Monday, June 20, 2016

5-30-16 Our "Father"

Hey everyone!!!

Sometimes I just want to break into song and sing "Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I've got a wonderful feeling, everything is going my way!!"

First one to name that show wins:) and that is where I am at!

I am working in the Tulsa YSA and this small branch covers 3 stakes!! so there is a lot of work for us for me and my companion, Sister Rish, and I feel like the best way to go about it is working with members and less actives. 

fun facts about this area
1. storms storms storms but no sign of a tornado yet
2. our branch meets behind the Presbyterian church out here...kinda weird but nice of them for letting us use part of their building.
3. there are certain streets and areas where we can not go to, and some we cannot be in after dark because of the high crime and all that stuff out here.
4. we have a jeep. but it is super big and I'm super small so to see I have to sit on a pillow.Thanks to the branch president....I have a pillow to sit on. Really embarrassing, But today we are gonna buy me a kids floaty thing like a doughnut one with ducks and turtles and I'm going to sit on that because I think it would be funny
5. my companion Sister Rish looks, acts, and sounds and thinks a lot like KRISTEN LLOYD! (which btw Kris, I want to hear from you!) seriously though, tripped me out.

But it is pretty normal here. people complain about the humidity, but I don't think it is that big of a deal. I thought it would be worse but it is good.

I love it here though, the members are great, and Sister Rish and I are getting into a good rhythm.

oh and we just found out! temple trip on JUNE 14!!  I'm really happy about that.

As we have been meeting these YSA's -active and non active- a common discussion keeps coming up and I'd like to share it with you.

It is about God's Love.

We've been asked all sorts of questions like "What does it feel like to  you?" "How do you know?" "When will this suffering end because it is hard feeling his love at this time?" "Why is it important to know that he loves me?" "How can I know?"

I think to often, especially here in a place with so many churches that contradict each other people see God as this Almighty Power who wants to punish, and cause fear unto the people so that we follow him, and in times when we need him most, we are forgotten and that is because we have sinned against god. 

It is not like that. That is not who God is,  that is not who the Savior is.

God, is known by many many names but one of the greatest names He is given and gave himself, is the name Father. When I was having a bad day, when my heart has been broken, when I have felt fat because my skinny jeans wont fit anymore, or when I have been angry at myself, or frustrated at others my father (Destry) has been there. When I have gone to him in tears-fear of what is going to happen in the future or when I have slammed the door knowing that I am in the wrong, my father was there. He did not yell at me, he did not disown me. he did not send me off to the gypsies, NO! instead, he wrapped me in his big hairy arms pulled me close and let my cry or vent to him until there was no more tears or nothing left to be said. and the he would tell me all the good that I am doing and would remind me that this will be forgotten and I will be forgiven and always worthy to be loved. My father is not perfect, but our Heavenly Father is, and I can promise that he reacts to us with patience, and understanding, and love. If you are struggling in feeling God's Love or even if you want to continue to feel His love, I challenge you to kneel down and offer a prayer and ask him "Do you love me?" "What good am I doing?" I took on that challenge about a month ago...and wow!!! suddenly all I could see and feel is of God and his infinite love and the Saviors love. We all make mistakes but there is no shame in being wrapped up and told all the good we can do and the good that we will do. 

I testify that God loves each of His children. and He doesnt want to hide that Love from us. We choose to feel it and grow or hide from it and live in misery. Our Father loves us, Jesus Christ undoubtedly understands and cares for us. I wish I could go more into detail about what it means to be loved and how that changes a person but I suppose you can discover that for yourself:) the answer is in the scriptures hehe 

Be of Good Cheer, for you are a child of God


Sister Pollard

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