Saturday, April 29, 2017

4/17/17 Easter Message

While many great things happened this week- the weather has been beautiful, the progress record never looked so good, got more members to come out with us, bomb exchanges with other sisters-id say what blew me away the most was the lesson we had last night. 

We are teaching this part member family. The son is a member and his mom and step dad are not. well the mom is investigating. The step dad would be too, but he works on the nights that she is home, so we have a hard time catching them both. Anywho, prior to this lesson we are at a members house and my allergies start going off, really weird because there were no cats around. By the time we left I felt so weak and exhausted, my eye was red, my nose was runny, it is 8 and I'm just ready to call it a night and reschedule this lesson. I also "knew" that this investigator doesnt do whole lot of participating and I question if she was even learning anything, yet she has come to church and is reading the bible, so I see some potential. Anywho, I thought to myself, we will call it a night, and then I remembered the importance of the lesson we were going to teach. I remembered, the promised blessing given to us as we preach the gospel-one being given strength that is not known among men- and those blessings are from the arm of God and not by the flesh of man. I also thought "what example would I be to my companion if I turned in just cuz I feel weak." Now of course, it was the spirit bringing all of these things to my mind. and I received the strength to do 1 more lesson. We taught the importance of prophets leading into Joseph Smith. Never before have I seen our investigator so involved! she was asking questions, thinking, making comments, seeing the need for a prophet, and feeling the spirit. During the lesson my allergies didnt bother me. Even while her cats were playing on my lap! I felt the strength that is not known among men. and I walked out very humbled. I talked about it afterward with my companion. (BTW she is doing better thank you for the prayers). and im excited for the next lesson to come about Joseph Smiith

WHICH! in case you didnt know, there is a new 1st vision video on LDS.ORG under CHURCH HISTORY titled ASK OF GOD! it is very detailed and moving. I invite all to see it!

For Easter we spent the time at church and in the home of 2 great members and our investigator. 
Easter is a wonderful time of the year. It is more than just about new beginnings and candy. The purpose of Easter is to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. and to ponder on the reason of His resurrection. I know there are many false teachings about Christ Resurrection being only symbolic. I testify that it is not symbolic, it is true. Jesus Christ did die on the cross, and three days later  rose from the tomb in a glorified body. "Death hath no sting and the grave hath no victory" because of the risen Lord. If there was no living Christ, there would be no Hope. But HE DOES LIVE! and so will we all live again too. And now is the time to repent and prepare for the day when we stand before our King and our Lord. I know that He loves us. I know that He wants to help us and redeem us. and I know that the Book of Mormon testifies of the LIVING CHRIST, as does the Bible. 
and this I testify of in the name of the Only Begotten, Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Sister Pollard

4/10/17 Service where needed.


In all honesty, this week was different from the rest. 
My dear companion has major back pain. She kept putting it off and we got the beating of it this week. After 3 doctors appointments and countless hours in bed, we finally got her to see a physical therapist today. We will be doing that right after we are done emailing. 
So in all honesty, most of the missionary work this week has been serving her. Things were great Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, but then came tragic Thursday, frustrating Friday, sad Saturday, sanctifying Sunday. 

Let me see if I can explain. Tuesday I was on exchanges. Wednesday (still on exchanges) my companion calls me and tells me that the pain in her back has reached her legs, she struggles walking. no biggie, I thought, we will drive this week and make it work. Well Thursday hits, and she is immovable. we get her to see a chiropractor. That was the wrong choice. She came out of there feeling more pain than relief. Now she is losing hope. Friday I get her to see a doctor at Mercy. They just gave her some medication. Saturday we endure, Sunday we endure, and now today, hopefully the physical therapist can do something. 

This has been an experience,  we've had to get 'creative' in missionary work. But most importantly I needed to serve, love, and comfort her. She was so distraught-but I would be too if I couldn't move my back. I've been blessed at the same time. God has given my patience and charity to endure this pain with her. Never did I get frustrated with her needs, or tell her to suck it up, when normally I would. One time, she layed her head in my lap with tear on my skirt, and I just had to promise her that the Lord loves her still. I told her to hang on to my Hope and faith that she will be healed. I know she will be:)  

She has been handling this so well too, through prayer, continues to stay obedient as best as she can. she works until she no longer can work, and she serves me when she can:)

I know Christ is the Master Healer. He has Healed me. and I know that He continues to heal and mend me. I know that this life is a life more than just what we see. there is a God! And that is glorious news. He loves all of us. and this I say, in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen. 


Sister Pollard

Saturday, April 8, 2017

4/3/17 short and sweet just like Kendyl


Just gonna give a quick recap on my week:) 

then Zone Training
and interviews
got sick for the first time on the mission
good night with Game night

and General Conference weekend!

WE watched the Saturday morning session with some great members-the Fields. The afternoon session at the church. Then we watched the Sunday morning session with some less actives and they made us wonderful omelettes. then we watched the afternoon session with the PM family we are teaching:) It was wonderful! and uplifting. So many wonderful talks and words that needed to be heard.

It was great week! This one coming ahead is busy as well. 

Gotta keep this short today!

Love yall!

Sister Pollard


3/27/17 Everyone is a child of God

Hey Everyone!!

I've been getting questions about the weather here so I'll start with that. nothing too bad. No tornadoes, some hail but no damage. Lightning storm last night which was spectacular. Weather is really unpredictable but something everyone loves to predict. Don't worry, when a tornado comes you will know:)

Okay! I have 4 stories I'll just share:) I'll try and keep it brief too!

Wednesday we had zone conference. We took about 20 minutes with our stake president for him to tell us his vision for his stake. All the missionaries in his stake were there.  Well our stake president is in our ward. We had a lesson at the hour prior, we have taught him and his wife, had dinner with them. We got to know them pretty well. I don't remember all the context of what he said to our zone but he said "We have great sister missionaries, they are intense!".....and then he said "Sister Pollard is really intense, but I had this other missionary years ago that was even more intense than her....." it just made me laugh so hard. I never thought of myself as intense.

On Thursday our investigators wanted to feed us!! They were so sweet and we have only had 1 lesson with them before that. But it was great! We got to know them a little better. Crazy sad thing is that dinner was too long. Sister Berry and I were planning splits that night to teach more lessons. so I had to bail out early with a member to teach a lesson, and Sister Berry stayed with our investigators with a member to finish dinner and a lesson. 

In the meantime, I left with this great member, Sister McIntosh! She is incredible! We went to the Addiction Recovery Program Group and met up with a less active we have been working with. I'll call her Sarah even though that is not her real name. This was Sarah's first time to ARP and wants to overcome smoking and get back into the church. It was just us three and the ARP facilitators there, but Sarah felt loved and welcome and is now making the necessary steps to recovery. ARP was really cool too!! I really enjoyed it:) we are going back Thursday with her. I'd like to point out that ARP is not just for Addictions. Someone once told me that it is not the "Addiction Recovery Class" but rather the "Atonement Discovery Class." 

Now yesterday, the beautiful Sabbath day. We are teaching this part member family. The son is an active member, his mom is not. So we are focused on her. We invited her to church but she said that she works. She is a caretaker for 2 mentally disabled adults, but she said, if her patients are behaving, she will bring them to church. We told her it would be just fine. The 2 women she cares for are between the ages of 50-60 but has the mentally capacity of a 3-5 year olds. One is verbal and very chatty the other is nonverbal and can be violent. We didn't know this, But we were eager for all three to come. Sister Berry was speaking on Sunday so she sat at the front row and I sat in the back saving a seat for our investigator and her patients. During the sacrament they came in and I was sooooo happy! I sat next to the verbal woman. She was well behaved and only spoke up a couple of times. it was funny, when a speaker got up she said "Good morning everyone!" and then the woman next to me yelled "Good morning!" haha it made me chuckle. Well the nonverbal one and our investigator sat on some chairs in the back. every now and then she would make a loud disturbing noise, but our investigator would just calm her down. 
This was new to the members. but because of the knowledge that we have-EVERYONE is a beloved son/daughter of God-no one was rude or asked them to leave but just smiled and let them enjoy their time:) they left during the closing song, since the mentally disabled women would not do well with crowds. We talked to our investigator later that night. Told her that they are always welcomed back and the bishop would like to know if there is anything they can do as a ward to make them feel comfortable. She told us some things that are easy to do:) we invited her back and she said yes. I'm glad she wasn't embarrassed. But she did tell us, when she takes them to the park or the mall or Mcdonald's, people do tell her that "They (referring to the mentally challenged) don't belong here." and other rude comments like that. I believe that since the members at church were so understanding, she felt like that was a safe environment to bring them back to:)

 I could go on about what all happened related to this, but I'll just say EVERYONE is a child of God. and we are ALL equal in His eyes. Let us continue to love one another with charity and have respect for the caretakers of the world. their job is not an easy one. 

I love this gospel. I love My Savior. I love feasting upon His words. They are all true.

Sister Pollard

3/20/17 Faith as a mustard seed.

So this next picture is at 3rd Thursday. Every 3rd Thursday from like March-Nov. Main Street in Joplin becomes the hot spot. All different vendors come and sell their stuff. Like a farmers market or a mini fair....I guess. Anywho, we brought our own booth! And we found some success in it! The elders ran the booth and sister berry and I went out and directed people to our booth hehe, or at least we tried. Then we ran the booth while we waited for other missionaries to come and take it over. It was fun and a good time to do it!

We are teaching these kids. They are ages 8,7, and 6. 2 boys and 1 girl. Their grandmother is inactive but wants us to teach her grand kids about Jesus. The kids parents are not interested but they sure do like us. Anywho, we teach about 2 at a time every weekend. But this last week was a little different. the 6 year old girl was there but wanted to go home. The dad was there helping his mom (the grandmother who just had surgery). Well he calls up his other son the 7 year old and asks if he wants to be with the missionaries. 5 minutes later this little 7 year old runs into the house panting from running so hard. We really didn't think he listened or cared.  But we had a great lesson with just him, talked about faith and the seed in Alma 32. And he remembered everything! His sister came back with her dad to pick him up and he is telling his little sister everything he knows about faith and this seed and was really excited. It was adorable. We are hoping the parents will be interested soon so that we can focus on the whole family:) They are a wonderful family.

We really did have a great week! And the work is moving forward:) all is well! I'm excited to be in Joplin for 1 more transfer:) God is good!

Sister Pollard

3/15/17 Keeping your covenants

Hey Yall! 

For this email I want to focus on a message not on my week, but I will give you an update on transfers. I am STAYING in Joplin. My address is the same. and yes I did get those pre-trunky papers (papers about going home) and yes I did try to convince my greenie that they were for her. 

I had a heartbreaking experience this week. one that I can not go into details about. But this is something that I have witness multiple times on my mission, everywhere I go, both with members and nonmembers. It attacks all of us. And it is something that should be talked about. 

Elder Holland says it best
May the joy of our fidelity to the highest and best within us be ours as we keep our love and our marriages, our society and our souls, as
pure as they were meant to be.

In todays world, evil and wickedness attacks us everywhere and all the time. With the use of Instant Media, social media, movies, music, books, billboards, and acquaintances it is easier now to be unfaithful to a loved one, a spouse. 

BUT PLEASE!! Do NOT fall in the traps of the one that wishes to destroy you! He is good at what he does, and if you want to have all that your Creator has for you stay away from lustful, pornographic, degrading content. You are worth more than that, and so is your family. I have witnessed many marriages fall apart, trust walls being built, and children being abandon due to unfaithfulness. 

It would not be fair of me to only speak of these horrifying things if there wasn't a way out, and there is. Jesus Christ and His atonement, and only Him, can be the one to mend, heal, strengthen, and purify those in such tragic situations. Turn to Him. RUN to Him, and repent and forgive. 

I have a story from the Book of Mormon that I think explains it best. 

In Alma we read of the Strippling Warriors. 2000 young men going to war and all surviving when statistically none should have. We are taught and shown that it is because of the teachings of the their mothers about faith and God. I wish to add, it is also because of the covenants which their fathers have kept. 
The young men's fathers were skilled in war. They fought long and hard throughout their lives and many had lost their lives. Through a series of events, they covenanted (promised ) with God that they will no longer pick up their weapons and battle. Years later they find themselves in a situation where war was needed. Yet due to the Fathers keeping their covenant not to battle, and due to the mothers teaching the sons, the Fathers sent their sons to battle praying that their boys would be brought home safe.

Let us make and keep our covenants/promise with God. Stay away from anything that will tempt you to break such a sacred promise. and God will protect you and your family as you do so. Let us teach our children the importance of fidelity and the difference between love and lust.  

Elder Holland gave a beautiful talk on this that I encourage all to read "Place no more for the enemy in my soul." 

I believe in Miracles. I believe in more than 2nd chances. I believe in repentance. I believe in forgiveness. I believe in marriage and children. and I believe in covenants. 

I am grateful for my parents and grandparents for teaching me the importance and power of keeping covenants. let us be one with Christ. 

In the name of the Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ Amen
Sister P.