Tuesday, January 19, 2016

1/4/15 first week in the field

Wow just gonna make a few points!!

I discovered I hate airplanes! I got sick so easily, and almost cried....ya the elder next to me got a kick out of that, he just kept laughing. 

My companion/trainer is sister Pond. she is da best! love her so much!

I am serving in Branson Missouri which is so nuts because George Dyer (If you don't know who that is I suggest you Google it. He is a world renowned tenor. Kendy was invited to a concert of his and got a chance to meet him)  and I were joking about that and here I am!! (wait it gets better)

Not only am I serving in Branson but I am in the Branson West Ward and the Branson YSA branch. George Dyer is in the Bran-son YSA presidency hahahhaha I did yoga with him at one of the YSA activities and we laughed about it. 

So since we have a ward and YSA branch we have a lot to do and a lot to cover. Stressful? Absolutely! Fun? Unbelievably!

Ready for an amazing story?
One time when I saw the Lord's hand this week was when Sister Pond and I went tracting for the first time. It was the first door we knocked on and the owners, Sharon and Jason, welcomed us into their home and was willing to hear our message. That message turned into a lesson about the Book of Mormon. It was pretty neat for the first door we knocked on. We left them with the Book of Mormon and an invitation to read the introduction. The next day we visited them to help them move (sadly they are moving) and we invited them to church. They told us they would try but might not be able to stay for the whole thing. That Sunday we were thrilled when we saw Sharon and Jason walk through the chapel doors just as sacrament meeting started. Sister Pond and I were speaking in sacrament so we couldn't sit with them however a member in the ward noticed the new faces and joined them. IT WAS AMAZING! Afterwards we invited them to stay for the next meeting. They gladly accepted. In fact they stayed for all 3 hours! It was so neat and I could just tell that Sharon was feeling the spirit because she wanted to hear and feel more. It just showed me how the Lords hand is involved in everything and everyone. Because no way that could have happened without Him guiding them every step of the way.

Not only did they come to church on Sunday but two other of our investigators came!! We are ready to ask at least one of them to baptism. That will be Wednesday and I am SOOO excited. She will be so happy.

A few things I notice about Branson

No mountains but giant hills and lots of curvy roads; like...no strait roads. so I get car sick A LOT! 
it's so beautiful out here and I love it! It is winter but there is no snow but once in while you see ice crystals all over the rocks and it's stunning. 

Branson people LOVE to talk. No thick accent but once in while you hear it. But anywho they love to talk, whether they are members, investigators, less actives, recent converts, or strangers. They just love to talk and they talk sooooo fast! And they jump from story to story then back to the first story and there is NO connection in between but some how people follow. I haven't yet. It's kinda frustrating sometimes because we cant get a word in and next thing we know we've been there for an hour and haven't shared a spiritual thought yet. Here you have to learn to interrupt and hold the spotlight. Some listen, but all love to tell you all about them. It's good too though because then you can understand their needs, but they wont give you time to tell them how the Lord can help. nuts. 

My mission president told me that in the spring i might have a bike! YAHOO!

Oh more good news from the MTC, I got a 6 pack.  Not to brag but it is there. probably not anymore because the members feed us unbelievably well. 

My companion is from Washington and they got weird slang up there because she says the weirdest thing like "swag-money" but she is a Gilmore Girl fan so we get along great!

Wow I sure said a lot I must be in Branson. 

Love you all so much and I love the mission. the gospel is amazing and Jesus Christ is our savior and in Him we have nothing to fear. 

Sister Pollard

Monday, January 11, 2016

Jan 8th 2016 MTC Experiences

Hey everyone!

MTC is great! I've learned so much and yet still have so much to learn. My companion and I describe it has a religious college.They don't waste a time here which makes sense because who would want to waste the lords time? They over feed so don't be surprised if I come home fat. But after a week here, the food suddenly doesn't taste as good....interesting. But vending machine food has never disappointed me.

My companion and I are sister training leaders which means we take care of the sisters in our branch. That would be 6 other sisters. Small but fun. 

I just love it here. The spirit is so strong and everyone loves everyone. I got my district (4 sister and 4 elders) to sing in the choir  -AMAZING!- and now we are ALWAYS singing. Sometimes they are hymns. Yesterday the elders starting singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Nuts,  but they are great. and they are going to California while the sisters are going to Arkansas.

I've been to the temple twice this week which was really great. always uplifting.

I have a great companion, Sister Hadley, who is from Ogden Utah. she is a sweet heart and looks like my cousin Rachel. We have become such great friends

So i didn't know but here we teach real investigators!! Makes sense but my heart was racing when i found out. I'm like "NONONONONONONONONO I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!!" But through diligent prayer and studying and role playing, miracles started to happen and tomorrow we are asking one of our investigators if she would like to be baptized. I think she is gonna say yes. her name is Patty and when we met her she was atheist. but now she has a strong belief in Christ and her Heavenly Father. It is just incredible. Our other investigator name is Miranda. she is a baptist so we have been trying really hard to help her read and pray about the Book of Mormon. last time we met, we saw her eyes filled and her heart burned. she felt the spirit, so she too is coming closer to Christ. So happy for her.

Other than that all we do here is eat and sit. Lots of studying. Which for me is a miracle, my senior year in high school I couldn't sit through class for more than an hour, but now i can sit for 3-4 hours completely focused and learning. 30-40 minute of gym (which isn't enough) but that's all we do. and I am happy. 

Thank you all for your prayers and for you support. I'm praying for all of you and I know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in the true church today. I know that through Christ our sins can be washed away, our burdens can be lifted, and our life can be more full. I testify that to you in the name of Jesus Christ amen

Sister Kendyl Pollard

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

1/1/16 new year first letter home

Hey mom!
My P day is on Monday so I'll give you a long letter then. This is just to let you know that I am safe. I am happy, and you don't need to worry.I am loving the MTC and it still feels like a dream. I have to look at my name tag every now and then to see if this is really happening. 
I'm being fed well. Its like a buffet. and I love my companion Sister Hadley. We are actually the new sister Training leaders in our district right now. That means more lessons to teach and more people look up to us. (the newbees) but we are good. 
I love you. I love my daddy. and I miss my sisters and their smiles

I'll see you soon!

Sister Pollard

12/30/15 The drop off

On Wednesday December 30th we dropped off our Daughter Kendyl Pollard at the Provo MTC. I have created the blog to be able to share with friends and family her letters and photos that she sends home.

Joslyn and Nate at her farewell luncheon

family lunch with Cheyenne at Olive Garden in Provo

Daylen and Kendyl
Daylen, Kendyl, and Krissi

Driving to the MTC
Rayna Kendyl
Off she goes for 18 months