad that we found him too. So that is why I wont be writing for very long. which to me is the best excuse. I still love you though mom. 

another beautiful blessing....sooo many. 

Another great person is Ashley. Ashley, I believe grew up Mormon. but not her whole family....kinda confusing. But in her teenage years she fell away. Now about 10 years later she has been striving to come back and has made big steps. hasn't missed a Sunday. We see her weekly and give her the lessons. helping her become worthy for her temple recommend again. She really done this on her own with the help of her sister who recently converted. She lives with her brother and his wife who is a non member. Ashley, being as amazing as she is, started doing phenomenal missionary work on Crystal her sister-in-law. When we first met Crystal she told us that she was already thinking about baptism! 😶 my face. 

We called up the elders, and had a great lesson with them and the family and really just amazing what a persons testimony can do for another. We are all average Joes, But our testimonies sure sets us apart from the rest of the world. I love Ashley and Crystal. 
 Other amazing stories happened and I learned some great lessons. wish I could tell them all to you, but then I would have nothing to talk about when I get home. hahaha 

overall though if I were to put my whole week in one line it would be:

His Lost Sheep Are Not Lost to Him.

I've been a witness of this. and I testify it to be true. I encourage you to ponder on it and how it affects you personally. 
I love my Savior. I love my dear family:) and my wonderful friends:)

Pray Always


Sister Pollard

9/12/16 Teaching Moses

Hey Yall!
This week was pretty cool. However, my mind has been racing like crazy so hopefully this email makes sense and gets my point across.

Our investigator, Alyson told us about the most exciting thing in her life! She was filled with so much energy and glow as she told us how she has discovered for herself and felt the influence of the spirit confirming to her that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and it goes hand in hand with the Bible. She chose her baptism to be on 24 Sept. But, she told us yesterday that her dad wont make it on that day so she wants to move it. We don't know when yet, but she has made the decision to follow the footsteps of her Savior and be baptized:) 

Then we were going through our area book looking at former investigators and trying to contact them. We were successful with a couple but this guy, MOSES is my favorite:) he got really close to the elders prior to us but wouldn't keep commitments. well after a lengthy conversation about A LOT of things, he promised that he would read the Book of Mormon and Pray about Joseph Smith. ( this was all within about 2 lessons). Moses knows the Bible really well, and we had great conversations about the prophets throughout the bible. it was cool. but he said it would be important to know if the Book of Mormon is another scripture from God so hes reading and praying about it. we will be seeing him tonight:)

Really there is a lot of success going on, thanks to the members. they are bringing investigators to dinner with us, to church, and to activities. It is really amazing and I just pray thanks to God every night because I feel so blessed witnessing this miracles first hand. I don't think the members realize what good they do:) I'm very blessed. I will probably cry if i get transferred. out.

My mind is still racing about....well a lot of things hahaha. It's like a good stress though:) but I've gotta get rolling. love you all soo much. 

and please don't stop praying to your maker. 

Sister Pollard

ps. scripture- 1 Peter 2:9

9/5/16 Growing everyday

I believe it was last week when I said a lot of great things happened and I'm writing a letter to home about it. (still working on that letter) well last Monday after dinner my joy and humility reached a whole new level that later brought me anxiety hahaha:)

There is this great couple in the branch. He served a faithful mission, and she has always had a desire to be sealed in a temple. Unfortunately life gets hard and they were attacked. Both of them have been through hell and back. Then, they both somehow ended up in Tulsa right when both are making the effort to find their way back. they of course fell in love and are aiming for the temple. I met him my first night here almost 4 months ago. He intimidated me. And he knows it:)

Time goes by and we develop a relationship, all 4 of us. We reach out to them, but they both weren't ready to make those changes. We became great friends regardless,  and we knew that when they are ready for more, they would ask. I honestly never thought my testimony or Sister Rishs testimony would ever get to them. No matter how hard we prayed or fasted or searched we fear that our love and devoutness to them just wasn't enough because it was not the right time . Last Monday, (Sister Friel with me now) after dinner (they always took us out), She (the girlfriend) turned to us and said that they both would like to meet with us at least once a week and take the missionary discussions. They were tired of being angry and confused and they felt that we were the missionaries to help them. They spoke highly of us, but all I could do was hold back the joyful tears. 

It was at that moment when I felt the truth and plea from Alma 31:35. That night I felt the truth in Mosiah 28: 3 And it wasn't just for them, but for many many people that I've watched and listened to and occasionally spoken to, plus all those that I have not met yet. (I'm crying now as I ponder this) 
I really do not think I could write all in one email all these emotions and feelings and thoughts racing through my mind.
I feel very very inadequate to be out here. I have lots of fears, and weaknesses, and struggles of my own. I tell myself, They need someone who is perfect. someone who understands them. I don't understand the alcoholic, the porn addict, the abused child. I don't understand the runaway, or the fearful one. They need someone that can help them change, that can show them the better way and be there for them 100% because I can't. I'm temporary. 
And that is the most beautiful thing about this Gospel. There is someone. He lives. He is the Savior. and He knows His Sheep. Jesus Christ is perfect, he does no man or woman or child wrong. He forgives, he forgets, his love is infinite and unconditional. He understands individuals, and he understands you and me. That is what I share with people. My testimony, of My Savior, of His Church for His sheep. That's all of us. I'm so grateful for a Savior, because as I have witnessed many struggle and those that live through bitterness, I know that, that doesn't have to last forever. That God has provided a way for them to escape that, and that way is through Jesus Christ (I pray this is making sense). So grateful, as well, that our Heavenly Father and Lord, Jesus Christ, will use other people to show their love and their power. Just as he did with Sister Rish, Sister Friel, and I to help the couple in the branch. The spirit is working on them. and we pray daily that we may have that spirit with us, so that their hearts can be turned to Christ. Because that is how true happiness comes about. 

I don't have much time, but that is my testimony to you all. Don't give up. Your Father would never give up on you, and your Savior calls for you. You are precious. No matter how unworthy you feel. I love my Savior, and I am grateful for this mission. 
In His Sacred Name, Jesus Christ, Amen

Sister Pollard

I feel the need to add this as well,

Struggles and Happiness can live together. If you are struggling, it does not mean that you are unworthy of happiness. 

8/29/16 Fixen to tell Ya'll


We had a miraculous week this week and some major events happen:) I wont be able to write it all but I'm fixen letters to yall about some incredible and heart wrenching things that happened. so today I'mm just gonna give snipbits:)

First off I should explain, 3 transfers ago when Sister Rish and I were both placed in the area, we worked hard and long with the members and less actives. Through much prayer and much fasting we knew that by the third transfer (Aug 18) we would have a great influx of investigators. Unfortunately Sister Rish was transferred out and I've tried my hardest to explain to my new companion about how a YSA branch works (because it is different from a family ward here) and where we are standing.
Well Sister Rish and mine prayers and fasts were answered this week.
In one week we found 4 incredible new investigators! 3 of them came from members and one came for us doing service. Out of these 4 one of them has a baptismal date, and 2 of them are progressing. One of the two came to a convert baptism for a family ward on Saturday and afterward we had a short talk about how she felt, tears filled her eyes and she describe the Holy Ghost, to the best of her ability, washing over her as she saw the baptism and to hear the testimonies.  She said she would be baptized after she learns more and now she is praying for a baptismal date.
I could tell you incredible things and experiences about all of them we had this week. but I'm writing them in letters:)

other things
we had a rat friend.
we had Russian food-borstch (mikee do you know what that is?)
felt the protection of the spirit
we set up a booth on a college campus and handed out 4 copies of the book of Mormon within 2 hours. That was actually really cool and fun:) makes me miss the school life though haha!
A less active showed the greatest amount I've ever seen as he is giving up smoking!
we somehow got lots and lots of pizza which is always good
and im just happy:)

Sister Friel has been such a blessing. I come home feeling exhausted! and my body just "aches" and she would scratch my back and play with my hair and its like relaxing my entire being. I haven't had that on the mission and it feels so nice!!! *Dear Future Husband back scratches is a must:)* Like father like daughter right dad?? hahaha

Again I'm fixen to write some letters about the growth I've personally made in this glorious gospel. and the admirable growth that others are making in finding their savior and their purpose in life.

But to leave you with, I'm happy:) I love my life because I love the gospel and I try to live it to the best of my ability. This is the best experience ever, I wouldn't trade it and I'll never regret it:) I'm grateful I've been born in the covenant, and I'm extremely grateful and blessed from the Scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. I love my family and my dearest friends who have helped me become who I am and have assisted me to where I am today.


Sister Pollard

Monday, August 22, 2016

8/22/16 The field is ready for harvest

Sis Rish and I said our goodbyes and had our cries. But Sis Friel is my new companion and she is wonderful! is always happy and laughing and that makes things real good. She has been out 14 months and I'm ready to learn soooo much from her!

Lots of tender  mercies and good stuff....

When we first got into the area we were teaching bout 9 lessons a week (which is low for this mission) it was crazy one week we are at 7 total lessons. Then the next week and the next 5 weeks we doubled it,  hitting between 14-17 lessons! Like it was a miracle and members are crazy cool in helping us. We were having a bout 60 people at church a week and now (probably due to school starting) we are pushing 90+ which is exciting! Hopefully now we can get our own builing instead of meeting in another church hahaha. It's all good actually.

Other cool miracles?

Our returning member told us he wants to work toward the priesthood. Had the word of wisdom lesson and he gave us his cigarettes and wants us to do the stop smoking workshop with him tomorrow! Soooo cool! I love that kid.

We got a few more referrals and we are so excited for this specific one. We called her, but she texted us later and said she would be happy to meet on Wednesday at 7. Like woa! She just wants to sit down with us:) it usually takes us a little more nagging and persist-ency to get someone to agree that we are not trying to curse them.

What else?
One of our other returning members is trying to find a testimony and truth in the Book of Mormon but wouldn't read it! Ugh! Until last week:) he needed some comfort and some hope and understanding, so we gave him about 3 chapters from the Book of Mormon and all he had to choose was to read one. Next day at institute, we were talking about something and he commented saying "That sounds a lot like what is taught in Mosiah 4" HE READ IT HE READ IT! I nearly fell out of my chair because of how happy I was:)

This week we will be on the University of Tulsa campus with a booth for the activities fair for the students, im really really excited:) and things are going great!

I've made it a goal to complete the Book of Mormon and New Testament by my birthday. and so far....I'm glad that my birthday is in December haha.

Oh i just remembered!!!!!!
Sis Friel and I are making dinner in the apartment. and we get this knock on our door. 'Strange, no one knows we live here' I thought it was a package or a pizza, but no, its this guy who is about 25 in street clothes inviting us to bible study! I was all "WHAT?! yes!" but the more we talked with him some strange things came up. He knows about the book of Mormon but has never read it or prayed about it. Well we sat down and opened the scriptures and kinda did our own bible study right there. The main thing that he told us is that Christ has already come. He came in 1948 and we are waiting for something else. My first reaction was "Oh man! I missed it!!" Of course we know that Christ has not returned yet. We know that the time is close so we need to repent now and prepare the way for him. Buy anywho it was a way interesting 30 minute discussion and kinda some passive aggressive bible bashing and he was very hesitant about giving us the address to the church where they study the bible. but we got it:) Haven't gone yet.  But it was a really cool experience but saddens me when people are deceived. and I know many think that I am deceived.

People think that I've fallen for the false prophets, and that I have lost my faith or I'm in a cult or possessed by the devil, and in the moments when you're.....rejected because of your belief you tend to question it. You ask for another confirmation so that you know again what it true, or you ask how to help them know what is true. "Spiritual Questions needs Spiritual Answers from God." I think of 1 Nephi chapter 15: 11. It talks about how when we need answers from God (ex. is the Book of Mormon true? Is Joseph Smith your prophet? Is there a God that loves me? Does my life have purpose? Can I live with my family again? and more) Then you need to have faith in your Savior. you can show that faith by keeping his commandments (If you don't know the commandments ask the missionaries) and believe that you will receive answers. Because you will. He will answer you because he loves you and out of everyone on this earth He does not want you to be deceived or lost.

I know what is true, not everything, but I know the power in prayer. God will answer prayers. I know that he loves ALL his children. I know that Joseph Smith saw and talked with God and His Son and he lived his life as a Man of God and was His prophet. I know the Book of Mormon to be another Testament of Christ. Even though I grew up in a Christian home, I did not come to know Christ to be my Savior until I read the Book of Mormon. I love church. it is a church when I partake of the sacrament when I ponder and hold all these things in my heart.

his is my testimony and my faith and what keeps me going in my life. Christ Lives. My Redeemer, Savior, and Friend Lives. I pray that you too might come to know that truth and feel that joy and hope and peace that comes from such a belief:)

In His name, Jesus Christ, Amen

Sister Pollard

Saturday, August 6, 2016

8/1/16 Two sticks of Joseph

Wow so much has happened this week and I have sooo much to do so this will probably be be better if I sent a letter home with all the cool stories....I might do that


Wednesday-had interviews with Mission President and visited with his wife. Got a lot of good advice and help and.....we probably be riding the bus now:) soooo excited.

Thursday-Friday I want on exchanges with my sister training leader, Sister Benites, who Is incredible! We had a great time teaching together and talking. I really enjoyed it.

Saturday we got 2 new investigators who are just the cutest couple!!! I adore them soo much and we are seeing them again this Thursday I'm so excited.

Sunday was a good day as always

And today we went bowling with the elders and a couple of our members took us out to eat!

Honestly this has been a great week. It started off real rough and I mean....REALLY ROUGH. But I couldn't even tell you what happened, but things are going great! The branch is improving. members are getting involved, we have more investigators. and more people to teach.

I'll just tell you one of my favorite experiences....

It's about this kid, we are going to call him Jack even though that isn't his real name. Jack moved to Oklahoma not too long ago, but he and his mom have been less active for a few years now. His dad isn't a member and he lives in another state. We go see Jack and get the scoop on where he is at spiritually. He is a wonderful guy, who has "forgotten" his testimony. Well that morning during studies I was reading 1 Nephi 1, when Lehi prophecies about the destruction of Jerusalem. I thought "if Jerusalem was destroyed, where in the bible does it talk about it?" And so my search began, and of course it is there (2 kings 25) and I was really really really excited, so we showed that to Jack. The spirit was there, Jacks testimony was brought back to remembrance and now he is coming back, getting his mom and called his dad and told him about the Book of Mormon. I had a lovely chat with him on Sunday about all of it. He got a new Book of Mormon (since he lost his) and is eager to learn more. Really intelligent kid, and is trying hard to share the gospel with his family.

Anywho! I love the Book of Mormon and the Bible. I have been on a real Bible kick this week and I couldn't tell you everything but I will tell you that the Bible is very very important. But without the Book of Mormon, it is confusing. Thank goodness for modern day revelation as well.

Love you all! probably write mom and dad a letter soon:)


sister Pollard

7/25/16 Someone Proposed to Me!

This week was great!

Tuesday we taught this Less active she is 19 and is struggling, feeling wanted and loved. Really she started losing hope in God, in life, and in herself, which breaks my heart. We showed her the Like a Broken Vessel video and within second tears where streaming down her face because those feelings describe what she has been feeling perfectly. But near the end of the video it talks about gaining hope. So her tears turned into tears of joy, knowing that there is a way. We then talked for a bit and shed a few more tears. and by the end of our conversation her whole countenance changed. She had a light about her. One of faith and hope, she started believing that there is a God and is ready to make the changes to come closer to her savior. I love her soo much! She just needed to know that she isn't given up on:) most of us needs to be reminded of that.

Sister Rish either pulled a muscle in her foot or spranged her ankle so that has beeen fun adjusting to haha. She also had her 20th birthday on July 21 so we celebrated:) and there are now 2 cakes and icecream in our house.....oh vay.

Friday we were doing service for the Methodist church. We do this every Friday. we make this food orders and deliver them to certain people. We then leave a message with them and if they are interested send their info to the elders as referrals. It is a great resource. So we are on our last delivery, and we walk up to the apartment door (passing other doors) to get the lady to sign the paper, as we are passing these other doors this older man (40ish) opens his door and walks out in his underwear! And tries to talk to us but we had a hard time understanding him. Then we felt the feeling "keep walking." so we just headed on, got the lady to sign then walked back to the car to get the food. and AGAIN this older man comes out and stares at us, no big deal I tell myself. just grab the pepper spray from the car and we will be good. We get the food, haul it up to the ladies house and he just stands outside his door watching and smiling at us (clearly he was not all there in his mind). We had a lovely discussion with the lady about the Book of Mormon and on our way back to our car to leave the man interferes into my path and shows me this ring (it looks like a copper diy ring) I, trying to be polite, say "oh that's pretty." He then gets down on one knee and holds the ring up to me.....I stuck out my hand and firmly said "No." and walked away.  That is not at all how I wanted to be proposed to (by a man in his boxers who I don't know with a copper ring) and I was hoping that my first proposal I would say yes....oh well. we had a good laugh about it. 

Friday Night and Saturday was our YSA Conference. We were able to go and meet lots of new people:):):) which always makes me happy and stressed out but its all good haha, and it was enjoyable. We didn't stay for the whole thing, we left taught a few lessons all that good stuff. 

Sunday we visited with this cute girl who just moved into her dads. She was very hesitant about coming to the conference but she came, but she has been struggling for  a little bit. We pulled up to her apartment and her dad came out, ready to head to church when he saw us. He stopped and talked to us thanking us for visiting his daughter he walked away but then turned around back to us and with tears in his eyes, he told us that he knew that we were inspired to help his daughter. It was such a tender moment, we had a lovely talk with her and got to know her better. She shared with us her fav scripture from the Book of Mormon. it was great talking with her. and it was great seeing her fathers faith. He has such great faith. 

With that I want to share with you one of my favorite things. It is when I see people being touched by the spirit. When they are moved by the spirit of God. I can't begin to explain to you my love and desire for the spirit, and how important it is. But whenever I see someone, whos heart is warm, or tears fill their eyes, I am reminded of whos work I am doing, and who is in control, which is the most comforting thing ever. I love this gospel. I love the spirit. I thank My Lord for giving us such a precious gift. In the Name of my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ Amen

Sister Pollard

Monday, July 18, 2016

7/18/16 TORNADO!!

Oh goodness even when I write down things I forget the most terrifying experience!


Well sorta.......

Okay it is Thursday morning,it's around 11 am and we are at the library doing weekly planning. We are in a private room discussing such and such matters when this worker walked in and he said "are you aware that the tornado sirens are going off and we are all taking cover?" My companion and I were like "" so we walk out where everyone was near the front doors close to the bathrooms (where we should be) and there is this massive storm going on outside. It's pouring rain like no other, and the wind was tearing through the sky and the sky was turning color to green (big sign of tornado) and of course the sirens are going off and everyone is on their phone watching the weather and seeing where the tornado will be at. Lightning is flashing and the drums are louder than ever. It was a scene!   The doors are opening and closing due to the wind, and rain starts crawling in through the windows and doors! It was that awful of a storm.

But no tornado in Tulsa. There was a tornado in two cities close to us where we visit often but tornado was safe. However, there was damage from the wind. Trees had fallen over, fences had broken apart, electricity was out for hours. but no one was killed (I think) and it was an exciting scene. Biggest lightning storm so far that's for sure!

Just thought I would throw that in there:)

7-18-16 Cursed


a lot of cool and unusual things happened this week an I'm doing a lot better at remembering them (aka I have a list).

Tuesday we did service at this place called kids against hunger. It is a great service organization but the guy Marshall, is my favorite. He reminds me of grandpa pollard who just won't retire because he loves work too much. haha but he shared some of his most spiritual experiences with us and the good that the Lord is using him for. He is one of the most faithful persons I have met. One who lives what he believes. I love the reminder that the Lord works and inspire all people to do good. and Marshal has over 80 years of experiences to tell you about it.

Thursday we went to institute. Well I should first explain-the building that the YSA members meet is behind a Presbyterian church. as in-we are renting a part of their church for our meetings, and we hold institute there. Well we were walking to up to the door and saw this old man sleeping at the Presbyterian back door. "Strange but not unusual" I thought. However something told me that we will talk to him, but we weren't THAT comfortable to awake him. Well after institute was over we were just about to head out when the old man walked into the door and wanted to learn about the church. After some discussion and prayer we set up an appointment to meet him tomorrow with the elders and left him with the Book of Mormon. Now this old man has no it was very difficult to even understand him. The next day we show up (the elders were running late) and luckily the old man was there, but he was mad. Again I have no idea what he said to us but he did not like the Book of Mormon. Since I didn't understand him I asked "I'm sorry sir, what's wrong?" and he got on his bike with all of his stuff and starting speaking so fast and quoting bible verses and I'm pretty sure he cursed us. At least I felt like he was. Sister Rish said he was praying for protection from us. Either way it was weird because he just hopped on this bike and started peddling away and yelling bible verses. Then we tried to explain all that happened to the elders and they totally missed out. It was weird guys, just weird, and I don't even know why he was upset! Moral of the story-keep your teeth. it makes things easier for everyone. To do this don't do drugs, don't drink, and don't smoke.

Saturday was me favorite day! We went to this elderly 'home' to do service. and they had a piano. The elder people weren't doing anything,  actually they just finished a movie when we got there so we rummaged through some stuff and we found a hymn piano book. "Surely this will lift their spirits" I sat on the piano and started playing some hymns. This woman began belting and I mean belting out the lyrics to songs. After that she told me anything I can play she can sing. So I played all the hymns that I knew plus some out of that hymn book and sure enough she knew the words. I sang along with her of course but I couldn't sing as loud as her. She wasn't the only one! A few more elderly women joined us in song. This one adorable woman rolled her little wheel chair up to the piano to ask me the next time I will be here because she wanted to make sure she was here to hear the music again. Then I took a request from her and we sang "God be with you till we meet again." I was so impressed by these women...oh the men? ya they fell asleep. hahaha  the woman that sang so loud-she even got on the piano with me and played "this little light of mine" because I couldn't play it since I had no music for it! but she played it so well from memory I was impressed. we played and sang for 2 hours!! but it sure flew by. we sang:
Sweet hour of prayer
how great thou art
nearer my god to the
amazing grace

and a couple of other ones I cant remember.

Sunday. church starts at 2 so we met with our less active at 11 and this kid is super cool. His name is Josh. Josh is actually striving to come back to church. He's making long strides. Well we wanted this lesson to be a little bit more fun, so we bought ice cream. and we talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy. haha no need to get into detail but it was fun:)

The week was pretty good:)

Love you all!

Monday, July 11, 2016

7/11/16 Ukulele?

Guys.....I bought a ukulele!

First song I learned was a primary song "When I Am Baptized." and now when my companion is having a bad day I just pull out the ukulele and serenade her. It's really funny we think. and she has it recorded and ya...enough with that.

Our YSA branch is cooking!! Well...really water is boiling!! That is super super good:) and we started to plead for the Lords mercy on this branch and somehow a light turned on that hasn't been on in a long time. It is hard to explain but you can feel a stronger spirit. There is enthusiasm, t's not where we want it at yet. but its getting brighter.

It's hard to stay busy in a YSA, because everyone is either at work or at school until the evening, sooo for the past 3 weeks we have been searching and calling so many places to fill our time with service in the morning and afternoon. WE DID IT! we have service everyday this week. This way we can soften hearts and teach people when the spirit prompts. We are doing service with 5 different companies. Bueno, and we also are seeing and working with more family members from the wards. gaining parents trust so that they will encourage their child to go to YSA.

Really the lord has given us so many tender mercies, and I just want to be a better person because I am so grateful for that.

Oh and my companion and I are staying in Tulsa! So address is the same:)

Love you and thanks for the prayers:)

Love sister Pollard

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

7-4-16 Idle hands are the devils workshop

In case you didn't know, I HIT MY 6 MONTH MARK! typically elders would burn a tie at this 'big' event but I, loving my clothes too much, decided that burning clothes was not an option. So today we are celebrating with manicures:) and then I'm gonna buy a banjo. so all happiness I need.

This week was probably good:) We started the 40 day fast and we are super excited about how many members are participating!
 For family home evening this week we played ultimate Frisbee. I, of course, just had to play (regardless the skirt and flats). And of course, I being my competitive self, got way into it and aggressive and came out with a hurt shoulder. I'M OKAY!! haha it was just funny.

Downtown here there is like 3 blocks filled with taco trucks. pretty legit. And our investigator wanted to get lunch with us so we went and had taco truck food with her which was pretty good:) and she is just the cutest doll.

We were looking for this new move in girl the other day, and we went to her apartment and saw two guys and a girl and a cute baby outside at the door next tp the one we wanted to knock on. We passed by them and started talking to them and one of the guys really wanted to talk to us about Christ. Really Cool! To bring it short, he has forgotten Gods love for him and has felt outcasted by other churches because he has tattoos. We assured him that God still loves him and that his suffering will end if he follows Jesus Christ. Super cool and something he needed to hear. We then invited them all to church with us, but they didn't come. BUT! we have his number and will stop by this week again:)

Ultimately the week was good. Got some rain. taught more lessons this week more than before so that's cool. 

OH! So last night we were talking to this very active member, and he said "Satan Loves boredom and isolation." and that just rang true! When we are bored or when we feel isolated that is when we take down our guard and Satan attacks us. Always be going somewhere and doing something with your life that is good,  and remember that God put millions of people on this earth for a reason. Don't isolate yourself. There is good in the world.

Probably one of the most important thing I've learned  that I feel the need to share is that it is very easy to be deceived, and it breaks my heart. There are so many people out here that don't know good from evil anymore. They don't know what truth is. They get so caught up in what they WANT to believe and not what they NEED to believe. I plead with you, if you don't know something, but you think it might be important to know, ask God. That is one reason why we have prayers. Missionaries, leaders, family members, friends can help but you must, for your salvation, YOU MUST humble yourself, ask God, put trust in Him and make the necessary changes. I know it is easier said then done. I know doing what is right today is a lot more difficult then to do what is wrong. but the ultimate reward of righteousness is "peace in this world, and eternal like in the world to come." What else does one need? Again, I urge you, pray, trust, believe, have faith. 

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is what changes a person.-living that Gospel. And that Gospel is found in the Book of Mormon, in the Bible, In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I know this. I love this. I fight for this. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. He amazes me:) and I look forward to the day when He comes again. 

I leave these things with you In His beloved name, Jesus Christ Amen.

Sister Pollard

Thursday, June 30, 2016

6/25/16 40 Day Fast

This week was an interesting week....and I have a bad memory sooooo.

What I remember the most is Thursday and Friday, we went on exchanges.  Our area was closed for 48hours and that hurts but it felt good to work with another Sister in another area. and while we were in another area we found a new investigator for our area!! whaaaaa??? only in YSA

It went down like this, I was with Sister Greiner and we went to a members home and there is a 19 year old her mom and their non member friend who is also 19. After a wonderful discussion and testimonies on the Book of Mormon he said he would read it and we can meet him again! We are inviting him to FHE (Family Home Evening) tonight so hopefully he comes. He's a great guy who loves studying religion and is familiar with Mormons since lots of his friends are, but never looked into it until now. 

I also got this cool pen from dinner with a family on Thursday. It is a home made pen and it is made from the trees in Bethlehem and Jerusalem...(I think-again I might have forgotten)

it was a fun 48 hours.

But here is the thing im most excited for


In the YSA starting in July, we are doing a 40 day fast. So for 40 executive days there will be a fast for the missionaries and missionary work in the area. To make it work, each member signs up to fast for 1 day for the 40 days, and they cannot sign up more than once. Nik Mallory (ward mission leader assistant) gave us the idea because it was super effective on his mission in California. So we bought some glitter and made a poster board and EVERYONE is on board!! We are super super excited (I hope that made sense) we wanted to show the branch the power in fasting, and unity, and missionary work, and trying something new and glittery so that they don't give up!

I think that is all for now...

love you and miss you all!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

9-20-16 The Wheels on the Bus

Dear Friends and family,
the goal for me is to try and be more organized with my thoughts especially when writing/emailing. so here we go:)

A lot of great things happened this week but for today I'll speak on two :)  one is our temple trip and the second is watching the Cokeville Miracle.

On Tuesday we had the amazing opportunity to got to the temple!! We went to the Oklahoma City temple and it is super super tiny! But beautiful as always. We did baptisms and then a session, all of it was really good:) it was nice taking a "break" and receiving some revelation in such a holy place. 
On the way to the temple, we are in a huge comfortable bus (as comfortable as buses can be) and our Mission President is teaching us some things and all this good stuff. But at the end he wanted us to sing some songs! Woohoo. So we sing hymn after hymn for a while and then he asks me to sign the primary song I knew for everyone. You never tell president no, so I went up to the front of the bus and every missionary sang and signed the song He Sent His Son. It was the coolest thing ever! I wish I took a photo or a video of it, but it was really incredible and President just got a kick out of it haha.

Saturday night, my companion and I rearranged an activity to watch the Cokeville Miracle with all of the YSA's since nearly all of them haven't seen it yet. Some things kept coming up to prevent the activity from happening but we pushed forward with it in hopes that all will go well, and it was a success!! We had a lot of the members come, a long with 3 investigators and a handful of our less actives. The spirit was so strong and I cried all the way through it and then we had ice cream.  It was really good.

love you all so much! not much left to say for now:)

talk to you soon!
Sister Pollard

6-13-16 Ice cream

This week was bueno! (I've been working on my Spanish)

Besides the awful hair cut, I've had a great week.

Just a couple of memories ill share...
In one of the photos you see me, my companion, and president. Saturday after the stake conference adult session president took our zone out for ice cream! The whole zone consist of elders, and us. and they were all sitting on each other at a table so we thought we wouldn't join them and got a picture. However ice cream after 9 just makes me sick. ACTUALLY!  Even though I'm gaining weight, sugar in general, doesn't really please me anymore. that's good.

We had a lot of great experiences. We met with this former investigator, his name is Hayden. Very powerful discussion and we talked a lot about the butterfly effect.
The butterfly effect is when you choose to do or say something and that effects everything and everyone around you. So, us meeting with Hayden effects a lot of what he would do, he said. It was really neat and powerful and things were said that, well Ill just say that the spirit was definitely guiding the conversation and we were saying exactly what he needed to hear and know. It's hard to write and describe over email. ill have to send a letter. but hes my new favorite (not that I have favorites).

My mind is kinda racing so much is going through it and so much I wish I could say but ill end with this,

Everyday, as you crawl into bed, write in your journal, or tell your spouse, how you saw Gods hand in your life today. That is something that our President has really pushed us to do. I didn't realize why until this weekend. I encourage you to do, so you can realize why as well. It's powerful.

I love you all!! thank you for your thoughts and prayers. sorry this week email was kinda scattered. haha

sister pollard