Wednesday, June 7, 2017

6/5/17 transfer week so short.

Hey yall! it is transfer week! and we got a lot going on. so I'm gonna keep this short:)

Sister Lunt is headed home, I'll be staying in Centerton 2 and my new companion is Sister Ferrell.

The mission took a temple trip this week so that was a blast!

We started an English Class! We are teaching India people because there are a lot here!Our first class was yesterday and it went really well-I'll tell ya a cool story about it:
In our apartment complex there are A LOT of India people. so we coordinated with the manager, and we are using the clubhouse for the class. Well this cool maintenance guy finds us passing out flyers, and he said "I see at least 10 Indian people a day. If you give me some flyers I'll deliver them!" it was sooo cool! he has been a huge help and support! God is so good! So now I just wanna teach him:)

 We have some really good stuff going on. and I'm looking forward to what is coming ahead! sorry to keep this too short! talk to yall MONDAY!

Love sister Pollard

5/29/17 Great Week

Hey Everyone!

I had a great week this week! And there is one specific story I want to share with yall:)

One year ago I was serving in Branson Missouri. There wasn't a lot going on in the area so my companion and I Prayed and Fasted for a baptism. We then took out our Calendar and felt that on May 21 there would be a baptism. We worked diligently and faithful for that baptism. We were blessed with 2! 1 being S...
She later moved out to Utah and spoke at her stake conference. She sent me a recording of it! She told her conversion story. To give you a small taste, she was disowned by 3 families. 2 disowned her because of her desire to seek more truth about God. After Great Members in Branson took her under their wings and a broken bike on my part, we were blessed to meet S........ 13 days later she was baptized on May 21 and Confirmed on May 22. she was very drawn to temples. And since the first day we taught her, all she wanted was to go inside a temple. 
On May 23, 2017 she went through the temple and on the 27 I was blessed to see sealed to her new adopted family in the Kansas City temple. 

My heart is soo Full. This girl has been broken and beaten and lost for 21 years. and Now she has a place. She has a home. a family. She is an inspiration. The family that adopted her are amazing and thanked sister Richards and I for bringing the gospel to their daughter.

I know God has a plan for each of us. I know that the Priesthood Power is Gods power to seal and bind families. I'm grateful for the sealing I have to my family. I am grateful for sharing the truth to all those around me. It reminds me of a scripture in Isaiah "The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath send me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to them that are bound." This is our Savior, Jesus Christ. And as His servant I have loved watching Him at work. He loves us. and I love Him. He wants all to return to him in our families. There IS a place for everyone!
In His Name, Jesus Christ, 

Sister Pollard

5/15/17 Mother day

Hey everyone!
This week was a pretty great week but first a shout out to MY MOM! I know I just saw you yesterday but happy mothers day again! you are an angel to me! I  love you:)
Seeing my family yesterday was such a moving experience for me. I know God has placed in families for good reasons. It is in the family unit where we experience the most joy as well as the most sorrow. it is where we learn patience and forgiveness. Being away from my family hasn't been too "hard." BUT seeing them yesterday, I was blessed with the strength and courage to continue to press forward with the things to come.
As far as this past week!
It has been a roller coaster hahahahaha.
Our mission president really wants us to focus on finding, which is great because our area is in a finding stage. So with all the sisters I'm working with and will be working with, we will focus on finding. Storytime: We went to stop by our investigator to see how she has been doing. after that we were planning on going home (on our bikes). We bike by this house and we got this feeling, yes that feeling that we needed to knock on that door, of course we do:) This woman in a bathrobe answers-she is as cute as a button. We tell her who we are then we ask "Have you heard about the restoration of the Gospel?" she said no, and we shared a brief message of it. We then asked her a question, I don't remember what it was, and she begins to smile and cry. she said "I don't know why I am crying but..." and told a little bit about herself. it was a wonderful experience and she is our new investigator:)
Another story I want to tell yall
Remember those Bible bashers? Well we met with them on Friday in a civil like way. It was a good discussion but we wont be meeting with them again for good reasons. What broke my heart was when they said "We are creatures. God Created us, and we are creatures. our purpose is to glorify Him as creatures."
I testify, that we are more than creatures. We are children of God. We are Sons and Daughters of The Heavenly King. His glory is in our progression. We are his children "And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ" (romans 8:17)
I love the knowledge of the gospel. I love how it changes me day by day, moment by moment. I love power I feel in forgiveness, healing, grace, and love. I love helping others recognize that power and gain a desire to Follow Christ. He is the Light and the way. I love Him. I love that He has blessed me with Goodly Parents. I love my family. I love my friends that have helped me get to where I am today. I love knowing and believe that I am a child of God and He has Sent me here.
In His Beloved Name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sister Pollard

5/8/17 Bible Bash and Baptism covenant

Hey everyone!

This week had some interesting things happen:) I have pictures to tell the stories but sadly....didn't bring the cord with me to upload maybe next time:)

But I will tell you a couple of things as always!

some randomness:
1. Got bit by a dog for the first time! he bit my hand. I'm okay. 
2. A puppy pooped on me! so nasty
3. Beautiful bike rides. (we do 2 exchanges a week and each exchange we get on our bikes because I love it so much!)
4. Did service, and I tried climbing a tree using a broke. and I had a good fall. 

Story time:

Here in Bentonville they have what's called First Friday. Every First Friday of the Month tons of Venues get together and sell their stuff on the square (downtown). It is a huge event and everyone comes. PLUS it was a film festival too, that week so it was packed! Well we decide to go and talk to everyone! (Keep in mind I am on exchange so this sister and I are semi new with each other) we walk down this sidewalk and meet these young adults passing out "Why did Jesus Die" pamphlets. Of course we take one and strike up a Gospel conversation with them. It started off alright, but then it turned into a Bible Bash. They could not accept the Book of Mormon and started to pull out so many bible verses to prove that Joseph Smith was not a prophet. Usually, I avoid bible bashers because  it doesn't resolve anything. It's Just a competition of "who knows the bible better" but it's not good to fight Gods word with.....Gods word. That is not what God's word is meant to do. But the strange thing is, is that these kids were genuine about their questions, we talk, and I turned to and listen to every point they had, and I can honestly say I SEE WHY THEY ARE SO CONFUSED! I can understand why they wont accept the Book of Mormon. Yet, I can also say, they have not tried reading it and asking God for truth. They said a whole lot of things that made me sad like "you can't trust your feelings" When we know that the Holy Ghost speaks to us by feeling. "Baptism is symbolic not necessary to be saved" when we know that "No man enter into the kingdom of the Father expect he be baptized of the water and of the spirit." they had a great conflict with grace as well and what salvation is. Well anywho, we did our best to answer their questions, but they were really trying to prove us wrong and save us. (which I got very intense about.......). but then one of them asked me my favorite question "Why do you believe in what you believe?" I shared with her my testimony, but then she asked pointing at my name tag "No. What makes you believe in what you believe? Separate yourself from the church, and tell me what you believe." No one has asked me to separate myself myself from the church and really ponder on what I believe. Remember, when I was baptized I promised God I would take the Name of Christ upon me. By this I show I am willing to be identified with Him and His Church. When she asked me that, I smiled and said "You can 100% associate me with this Church, because I KNOW that this is Christ's Church." 
I honestly don't know if their hearts are softened. but they want to meet with us again. For more bible bashing? I don't know. but I know in what I know. We walked away from that spiritually exhausted. I couldn't get it off my mind for DAYS! But through prayer and reading the Book of Mormon the spirit of peace embraced me again. 

I urge you to remember your Baptismal Covenants. If you have not Been baptized I invite you to read the Book of Mormon and look for the importance of Jesus Christ and baptism. 
I love this church. I love this gospel. Because I know it is true. I know that Through the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ restored His church so that all can have salvation and find peace in this world. I believe it. I live by it. Nothing will change it. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Sister Pollard!

5-1-17 New (sort of) area.

Hey Yall!

I'll give a quick update and this new transfer!

-So I'm in Centerton 2 and we got a fancy fancy apartment. I feel very very spoiled. but I'm also really happy because I got my own bathroom! First one in 20 years:) (probably the only one)

-My new companion is Sister Lunt she goes home in 6 weeks and she is a sweet heart. 

-Don't know the exact title of my new 'role'. AP Sister works...but we do not do near as much as the Assistants themselves. We go on exchanges 2 a week and train the trainers on how to train.....ya...that is the best way I could put it. We do work close with President and Sister Loveland and the assistance but our focus is on sisters....I think. still trying to get it figured out. I'm elated!

-We have a great ward and the members are all very missionary minded.

-We've had some terrible storms these last few days...good thing I kept SOME of my winter stuff haha:)

-As of right now we have 1 investigator. But get this...remember Robin? I taught her while in Centerton 1 last fall. she was baptized shortly after I left to Joplin. WELL! she is living in Centerton 2 hasn't come to church yet, BUT she came yesterday and I surprised her:) she was so happy to see me and I was thrilled to see her. Hopefully as we continue to work with her she will feel comfortable in the ward! It really is a fantastic ward.

-So we are in a finding stage in the area! I really think that is because most of the sisters in the mission are in a finding stage. So as they come do exchanges with us, we can teach them how to find so that they can take that and apply to there area. It wouldn't be helpful if we taught them how to teach those preparing for baptisms when they have no one preparing for baptisms. But this will be good! finding is one of the best and easiest ways to see the Lords Hand:) bueno. 

Well that really is it as of now....Happy May and I'll talk to yall next week!


Sister Pollard