Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Photos: January - February

January 8th : Companions, they strengthen and uplift each other. When you are weak, she will make you strong! the big group pic is of all of us after the temple today (us meaning the district).

January 18th : Pictures! and Temple Pics!

January 25th : One picture is of us all bundled up going on our ice walk.  The other is of us standing next to ice! the ice forms really pretty and really dangerous here.

  February 1st : Wrote in the sand this morning-Peace, Be Still.  Got Frozen Custard-better than icecream but icecream is cheaper.

February 1st : My first Tracting experience-saying goodbye
The greeny meal the brady family made for me-tasted better than it looks

  February 15th : Elder coley made us these swords things (what are they called??) really awesome and great for defense

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