Monday, June 20, 2016

5-23-16 Baptisms

There is just really too much to tell but I'll start somewhere

1.I'm getting transferred to Tulsa and working with the YSA (Young Single Adults) there. We are actually "shot gunning"  (meaning that we will both be new in the area.) her name is Sister Rish. I know nothing about her but excited to get to know her!!

2. our mission had 36 baptisms this week

3. 2 out of those 36 were from our area:) and the mission president and his wife came to ours.

4. Sarah  was the first baptism on Saturday. She is in the YSA now!!! Woot Woot. I could just go on about how amazing she is but I'll share this one story with ya'll and it will define her clearly. When we were in the bathroom getting her ready to get in the font, Sister Richards began braiding her hair. and I was facing Sarah telling her how happy we are for her and how happy God is. then I noticed..she has 2 piercings in each ear! Really not a big deal and wouldn't put her baptism to a stop but I didn't know. I thought to myself "we will tell her about it later" but the words that came out of my mouth were "I didn't know you had 2 piercings." Her face became serious and asked "am I not suppose to?" Sister Richards said "we can talk about it later but you can still be baptized" and my mouth continued......"the standard is to have no more than 1 piercing, but it wont stop your baptism." without hesitation Sarah took the 2 piercings out.
Before baptism we repent of all our sins. and Sarah knew that. and she wanted that, and so she took out simple earrings because she couldn't stand the idea of not living the standard the Lord has set for her. I could go on about just that story and example, but you are all smart enough to ponder it  on your own:)

5. Bryon was baptized at 7pm on Saturday. and what I will remember about his baptism is the fact that we filled the font WAY to full for such a 'big' guy. And when he came back after getting dressed, he had a giant sea turtle under his arm, I guess a little pranking happened in the boys dressing room....I love Bryon and I have shared his story in previous letters

6.  I'm just happy, and an auntie 

love you all!!

Sister Pollard

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