Friday, November 25, 2016

11/9, 11/14 2016

Im so is pday tomorrrow is transfers, and I wont be able to tell yall what I did this week. There is so much I need to prepare for. Sister  Martin is leaving to Missouri. and I have a lot of "projects" I have to get done on the computer before my time is up. if I have time after I'll send another email. But if you are on, i will chat! 

love you all. and love my new niece already!

things are good. just A LOT going on haha:)

Sister Pollard

This is my daughter! (What missionaries call their trainees) I picked her up early in the morning with this glitter pink sign! (I had no idea what she looked like so somehow she needed to find me) and apparently there were a few elders who were jealous and want their own "pink glittered sign!" hahaha!

She is wonderful! from cache valley Utah and looks A LOT like Krissi:) 

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