Thursday, June 30, 2016

6/25/16 40 Day Fast

This week was an interesting week....and I have a bad memory sooooo.

What I remember the most is Thursday and Friday, we went on exchanges.  Our area was closed for 48hours and that hurts but it felt good to work with another Sister in another area. and while we were in another area we found a new investigator for our area!! whaaaaa??? only in YSA

It went down like this, I was with Sister Greiner and we went to a members home and there is a 19 year old her mom and their non member friend who is also 19. After a wonderful discussion and testimonies on the Book of Mormon he said he would read it and we can meet him again! We are inviting him to FHE (Family Home Evening) tonight so hopefully he comes. He's a great guy who loves studying religion and is familiar with Mormons since lots of his friends are, but never looked into it until now. 

I also got this cool pen from dinner with a family on Thursday. It is a home made pen and it is made from the trees in Bethlehem and Jerusalem...(I think-again I might have forgotten)

it was a fun 48 hours.

But here is the thing im most excited for


In the YSA starting in July, we are doing a 40 day fast. So for 40 executive days there will be a fast for the missionaries and missionary work in the area. To make it work, each member signs up to fast for 1 day for the 40 days, and they cannot sign up more than once. Nik Mallory (ward mission leader assistant) gave us the idea because it was super effective on his mission in California. So we bought some glitter and made a poster board and EVERYONE is on board!! We are super super excited (I hope that made sense) we wanted to show the branch the power in fasting, and unity, and missionary work, and trying something new and glittery so that they don't give up!

I think that is all for now...

love you and miss you all!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

9-20-16 The Wheels on the Bus

Dear Friends and family,
the goal for me is to try and be more organized with my thoughts especially when writing/emailing. so here we go:)

A lot of great things happened this week but for today I'll speak on two :)  one is our temple trip and the second is watching the Cokeville Miracle.

On Tuesday we had the amazing opportunity to got to the temple!! We went to the Oklahoma City temple and it is super super tiny! But beautiful as always. We did baptisms and then a session, all of it was really good:) it was nice taking a "break" and receiving some revelation in such a holy place. 
On the way to the temple, we are in a huge comfortable bus (as comfortable as buses can be) and our Mission President is teaching us some things and all this good stuff. But at the end he wanted us to sing some songs! Woohoo. So we sing hymn after hymn for a while and then he asks me to sign the primary song I knew for everyone. You never tell president no, so I went up to the front of the bus and every missionary sang and signed the song He Sent His Son. It was the coolest thing ever! I wish I took a photo or a video of it, but it was really incredible and President just got a kick out of it haha.

Saturday night, my companion and I rearranged an activity to watch the Cokeville Miracle with all of the YSA's since nearly all of them haven't seen it yet. Some things kept coming up to prevent the activity from happening but we pushed forward with it in hopes that all will go well, and it was a success!! We had a lot of the members come, a long with 3 investigators and a handful of our less actives. The spirit was so strong and I cried all the way through it and then we had ice cream.  It was really good.

love you all so much! not much left to say for now:)

talk to you soon!
Sister Pollard

6-13-16 Ice cream

This week was bueno! (I've been working on my Spanish)

Besides the awful hair cut, I've had a great week.

Just a couple of memories ill share...
In one of the photos you see me, my companion, and president. Saturday after the stake conference adult session president took our zone out for ice cream! The whole zone consist of elders, and us. and they were all sitting on each other at a table so we thought we wouldn't join them and got a picture. However ice cream after 9 just makes me sick. ACTUALLY!  Even though I'm gaining weight, sugar in general, doesn't really please me anymore. that's good.

We had a lot of great experiences. We met with this former investigator, his name is Hayden. Very powerful discussion and we talked a lot about the butterfly effect.
The butterfly effect is when you choose to do or say something and that effects everything and everyone around you. So, us meeting with Hayden effects a lot of what he would do, he said. It was really neat and powerful and things were said that, well Ill just say that the spirit was definitely guiding the conversation and we were saying exactly what he needed to hear and know. It's hard to write and describe over email. ill have to send a letter. but hes my new favorite (not that I have favorites).

My mind is kinda racing so much is going through it and so much I wish I could say but ill end with this,

Everyday, as you crawl into bed, write in your journal, or tell your spouse, how you saw Gods hand in your life today. That is something that our President has really pushed us to do. I didn't realize why until this weekend. I encourage you to do, so you can realize why as well. It's powerful.

I love you all!! thank you for your thoughts and prayers. sorry this week email was kinda scattered. haha

sister pollard 

6-6-16 Service Softens Hearts

My companion and I are still working hard on meeting all the members and trying to find all the less actives. 
So we had a lesson with one of our members and then she took us out and we went to go find the less actives in the area. After an hour or 2 of searching with some success we had to get going and so did she, but when Sister Rish and I were getting into our car we noticed a U-haul truck that just pulled up. we've been talking about planning for the unplanned opportunities, so since we had some time we walked up to this older couple and offered our help. The wife was so touched but said she needed some muscle! So we said, alright, we will make a couple of phone calls and let them know. They were so shocked at our willingness and desire to serve them, so we called up the Elders and they made arrangements to be there. We then helped her finish the boxing things up part until the elders showed up and began moving furniture into the truck. We were there for a good 1 hour and 30 minutes. and we had a lovely conversation with her. (not sure what the Elders said to him but it seemed good). Since the move wasn't complete the next morning we showed up to finish the job. They were so touched, and on their way they went. 
OH! We also got their new place (in Texas) address and number and sent that info to the missionaries there to help them move in in case they don't get help again. Thankfully the missionaries in Texas were able to help them and all went well! (thank goodness for Elders!!)

They had to come back to finish some cleaning and touching up, and 2 days later the wife calls us and said that she could use our help again. We made the necessary arrangements and worked with her for a while. We were doing cleaning and she has cats and from all the dusting and vacuuming and stuff I was sneezing as much as a sailor swears. It was ridiculous! And then I couldn't feel my mouth and  my eyes were getting a little red and I told Sister Rish that we should go haha. But we did get a lot of work done. Well here is the cool part the wife shared with us her experience...

"Terry (her husband) was really upset because he was supposed to have guys from work come help but they all canceled at the last minute. She said "We were just praying in the car and I was overwhelmed not sure what we were going to do. then I got out of my car and you two girls start walking towards us. and I thought 'God works in mysterious ways." She then shared with us that even though they are both physically---not youthful---they got on their knees that night and thanked the lord. 

I guess she has had some conversations with missionaries in the past. but this time around we wrote our testimony in a Book of Mormon highlighted some amazing scriptures and shared our love, and Gods love for her and the power of the book. She began to cry and took it. Not sure what is going to happen, but we got her email and she really is just the sweetest woman and loves MOTAB so we pray for the best for her. 

Long story short-service softens hearts. Not doubt about it. Go out and serve, whether it is someone who is active in the church, not a member, or struggling with their faith. Service softens the heart. 

Love you all!!

Sister Pollard

Monday, June 20, 2016

5-30-16 Our "Father"

Hey everyone!!!

Sometimes I just want to break into song and sing "Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I've got a wonderful feeling, everything is going my way!!"

First one to name that show wins:) and that is where I am at!

I am working in the Tulsa YSA and this small branch covers 3 stakes!! so there is a lot of work for us for me and my companion, Sister Rish, and I feel like the best way to go about it is working with members and less actives. 

fun facts about this area
1. storms storms storms but no sign of a tornado yet
2. our branch meets behind the Presbyterian church out here...kinda weird but nice of them for letting us use part of their building.
3. there are certain streets and areas where we can not go to, and some we cannot be in after dark because of the high crime and all that stuff out here.
4. we have a jeep. but it is super big and I'm super small so to see I have to sit on a pillow.Thanks to the branch president....I have a pillow to sit on. Really embarrassing, But today we are gonna buy me a kids floaty thing like a doughnut one with ducks and turtles and I'm going to sit on that because I think it would be funny
5. my companion Sister Rish looks, acts, and sounds and thinks a lot like KRISTEN LLOYD! (which btw Kris, I want to hear from you!) seriously though, tripped me out.

But it is pretty normal here. people complain about the humidity, but I don't think it is that big of a deal. I thought it would be worse but it is good.

I love it here though, the members are great, and Sister Rish and I are getting into a good rhythm.

oh and we just found out! temple trip on JUNE 14!!  I'm really happy about that.

As we have been meeting these YSA's -active and non active- a common discussion keeps coming up and I'd like to share it with you.

It is about God's Love.

We've been asked all sorts of questions like "What does it feel like to  you?" "How do you know?" "When will this suffering end because it is hard feeling his love at this time?" "Why is it important to know that he loves me?" "How can I know?"

I think to often, especially here in a place with so many churches that contradict each other people see God as this Almighty Power who wants to punish, and cause fear unto the people so that we follow him, and in times when we need him most, we are forgotten and that is because we have sinned against god. 

It is not like that. That is not who God is,  that is not who the Savior is.

God, is known by many many names but one of the greatest names He is given and gave himself, is the name Father. When I was having a bad day, when my heart has been broken, when I have felt fat because my skinny jeans wont fit anymore, or when I have been angry at myself, or frustrated at others my father (Destry) has been there. When I have gone to him in tears-fear of what is going to happen in the future or when I have slammed the door knowing that I am in the wrong, my father was there. He did not yell at me, he did not disown me. he did not send me off to the gypsies, NO! instead, he wrapped me in his big hairy arms pulled me close and let my cry or vent to him until there was no more tears or nothing left to be said. and the he would tell me all the good that I am doing and would remind me that this will be forgotten and I will be forgiven and always worthy to be loved. My father is not perfect, but our Heavenly Father is, and I can promise that he reacts to us with patience, and understanding, and love. If you are struggling in feeling God's Love or even if you want to continue to feel His love, I challenge you to kneel down and offer a prayer and ask him "Do you love me?" "What good am I doing?" I took on that challenge about a month ago...and wow!!! suddenly all I could see and feel is of God and his infinite love and the Saviors love. We all make mistakes but there is no shame in being wrapped up and told all the good we can do and the good that we will do. 

I testify that God loves each of His children. and He doesnt want to hide that Love from us. We choose to feel it and grow or hide from it and live in misery. Our Father loves us, Jesus Christ undoubtedly understands and cares for us. I wish I could go more into detail about what it means to be loved and how that changes a person but I suppose you can discover that for yourself:) the answer is in the scriptures hehe 

Be of Good Cheer, for you are a child of God


Sister Pollard

5-23-16 Baptisms

There is just really too much to tell but I'll start somewhere

1.I'm getting transferred to Tulsa and working with the YSA (Young Single Adults) there. We are actually "shot gunning"  (meaning that we will both be new in the area.) her name is Sister Rish. I know nothing about her but excited to get to know her!!

2. our mission had 36 baptisms this week

3. 2 out of those 36 were from our area:) and the mission president and his wife came to ours.

4. Sarah  was the first baptism on Saturday. She is in the YSA now!!! Woot Woot. I could just go on about how amazing she is but I'll share this one story with ya'll and it will define her clearly. When we were in the bathroom getting her ready to get in the font, Sister Richards began braiding her hair. and I was facing Sarah telling her how happy we are for her and how happy God is. then I noticed..she has 2 piercings in each ear! Really not a big deal and wouldn't put her baptism to a stop but I didn't know. I thought to myself "we will tell her about it later" but the words that came out of my mouth were "I didn't know you had 2 piercings." Her face became serious and asked "am I not suppose to?" Sister Richards said "we can talk about it later but you can still be baptized" and my mouth continued......"the standard is to have no more than 1 piercing, but it wont stop your baptism." without hesitation Sarah took the 2 piercings out.
Before baptism we repent of all our sins. and Sarah knew that. and she wanted that, and so she took out simple earrings because she couldn't stand the idea of not living the standard the Lord has set for her. I could go on about just that story and example, but you are all smart enough to ponder it  on your own:)

5. Bryon was baptized at 7pm on Saturday. and what I will remember about his baptism is the fact that we filled the font WAY to full for such a 'big' guy. And when he came back after getting dressed, he had a giant sea turtle under his arm, I guess a little pranking happened in the boys dressing room....I love Bryon and I have shared his story in previous letters

6.  I'm just happy, and an auntie 

love you all!!

Sister Pollard

5-16-16 The power and strength of a testimony

For today I'm only going to share one story even though I could share many and would like to.

For dinner a member took us out to eat. It was just the three of us that went to a Chinese buffet. After dinner, we pulled out our Book of Mormon and the Ensign to share an uplifting message.  Our message came from the Book of Ether about the Brother of Jared. while I was describing the story one of the employees (a tall mid aged man) came up and asked if he could listen in. I thought "oh how cool!" so of course I said yes, but then he asked what book I had. I told him it was the Book of Mormon and I asked him if he has ever heard it before. Apparently he had and started saying things about it and about Joseph Smith that were not true. Fear and Anxiety quickly filled my mind. and I was thinking rapidly of what to say. How to get him to understand, what will soften his heart?? I mentioned the Holy Ghost. He understood.But still not wanting to hear the "Book of Mormon of Joseph Smith". Before I could bite my tongue, it was loosed. and I began telling him of my personal testimony and witness of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith. I felt a fire burning within my heart. He could only look at us. and the fear I had felt before was not of fear of my testimony or a fear of him. In fact it was a fear of feeling inadequate and incapable of what he needed to hear. But knowing that I have been preparing for a moment like this (reading daily, being obedient, keeping the covenants I made, praying daily) I knew that the Lord would help me, and he did. I didn't say much. only "Sir, I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, and nothing will change that." He changed, suddenly we were talking about daily repentance, he wasn't attacking us anymore but having a conversation and what we both knew to be true. I've learned that it is very important to shake peoples hands. It shows them that we are servants of the Lord. I shook his hand and he became more appreciative. We said our goodbyes, we finished our message with the member, and we began to leave. As we were walking out the door the man came up to us again and told me that he has never met a Mormon who spoke of the holy spirit like I did. He's a smart man who loves his savior. I'm sure over time, his heart will be softened and he will be humbled so that he to can feel the burning in his heart like I did. 

Always have the Savior on your lips. and be worthy when you speak of him:)

love you all!

Sister Pollard

5-2-16 Declarations

There's so much to tell I dont even know where to begin!!

I really just want to share the story of one of our investigators and his experience. 

4 weeks ago Sister Pond and I fasted and set a baptismal date. We didnt know who it was gonna be but we took a leap of faith and after fasting and praying often we felt good that there would be a baptism on May 21. then we got off our knees and got to work. 

The first Sunday after transfers (3 weeks ago with Sister Richards) a less active wife and her nonmember husband out of no where came to church. We had a lovely talk with them and set up a day when we could meet with them. 
When we met with them in their home we learned that he has met with missionaries in the past and wanted to be baptized, but his addiction to smoking was something that he could not give up. I suppose over time missionaries lost contact with them (or perhaps they moved don't know). About 6 months ago this couple was woken up by their soon to be 8 year old daughter told them that they needed to stop smoking. They quit cold turkey, then showed up to church. told us that he wants to be baptized. Well to cut to the chase he has a baptismal date for May 21 but that is not the astounding part it is what has happened since then. 
This man has trouble with reading, so we downloaded the gospel library app onto his phone and encouraged him to listen to the Book of Mormon daily. Well for work he does a lot of driving and so he listens to it as he drives! His driving partner however hates it. his partner also smokes while they are together and our investigator has had the strength and courage to resist and just listen to the Book of Mormon. Actually he has encountered A LOT of temptation and challenges and has held strong to what he knows and to what he wants- an eternal family. 
In my studies today I read "Success in righteousness is the power to avoid deception and resist temptation, [have] guidance in our daily lives and healing of the soul." when I read this I immediately thought of our strong investigator. He IS living a righteous life and worthy life for baptism and Holy Ghost. The adversary is throwing so many temptations and challenges to him but because of what he knows to be true and constantly studying the truth is able to turn away, to bite his tongue, to offer to help to those that hurt him. This man and his wife and daughter has inspired me. 

due to time i have to go!

love you all
(family will have a letter sent to you soon!)

Sister Pollard

4-25-16 The power of Prayer

a lot of cool things happen and a lot is going to happen. not really sure where to begin. 

Sister Richards and i started volunteering at an animal shelter!! woohoo and Sister Richards loves cats. so she climbed into this giant cat playground thingy and the cats just flocked to her. I attempted cleaning the cat cages but ended up sneezing real bad and it got hard for me to breath so i played with the dogs haha.

We did some tracting in beautiful weather so took photos.

And then we have this adorable couple!  The Elders were teaching them for a while but since they are in our boundaries we are now teaching them! (btw they have a son who we are teaching with too) woohoo. well to keep this sweet and short our first lesson with them really talked about prayer. Then we ended with a kneeling prayer, then invited their family to kneel every night together and say a prayer.  This was on a Tuesdayish. that Friday Arthur (the dad) had to go to the hospital for some heart problems. we saw them Saturday to cheer them up and shared a message. well they told us that, "pre-sisters" they were fighting a lot and daily. But since they have met with us, they haven't fought yet. I loved what Sister Richards pointed out. She told them "It's not because you are meeting with us, it is because you are saying your prayers together as a family daily." BOOM! BEST COMPANION! AMAZING TRUTH! 

Many cool other stories but due to time that's all for now:)

I guess all i have left to say is that having a sincere heartfelt prayer is the best thing anyone can do for themselves. I encourage everyone, when you say your prayers picture talking to your heavenly father, this changed how I said my prayers and I feel his presence more because of it. love you and I love the work. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I am his servant. and Forever I will be. 

:Love you!
Sister Pollard

4-18-16 The Power of Hymns

I could say a whole lot about what happened this week but I'm just gonna narrow it down to a few highlights

1. new companion! Her name is Sister Richards! Really pretty and smart girl. So grateful she is my companion:)

2. I drove into another small ditch last night.......

3.Before the mission, I was the primary chorister where we learned the song He Sent His Son in sign language (thank you Cheyenne Housel for inspiring me with that). We met a deaf woman and have been trying to teach her. She understands a little just by reading our lips but when it came to taking the Book of Mormon from us she wouldn't. That just didn't sit right with me. So I began to sign the song He Sent His Son to her. (Surprisingly remembering all the signs) and then held the Book of Mormon to her and said "That is what the Book of Mormon is all about." She took the Book of Mormon and I thought I saw tears in her eyes. Then begin signing "Thank you. Thank you" over and over again. There is only so  much we can do as missionaries. But the Spirit really can testify to someone of the truth we speak even if it is on simple childlike terms. 

3. Friday night our appointments fell through and suddenly no member was able to come out with us. I was a mess trying to find someone or place to got and teach. We head to this apartment complex looking for a less active unable to find him. It was dark and I couldn't see anything.  Sister Richards said "there is a person there maybe we can ask her for help."  Instantly I saw the person she was talking about and we drive up to her and before thinking I rolled down the window and started talking to her. Too make a long story short, she is a 26 mother expecting her first in May. She recently had a death in the family and has just been struggling. We talked with her and got to know her and she is an incredible woman. She bragged about her husband being a preacher too!. Then we asked if we could sing a hymn with her. She called to her husband and asked him to join us, he came out (super friendly and cool guy!) and we sang How great thou art and said a prayer. It was funny she introduced us to him as "God fearing 19 year old girls!" haha. anywho we invited them to church and they said they would try to make it. But on Sunday morning, we find out that she was vomiting all night and well just expecting a baby and the symptoms with that. But that night we went to visit with them. It was a a great visit and got to know them a lot better! He considers himself to be a truth seeker and is so willing to read the Book of Mormon and looking on our websites which is great! his desire to learn is incredible. We sang Come thou Fount with them before we leave and he tells us how grateful he is for us, because he hasn't heard his wife sing in over a year until last night. (and they are both so inloved and in tuned with music).  Friday night was where we needed to be. Lost and willing to talk to anyone. (Sis Richards tells me that she doesn't even remember telling me that there was someone we could ask. But she did. the spirit really guide both of us to find her.) and to make this long story short and shorter-i love hymns. it was through songs that we were able to touch these 2 women's hearts and soften a mans. that is how powerful music is. and I'm grateful that I was raised in such a musical home:)

well we are going out for a hike now! pics to come next week:)
love you all!! and thanks for the prayers:)

Sister Pollard