Monday, June 20, 2016

4-25-16 The power of Prayer

a lot of cool things happen and a lot is going to happen. not really sure where to begin. 

Sister Richards and i started volunteering at an animal shelter!! woohoo and Sister Richards loves cats. so she climbed into this giant cat playground thingy and the cats just flocked to her. I attempted cleaning the cat cages but ended up sneezing real bad and it got hard for me to breath so i played with the dogs haha.

We did some tracting in beautiful weather so took photos.

And then we have this adorable couple!  The Elders were teaching them for a while but since they are in our boundaries we are now teaching them! (btw they have a son who we are teaching with too) woohoo. well to keep this sweet and short our first lesson with them really talked about prayer. Then we ended with a kneeling prayer, then invited their family to kneel every night together and say a prayer.  This was on a Tuesdayish. that Friday Arthur (the dad) had to go to the hospital for some heart problems. we saw them Saturday to cheer them up and shared a message. well they told us that, "pre-sisters" they were fighting a lot and daily. But since they have met with us, they haven't fought yet. I loved what Sister Richards pointed out. She told them "It's not because you are meeting with us, it is because you are saying your prayers together as a family daily." BOOM! BEST COMPANION! AMAZING TRUTH! 

Many cool other stories but due to time that's all for now:)

I guess all i have left to say is that having a sincere heartfelt prayer is the best thing anyone can do for themselves. I encourage everyone, when you say your prayers picture talking to your heavenly father, this changed how I said my prayers and I feel his presence more because of it. love you and I love the work. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I am his servant. and Forever I will be. 

:Love you!
Sister Pollard

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