Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Drove into a ditch 2-1-16

Hey everyone! 

Some cool things this week and one awful event. Lets start with the awful event: I drove us into a ditch. Ya. the car is fine, we are fine, the elders thankfully pushed us out, and my companion still lets me drive. I was just trying to make a left turn but went way too far left. It was funny hearing her scream though.

Weather here has been beautiful; high 60 and low 70. So this morning we went on a beautiful run around the lake out here, and of course wrote on the sand. 

Word has been spreading that I eat for 2...so members are now more prepared for that...I on the other hand am not. good thing I ran this morning.

Okay so now the good stuff!
My companion and I made some pretty crazy goals this week. About how many lessons and how many members at lessons as well as referrals and baptisms and all this crazy stuff. Then a  miracle happened....IT ALL HAPPENED!
We had to skip three lunches because of how busy we were and planned over 20 lessons, and had some unplanned lessons. It was amazing though. every night we crawled to bed from the table. Last night I literally crawled cuz I was just so exhausted.   But above all last night was amazing. 

On Thursday we met this woman. She ordered a Bible from lds.org so we went to give it to her. and of course have a discussion. on Thursday she cried to us about how she is trying to get her kids back (custody issues) and how she is turning to God instead of harmful substances. We mostly listened, clearly she has be alone for too long. So last night we met with her. and this whole week we have been praying about who we need to ask to baptism and the one lady we thought we should, canceled on us, then this woman came into our minds and humbled our heart. So we talked last night about faith, repentance, baptism, and the Holy Ghost. we testified to her about the atonement about the Savior. I know that sounds a lot for the first meeting but I have never seen anyone smile so big. she already has the faith and has already been repenting. She wanted to learn more, she told us how she felt and recognized that it came from God. She already knew it, we just needed to give her the opportunity to act. So I asked her if she will be baptized. 
I  actually butchered the question because I could hardly say anything at this point but she said yes, and we went to a little more detail about preparing, and she said that she will prepare to be baptized on February 27. What we felt in there, together, was joy. Happiness is selfish but Joy is selfless. I witness what that small knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ did for her. She was filled with Joy. She was happy to know that she is a daughter of God, that she can be with her Savior, that there is hope, and there is a way. Hope is not lost. Not for her not for anyone. God won't allow it. we did nothing. She has been prepared by the Lord. She already had the humility and the faith and the trust. she just did not know where to go with it. That's when we came in. We are only instruments in the Lords hands. I am so grateful that you allowed me to witness the power of the gospel. She went from tears of sorrow and pain to teasr of joy and love in less than 5 minutes. that's a miracle. That's the gospel. That is why it is so important for us.

What happened last night was priceless,  and I look forward to witnessing it again. It strengthened my testimony. and to know that a daughter of God is taking the steps to make and keep covenants with her Father, is....amazing. I love this woman I've learned much from her.

I could say so much more, just know  God is at the helm. Make sure he is at the Helm of your life, if that makes any sense. I'm just running out of time.

I love this church, because it is Christ's church. I know that. I encourage you to pray about it so that you can know of it for yourself. What is more important than to know that Christ lives and through his gospel lives are changed and families are blessed. Miracles happen because of faith. 

love ya all.
Sister Kendyl Pollard

Ps do tell me bout your week!

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