Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Photos: January - February

January 8th : Companions, they strengthen and uplift each other. When you are weak, she will make you strong! the big group pic is of all of us after the temple today (us meaning the district).

January 18th : Pictures! and Temple Pics!

January 25th : One picture is of us all bundled up going on our ice walk.  The other is of us standing next to ice! the ice forms really pretty and really dangerous here.

  February 1st : Wrote in the sand this morning-Peace, Be Still.  Got Frozen Custard-better than icecream but icecream is cheaper.

February 1st : My first Tracting experience-saying goodbye
The greeny meal the brady family made for me-tasted better than it looks

  February 15th : Elder coley made us these swords things (what are they called??) really awesome and great for defense

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2-21-16 Short and sweet this week.

Hey Yall! Don't have lots of time but here is the highlights,

1.Played the piano in sacrament AGAIN! They asked me to play the closing hymn. I gladly did. 

2. playing in sacrament this coming Sunday! I am accompanying someone. That is way neat that they think I'm that good.

3. Played the piano in a members home! that was scary.

(thanks for teaching me the piano mom)

4. Met elder Christofferson on Saturday we went to a missionary conference and he and a couple members of the 70 were there. It was way neat and totally needed because that day was hard. I was just an emotional train-wreck like I usually am. But I loved what was said. and the two greatest things I got from it was that I needed to make the decision now with what I am going to do with what the Lord tells me to do, and with the knowledge I already have. I need to decide what I am going to do with it. I encourage the same for you all. The second thing is that we need to give the people everything to believe. Meaning we ourselves need to be living worthily for their trust and especially for the Lord's trust. 

5.Made some music videos and deleted some music videos. 

6. OH I downloaded like 20 talks on my usb to listen to in the car. Well....we get in the car. I put on a great talk....and it is in japanese!!!!!! ALL 20 TALKS ARE IN JAPANESE! I got so upset. like really mad. and earlier Sister Pond is asking me when I will "freak out" well I freaked out then and her reaction was "you freak out over conference talks?? weird." anywho. once I'm done with this I'm going to fix that.

7. Taught lots of lessons. met new people. all is well. happpy happy happy

Love ya so much! thank you for the prayers!!

Sister Pollard

2-15-16 Skinny? Not anymore!!

Dear family and friends.......

Missouri is fattening me up. No Joke. 
Warning-I will not come back looking the same!
Warning for mom-My skirts are getting to tight. 

This past week has been nuts! Full of ups and downs!!

Mon-had the best won ton soup ever. And a man shares his testimony of the garment and it's protection as we keep covenants. Miracles. Just amazing. 

Tues- The sisters from another area came to Branson for exchanges,  so we had 2 sets of missionaries just in 1 area. Got a lot of teaching and tracting done. Felt really good. We taught this man name Vern. I LOVE VERN! he is 53 and just super nice and friendly. he has some great musical talent and very welcoming. He is a smoker and loves his house to be dark. But he is a happish fella. He said he would read the Book of Mormon. great lesson. 

Wed- I got work with Sister Hadley!! Trainee and Trainee together! It was so good to work with her again. we went to the pine wood derby (so many non members there hehehe) and people get really intense....

Thurs. we were out finding people. We were looking for this one lady but could not find her house! but we did find a man name Daniel  and he is all for talking about Christ and really just took in everything we taught him. he is reading the Book of Mormon and is just fascinated. so that's awesome!

Fri- we met with a family that has two YSA  kids that we wanted to teach. well we pull up to their house and all we see are cats. no joke...19 CATS swarming that little house. I'm allergic to cats but luckily my eyes didn't turn so red just really itchy and I couldn't touch them. but sweet kids....interesting family. Nervous and excited to see where this goes. but i don't think we will be meeting at their house again....too many cats and other "stuff"

Sat- The hardest day of my mission. we couldn't find anyone to teach. No one would answer our calls. Doors slammed in our faces and just confused on where to go and what to do. I thought call Vern so that he can come to church tomorrow. I called him, and after a 10 minute phone call I just sat in the car and was ready to burst into tears and cry, Vern dropped us! Meaning he no longer wants to see us. I see so much for Vern if only he had the gospel. I know that he would accept it, but sadly someone had put some negative thoughts about the Mormons into his mind. (that's what it sounded like). He said that he wanted to thank us because if it weren't for us he wouldn't be going back to his church again. he will continue to read the Book of Mormon but no more contact. I became so upset. and so sad. and now I understand when they say that the mission is "hard." I'm okay now, I'm not giving up on Vern just yet. I've got a few ideas to try out first.

Sun-Great Day! Funny how you go from one bad day to one amazing day. First of all Sister Pond became "deathly ill" Sunday morning (shes fine) but while she stayed home from church with a member, I went to the YSA because I have to play the piano! Surprisingly the Stake Presidency was there...but I just played and it turned out really really good. Lots of compliments and ya. enough with that. But since Sister Pond wasn't at church I got to take the lead in everything. And to be honest it felt really really good. I did a pretty good job (not to brag) but I felt comfortable. After church sister Pond was feeling better so we went out to some dinner and teaching, and since it was Valentines day we thought we would give a gift to a few of the single sisters in the ward. We wrote a card and on it I was going to put "The one and only" well....I mistakenly put "the one and lonely"..........when I saw my mistake I was appalled. quickly I changed it to "The one and lovely" it was pretty funny and sad at the time. 

The mission is a lot of work. but what I love about it is that it is work. I feel like I'm actually doing something even though there are not a lot or results. 

Really not much left to say. things are good. still smiling:) still loving it!

Sister Pollard

Spiritual thought: truth. Define Truth.

I sang; a boy laughed! 2-8-16

This week went by so fast I couldn't even believe it!
Monday I bought pretzels and was the happiest girl alive.

Tuesday we met with Patty. We have been nagging her to come to church for weeeeeks! Finally she agreed to a church tour and we had a very powerful lesson there with her, and we understand more of her concerns so that was really good.

Wednesday, we taught the activity day girls and they were just so precious. We taught them about missionary work and they got so pumped so all 6 of them are running around through their school handing Book of Mormons out to everyone.That is how you get the work done. hahaha. jk (but seriously though)

Thursday: That day was rough. all of our appointments canceled, but we did see a less active/part memberish family and there was some major contention in the home for the husband to walk out (before we were there). When we got there we talked to the wife and her mother. Not really about the situation but more about the atonement and peace. We invited her to have a priesthood blessing and she said yes, and then I felt impressed to sing her a song. (I know me sing to her... Crazy!) But Sister Pond and I, with our amazing voices-(cough cough)-sang Be Still My Soul to her before we left. The minute we started singing....her 3 year old son began to laugh. THROUGH MY WHOLE SONG! He just laughed and laughed and watched us and laughed. It was so cute and so funny,  but the mother got the message so that is good. And now I may never sing to someone again. haha.

Friday: We had an exchange. so we were trying to cover two areas. it was really this whole complicated thing but it all worked out. But there is a horror story!
Once upon time, Sister Pond and I took on the challenge to text all of those we are working with daily. Today I sent out a mass text on a scripture about God's love for them,  and wished them a great day and letting them know that we are there if they need anything. Well one of our less active Mary (who previously blew us off and then said she wanted nothing to do with the church over text a week after she told us in person that she wants to straiten her life out and get involved again) responded demanding the name and number and address for  those who sent us in Kansas. We were really confused. So I ignored it, but they then made it clear that I was too respond  or else law would be called. so I said "we are not in Kansas." BUT APPARENTLY they already knew that. then demanded for the information again with a few threats involved. (I know this sounds really bad). So what it came down to, we made a few phone calls (zone leaders, Bishop) left messages and went to work (visiting people) we also said a prayer. Like a bunch at the time, but anywho we are safe. We don't know if Mary was being held hostage or what but we pray that she is safe. really the most terrifying thing this week but the thing i laugh most about. Oh and the Bishop is on it. trying to figure it out. and we have been told to not communicate with her so we are good. On the bright side! The scripture we sent out was a lot of our investigators needs right then so that was good. 

Saturday was a hard then happy day! Sister Peterson and I had the hardest time finding people to teach in the morning and our appointments fell through again. We worked hard but no success. Then Sister Pond returned so I was working back with her and we were still having a hard time. We eventually just stopped and prayed. and prayed. and prayed. We asked for guidance. and for knowledge, and for help on where to go and who to teach. A name came to our mind, Sis Huey. we drove out to see her. on the way we saw a lady walking along side of the road, paid no notice, but when we got to Sis Huey's house she wasn't home, so we were so frustrated! And we are just thinking "why does He want us out here?!" we prayed again. We decided to go back, and again this lady was walking along the road but going the other direction than before. I was driving and I just thought, maybe we should talk to her. We pulled over and talked to her for a bit, her name is Louise and she is a doll. Walking back from the store just having some down time and praying to God that she wants to come closer to Him. Then we pulled up, after we prayed to God that we need someone to teach. Crazy how that works! She asked us where our church was and shared her favorite scripture in Luke and really had a nice chat and a beautiful prayer. God really wants to help us. but it so important that we let Him know that we want Him to help us. He is willing to do the work, as long as we are willing to ask for it. and then tender mercies begin. and suddenly you see them every where. Really incredible.

What tender mercies have you seen?

Sunday was the best testimony meeting ever. for both sacraments. In the YSA though it was really centered on who we are. We are not what we like to do. For example I am not just a photographer. My Dad is not just a performer, my mom is not just a house manager. those are things we like to do. we are children of God. That is our identity. and through the things we like to do, we can help others see that and see that they too are children of God. That is who we are. Don't you forget that. He loves us. and He wants us to be happy. That is why there is a plan. That's why we have families. That's why we are here. I feel so blessed to tell others that. To tell them or remind them of their identity. Becuase in this day and world, so many people have forgotten or have never known. Think, who in your life doesnt know? Tell them:)

I am happy! and I am healthy. oh! wanna know a crazy thing. last night I dreamed about home. I don't remember what about but I was home, never left for a mission. when I woke up I nearly had a panic attack because I had no idea where I was or what I was doing. I tried to think what I did the day before. Before I moved, all I could think was, I was knocking on doors. why was I knocking on doors? It was the weirdest sensation of my life. I just completely forgot everything. and had no idea where I was. Finally I looked around the room and saw Sister Pond sleeping in her bed and the light bulb in my mind turned on "oh yea! I'm a missionary!!"

love ya all.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Drove into a ditch 2-1-16

Hey everyone! 

Some cool things this week and one awful event. Lets start with the awful event: I drove us into a ditch. Ya. the car is fine, we are fine, the elders thankfully pushed us out, and my companion still lets me drive. I was just trying to make a left turn but went way too far left. It was funny hearing her scream though.

Weather here has been beautiful; high 60 and low 70. So this morning we went on a beautiful run around the lake out here, and of course wrote on the sand. 

Word has been spreading that I eat for members are now more prepared for that...I on the other hand am not. good thing I ran this morning.

Okay so now the good stuff!
My companion and I made some pretty crazy goals this week. About how many lessons and how many members at lessons as well as referrals and baptisms and all this crazy stuff. Then a  miracle happened....IT ALL HAPPENED!
We had to skip three lunches because of how busy we were and planned over 20 lessons, and had some unplanned lessons. It was amazing though. every night we crawled to bed from the table. Last night I literally crawled cuz I was just so exhausted.   But above all last night was amazing. 

On Thursday we met this woman. She ordered a Bible from so we went to give it to her. and of course have a discussion. on Thursday she cried to us about how she is trying to get her kids back (custody issues) and how she is turning to God instead of harmful substances. We mostly listened, clearly she has be alone for too long. So last night we met with her. and this whole week we have been praying about who we need to ask to baptism and the one lady we thought we should, canceled on us, then this woman came into our minds and humbled our heart. So we talked last night about faith, repentance, baptism, and the Holy Ghost. we testified to her about the atonement about the Savior. I know that sounds a lot for the first meeting but I have never seen anyone smile so big. she already has the faith and has already been repenting. She wanted to learn more, she told us how she felt and recognized that it came from God. She already knew it, we just needed to give her the opportunity to act. So I asked her if she will be baptized. 
I  actually butchered the question because I could hardly say anything at this point but she said yes, and we went to a little more detail about preparing, and she said that she will prepare to be baptized on February 27. What we felt in there, together, was joy. Happiness is selfish but Joy is selfless. I witness what that small knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ did for her. She was filled with Joy. She was happy to know that she is a daughter of God, that she can be with her Savior, that there is hope, and there is a way. Hope is not lost. Not for her not for anyone. God won't allow it. we did nothing. She has been prepared by the Lord. She already had the humility and the faith and the trust. she just did not know where to go with it. That's when we came in. We are only instruments in the Lords hands. I am so grateful that you allowed me to witness the power of the gospel. She went from tears of sorrow and pain to teasr of joy and love in less than 5 minutes. that's a miracle. That's the gospel. That is why it is so important for us.

What happened last night was priceless,  and I look forward to witnessing it again. It strengthened my testimony. and to know that a daughter of God is taking the steps to make and keep covenants with her Father, is....amazing. I love this woman I've learned much from her.

I could say so much more, just know  God is at the helm. Make sure he is at the Helm of your life, if that makes any sense. I'm just running out of time.

I love this church, because it is Christ's church. I know that. I encourage you to pray about it so that you can know of it for yourself. What is more important than to know that Christ lives and through his gospel lives are changed and families are blessed. Miracles happen because of faith. 

love ya all.
Sister Kendyl Pollard

Ps do tell me bout your week!