Friday, November 25, 2016

11/20/16 baptism

Kendyl did not write this week but shared with us this photo.

11/9, 11/14 2016

Im so is pday tomorrrow is transfers, and I wont be able to tell yall what I did this week. There is so much I need to prepare for. Sister  Martin is leaving to Missouri. and I have a lot of "projects" I have to get done on the computer before my time is up. if I have time after I'll send another email. But if you are on, i will chat! 

love you all. and love my new niece already!

things are good. just A LOT going on haha:)

Sister Pollard

This is my daughter! (What missionaries call their trainees) I picked her up early in the morning with this glitter pink sign! (I had no idea what she looked like so somehow she needed to find me) and apparently there were a few elders who were jealous and want their own "pink glittered sign!" hahaha!

She is wonderful! from cache valley Utah and looks A LOT like Krissi:) 

10/31/16 Peace in the scriptures

Kendyl Celebrated my Birthday with a member
Hey Everyone! Happy Halloween!

This week has been member miracle week. We got a lot of referrals from members and more an more people are coming out with us. And more and more are fellowshipping our investigators. I have been very very impressed and moved by them and their sincere genuine desire to serve. 

But I choose to share one story that was the perfect way to end the week, and I've been pondering on it since. 

Out here in Centerton there is this family the C's. They have a friend, R......., who is staying with them temporally right now. Before I got into the area, Sister Martin had met him but he wasn't that interested in taking the discussions. Then my 4th week here, we had dinner with the C's and Sis Martin brought up R....., asking how he was doing and so forth. We left the C's a copy of the Book of Mormon to leave out at their house so that R..... can read it. A few days (maybe a week) later Sis C..... texted us and said "Just so you know, R...... has been reading the Book of Mormon. He has tons of questions. and he is coming to church on Sunday." Sister Martin and I literally were jumping up and down because of how happy he felt (I did most the jumping...). But what happened next is what touched my heart.
Sunday comes around and R.... came. After the gospel principles class  he turned to us and said "Who gave me the Book of Mormon?" We told him. then he said "When I saw that book, I knelt down and prayed about it before I even opened it. I haven't heard great things about the church, but I wanted to know. I told God, if this is true, if this is His, then to let me feel peace. I opened it. I felt peace. And I havent felt peace in more than 19 years. But I felt peace. Thank you!" Our conversation carried on, he is in 1 nephi 18 has lots of question loves church and more that I wish I could say. I just remember when he said while pointing at his heart "I don't ever want this peace to leave me"

I honestly dont think that my writing gives enough detail and description of this man. He was very emotional. The spirit told us that what he said was true. That he hasn't felt peace in years, that he has abandoned God. That he is coming back to his Savior. That he found an undeniable peace in the Book of Mormon. Why? Because the Book of Mormon has the everlasting gospel. You will come closer to your Creator as you read the Book of Mormon with sincerity. God designed it to be that way. and it can be that way for everyone. This man describe his emotion as "hunger" he is "hungry for the truth." Tears filled my eyes as I heard his simple testimony. I love this man. I love him because I saw God's constant and patient love for him. I saw his potential. Dressed in white.  I feel blessed to have known this man. 

other miracles similar to that has happened as well. but i'm going keep those in my journal for now. I love you all. And if you need peace, love, guidance, security, joy, hope, faith, READ THE BOOK OF MORMON, 


Sister Pollard

10/24/16 The Book of Mormon

Hey Everyone!

For today, I really just want to share two amazing miracles, in hopes that all may see that God prepares His children to accept the gospel, and that the Book of Mormon has power to overcome all sorts of evil. 

Story #1. R.... and K......

There is this returning less active family in the ward that is striving to come back. Every week we visit them and give them a lesson. They are great. Well in their apartment complex, a woman and her 17 year old daughter were kicked out. Our members, being christlike, took them into their own homes. This woman, R..., I swear has been a blessing to the members more than she realizes, but the members have also introduced her to the gospel.
At first R....was not interested, nor her daughter K,,,. but by the next couple of lesson she started sitting in, but not participating. Then this pass week, Sis Martin and I went on splits, and Sis Martin saw R.... and the members and R.... confessed that she wants to go to church. They had a great discussion and helped her over come her fears. Well fast forward, she has the Book of Mormon now and has been reading, has accepted to live the Word of Wisdom and baptism. No date yet. she is coming to church with us on Sunday. Her daughter is also reading the Book of Mormon and is doing well. This all happened in a week. Sister Martin and I were baffled. R..... is the most patient and hopeful person I've ever met. 

Story #2 W.....

Theres this former investigator W..... and his wife. Well you see when the missionaries found him in the past, they weren't obedient. So they got used to "fun, chilled, disobedient missionaries". But none the less they love missionaries. She would have been baptized but he isn't a fan of the church. He tries to give us a hard time about it, and bring up anti Mormon stuff but nothing we haven't heard before. Well, we threw it back at him and said "W.... what will it take for you to read the Book of Mormon?" He said sacrastically that if he read it to us we will listen and the only good time for him is at 5:30 in the morning while he is taking a smoke. We told him that we will be there the next day at 5:30 to read with him. he thought we were bluffing. But 5am roles around and we get out of bed and go see W..... he called us crazy. put put his cigarette out and read alma 32 with us. His face, his voice, the look in his eyes changed. He didn't read he listened and stared at his book and us. After we were done he said "Yall are dedicated." We smiled and told him we were, and that this book is important. We had a great discussion with him about the chapter, then offered to come the next day. he said "yes, but we will give you a call cuz you aint coming at 5:30"
He just needed a little bit more reading I suppose;)

Book of Mormon does have power. Have you felt it?

Love you all!

Sister Pollard

10/17/16 getting in the Christmas mood.

Good Monday Morning to all my loved ones! 

This week was a struggle busy week, but not a discouraging or crying week. haha. First off, my wonderful companion loves Christmas music. So we have been listing to the same 5 Christmas songs we have haha. I don't mind, it makes her happy:) But ya we are in the Christmas mood!

We had some good lessons this week and met some interesting people and did some stupid stuff. We met this former investigator L.... We went to visit her to see if she wanted to take the lessons again. SHE LOVES THE MISSIONARIES! She literally praised us for a good 10 minutes before we got a word out. at first I was touched, then I be like "L..., do you want to talk about the gospel? After all that's really why we are here." She loves Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon but is catholic and is happy with that. We are seeing her again to teach the plan of salvation. we think that will be the turning point for her. but now we know, if we are having a bad day to go see L.... she will make us happy!

We  have been doing a lot of active member lessons. Trying to get members to feel the Spirit and flame in missionary work, so that's good. 

We met the young mother name N....who is my new favorite person. She is our new investigator and she has two small boys and she desperately needs the gospel and recognizes that:) we are seeing her tomorrow. I just admire this young mother:)

The spiders out here are ridiculous. I'm not scared of spiders. I'm okay with killing them. But we had this one who was the size of my big toe and it ran inside our apartment just as we were leaving for an appointment. I couldn't bear to think that I'll be sleeping in the same place as the disgusting spider. So we literally spent 15 minutes screaming and trying to kill it. We thought that was the worst, but its dad must have found out cuz now we have-no joke-this spider that could wrap its legs around my foot constantly outside our door. every morning when we go work out we hide behind each other, peaking around the door to see if its there. nasty. good thing winter is coming

I'm gonna keep it at that for now:) 

Life is good and all is well! more details will be sent in letters! 

Sister Pollard 

10/10/16 Keeping the Sabbath day holy.

AH! My companion and I taught sharing time yesterday at church:) it was the best ever! I forgot how much I miss primary and working with kids:) We talked about prayer. And I used some of my old tricks that I used in singing time when we had too much time. For example we learned all the kids name be singing the welcome song over and over, and we made it rain, and I loved it and so did the kids:)

I am serving in a young family ward. There are lots of kids and I can count the grandparents on 1 hand. What is amazing though, is that this ward is so selfless and welcoming. I've been very impressed. 

We rode our bikes this week as well and that took a lot more energy than I thought I had. Cheyenne, I don't know how you do it. But since our car is going to be taken away soon, we will keep practicing and building those leg muscles!

Sis Martin has become a great friend of mine. Truly. I can talk to her about anything. She pushes me as well, in ways that other companions haven't so its been a growing experience. 
 Story time? I say yes

There is a recent convert. Her name is T... she was baptized in August. Sis Martin and I are doing the new member lessons. She is a cute mom. has 3 boys and a supportive husband. One day she texted us and said that she got a job at Walmart (which everyone btw works at here in Walmart city) and she works on Sundays so that she can be home with the kids on Saturdays. Sis Martin and I were so sad at this because keeping the Sabbath Day holy is a commandment. We go over for a lesson, determined to talk about the sabbath day in a loving but firm tone. Before we even start she says "Lately the commandments have been on my mind. I think about them all the time. and I know that is because I work on Sundays now. And I know that God has commanded me not to. I just dont know what to do and I pray all the time to figure it out." We smile because we saw her sincere desire to keep the commandments and her concern as a mother. we had a wonderful discussion and found some solutions for her and her situation. 
I bring this up because of a few things. 1. Keeping the sabbath day holy is and will forever be a commandment. 2. God is aware of you and your situation, therefore as you seek his council and approach the situation with faith, divine revelation and sometime intervention will come to you. 3. I LOVE THE HOLY GHOST! I love how he reminded T...constantly of the commandments to hep her and build her trust in God. Remember, if it inviteth one to do good, it is of God. 


Some really funny stuff happene,  and lots of good experiences and people.
I think my favorite part though, was in a 7 year old (we are teaching him the lessons because his active parents asked  us to) told us that he prayed about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and Baptism. we asked him what his answer was and with a big bright smile he said "I wanna get baptized." We are seeing them tonight to teach the plan of salvation. But when he told us with that sweet strong spirit, my heart skipped a beat and I could just feel Gods infinite love for him. and Feel how proud he is of his son. 

Sister Pollard

10/3/16 New area Centerton Arkansas

First off, wasn't General Conference just amazing!? Oooh it filled me with the Spirit!!

I'm in Centerton Arkansas now. (Close to Bentonville/Close to mission home) and I'm very impressed. I'm actually serving in a country-ish area. Its a lot like Kamas Valley but more spread. Lots of fields. Lots of good people. LOTS of dirt roads. cattles, chickens, trees. Everyone I've met is very self sufficient-which is amazing. I am now driving a truck, and I was terrified at first. Okay still am. I'ts a small truck but big to me.

My apartment is beautiful! No more rats:) (in case you didn't know there were rats in my last apartment)

My companion is wonderful! She reminds me a lot of Cheyenne and Mikee. So I know we will get along just fine:) She just finished training, so she has only been out 3 months. But she is way mature and sweet and humble and all that goodness you would want in a companion.


1. My first dinner here was with the Jones. There are 4 kids between 3-10ish, they are energetic kids. Well, I had my ukulele in the car so we ran out to grab it and we sang primary songs with them for our dinner message then talked about the Book of Mormon. the kids were so focused in and loved my "little guitar" Sis Jones took a video of it (how embarrassing) and sent it to Sister Loveland....hopefully it doesn't go too far. Moral of the Story is, I am soo excited to be in a family ward working with kids again! I forgotten how much I've missed them.

2. We have this investigator, and she lives with her parents but her parents are soo against the church, that whenever we go over for a lesson we have to have the lesson in her barn! It made chuckle, there are pigs, chickens, goats, bunnies and a giant turkey just around us as we talked aobut the Word Of Wisdom. it was stinky but I couldn't help but to laugh that I was teaching someone in a barn.

3. We are teaching this incredible guy! Sis Martin taught him the restoration before I got here, then when I met him for our lesson he asks us "I read the introduction to the Book of Mormon. I admire Joseph Smith. Can I come to church with you this sunday?" My jaw dropped, no one has ever said that to me. We explained to him general conference, and he got more excited. We called up these amazing members, then on Sunday, our investigator and us went to our members home to watch general conference. We watched the first session then had a BBQ with the bishop! Then watched the second session. Our investigator stayed for the full thing. He took notes. We discussed a little bit about it over lunch. I am very impressed. He also texted us this morning thanking us again. We are seeing him Thursday. I just love how perfectly God prepares his children.

4. I saw something unusual....we knocked on a members door and hanging above the door frame is a Ziploc bag filled with water and a penny inside. I asked Sis what that was about. She said it keep the bugs/flies away, but she doesn't believe that it works. But this other member swears by it.....haha really funny, made me chuckle. Who knows maybe it could work!

Well that's my new exciting stories for now:)
the leaves haven't changed color yet. and are truck is getting sold so soon we will be on bikes most likely. 

OH! I pray that you all take something away from General Conference. something important to you. Something that the Lord needs you to do. I know I have!


Sister Pollard