Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I sang; a boy laughed! 2-8-16

This week went by so fast I couldn't even believe it!
Monday I bought pretzels and was the happiest girl alive.

Tuesday we met with Patty. We have been nagging her to come to church for weeeeeks! Finally she agreed to a church tour and we had a very powerful lesson there with her, and we understand more of her concerns so that was really good.

Wednesday, we taught the activity day girls and they were just so precious. We taught them about missionary work and they got so pumped so all 6 of them are running around through their school handing Book of Mormons out to everyone.That is how you get the work done. hahaha. jk (but seriously though)

Thursday: That day was rough. all of our appointments canceled, but we did see a less active/part memberish family and there was some major contention in the home for the husband to walk out (before we were there). When we got there we talked to the wife and her mother. Not really about the situation but more about the atonement and peace. We invited her to have a priesthood blessing and she said yes, and then I felt impressed to sing her a song. (I know me sing to her... Crazy!) But Sister Pond and I, with our amazing voices-(cough cough)-sang Be Still My Soul to her before we left. The minute we started singing....her 3 year old son began to laugh. THROUGH MY WHOLE SONG! He just laughed and laughed and watched us and laughed. It was so cute and so funny,  but the mother got the message so that is good. And now I may never sing to someone again. haha.

Friday: We had an exchange. so we were trying to cover two areas. it was really this whole complicated thing but it all worked out. But there is a horror story!
Once upon time, Sister Pond and I took on the challenge to text all of those we are working with daily. Today I sent out a mass text on a scripture about God's love for them,  and wished them a great day and letting them know that we are there if they need anything. Well one of our less active Mary (who previously blew us off and then said she wanted nothing to do with the church over text a week after she told us in person that she wants to straiten her life out and get involved again) responded demanding the name and number and address for  those who sent us in Kansas. We were really confused. So I ignored it, but they then made it clear that I was too respond  or else law would be called. so I said "we are not in Kansas." BUT APPARENTLY they already knew that. then demanded for the information again with a few threats involved. (I know this sounds really bad). So what it came down to, we made a few phone calls (zone leaders, Bishop) left messages and went to work (visiting people) we also said a prayer. Like a bunch at the time, but anywho we are safe. We don't know if Mary was being held hostage or what but we pray that she is safe. really the most terrifying thing this week but the thing i laugh most about. Oh and the Bishop is on it. trying to figure it out. and we have been told to not communicate with her so we are good. On the bright side! The scripture we sent out was a lot of our investigators needs right then so that was good. 

Saturday was a hard then happy day! Sister Peterson and I had the hardest time finding people to teach in the morning and our appointments fell through again. We worked hard but no success. Then Sister Pond returned so I was working back with her and we were still having a hard time. We eventually just stopped and prayed. and prayed. and prayed. We asked for guidance. and for knowledge, and for help on where to go and who to teach. A name came to our mind, Sis Huey. we drove out to see her. on the way we saw a lady walking along side of the road, paid no notice, but when we got to Sis Huey's house she wasn't home, so we were so frustrated! And we are just thinking "why does He want us out here?!" we prayed again. We decided to go back, and again this lady was walking along the road but going the other direction than before. I was driving and I just thought, maybe we should talk to her. We pulled over and talked to her for a bit, her name is Louise and she is a doll. Walking back from the store just having some down time and praying to God that she wants to come closer to Him. Then we pulled up, after we prayed to God that we need someone to teach. Crazy how that works! She asked us where our church was and shared her favorite scripture in Luke and really had a nice chat and a beautiful prayer. God really wants to help us. but it so important that we let Him know that we want Him to help us. He is willing to do the work, as long as we are willing to ask for it. and then tender mercies begin. and suddenly you see them every where. Really incredible.

What tender mercies have you seen?

Sunday was the best testimony meeting ever. for both sacraments. In the YSA though it was really centered on who we are. We are not what we like to do. For example I am not just a photographer. My Dad is not just a performer, my mom is not just a house manager. those are things we like to do. we are children of God. That is our identity. and through the things we like to do, we can help others see that and see that they too are children of God. That is who we are. Don't you forget that. He loves us. and He wants us to be happy. That is why there is a plan. That's why we have families. That's why we are here. I feel so blessed to tell others that. To tell them or remind them of their identity. Becuase in this day and world, so many people have forgotten or have never known. Think, who in your life doesnt know? Tell them:)

I am happy! and I am healthy. oh! wanna know a crazy thing. last night I dreamed about home. I don't remember what about but I was home, never left for a mission. when I woke up I nearly had a panic attack because I had no idea where I was or what I was doing. I tried to think what I did the day before. Before I moved, all I could think was, I was knocking on doors. why was I knocking on doors? It was the weirdest sensation of my life. I just completely forgot everything. and had no idea where I was. Finally I looked around the room and saw Sister Pond sleeping in her bed and the light bulb in my mind turned on "oh yea! I'm a missionary!!"

love ya all.


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