Friday, November 25, 2016

10/17/16 getting in the Christmas mood.

Good Monday Morning to all my loved ones! 

This week was a struggle busy week, but not a discouraging or crying week. haha. First off, my wonderful companion loves Christmas music. So we have been listing to the same 5 Christmas songs we have haha. I don't mind, it makes her happy:) But ya we are in the Christmas mood!

We had some good lessons this week and met some interesting people and did some stupid stuff. We met this former investigator L.... We went to visit her to see if she wanted to take the lessons again. SHE LOVES THE MISSIONARIES! She literally praised us for a good 10 minutes before we got a word out. at first I was touched, then I be like "L..., do you want to talk about the gospel? After all that's really why we are here." She loves Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon but is catholic and is happy with that. We are seeing her again to teach the plan of salvation. we think that will be the turning point for her. but now we know, if we are having a bad day to go see L.... she will make us happy!

We  have been doing a lot of active member lessons. Trying to get members to feel the Spirit and flame in missionary work, so that's good. 

We met the young mother name N....who is my new favorite person. She is our new investigator and she has two small boys and she desperately needs the gospel and recognizes that:) we are seeing her tomorrow. I just admire this young mother:)

The spiders out here are ridiculous. I'm not scared of spiders. I'm okay with killing them. But we had this one who was the size of my big toe and it ran inside our apartment just as we were leaving for an appointment. I couldn't bear to think that I'll be sleeping in the same place as the disgusting spider. So we literally spent 15 minutes screaming and trying to kill it. We thought that was the worst, but its dad must have found out cuz now we have-no joke-this spider that could wrap its legs around my foot constantly outside our door. every morning when we go work out we hide behind each other, peaking around the door to see if its there. nasty. good thing winter is coming

I'm gonna keep it at that for now:) 

Life is good and all is well! more details will be sent in letters! 

Sister Pollard 

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