Tuesday, June 21, 2016

6-6-16 Service Softens Hearts

My companion and I are still working hard on meeting all the members and trying to find all the less actives. 
So we had a lesson with one of our members and then she took us out and we went to go find the less actives in the area. After an hour or 2 of searching with some success we had to get going and so did she, but when Sister Rish and I were getting into our car we noticed a U-haul truck that just pulled up. we've been talking about planning for the unplanned opportunities, so since we had some time we walked up to this older couple and offered our help. The wife was so touched but said she needed some muscle! So we said, alright, we will make a couple of phone calls and let them know. They were so shocked at our willingness and desire to serve them, so we called up the Elders and they made arrangements to be there. We then helped her finish the boxing things up part until the elders showed up and began moving furniture into the truck. We were there for a good 1 hour and 30 minutes. and we had a lovely conversation with her. (not sure what the Elders said to him but it seemed good). Since the move wasn't complete the next morning we showed up to finish the job. They were so touched, and on their way they went. 
OH! We also got their new place (in Texas) address and number and sent that info to the missionaries there to help them move in in case they don't get help again. Thankfully the missionaries in Texas were able to help them and all went well! (thank goodness for Elders!!)

They had to come back to finish some cleaning and touching up, and 2 days later the wife calls us and said that she could use our help again. We made the necessary arrangements and worked with her for a while. We were doing cleaning and she has cats and from all the dusting and vacuuming and stuff I was sneezing as much as a sailor swears. It was ridiculous! And then I couldn't feel my mouth and  my eyes were getting a little red and I told Sister Rish that we should go haha. But we did get a lot of work done. Well here is the cool part the wife shared with us her experience...

"Terry (her husband) was really upset because he was supposed to have guys from work come help but they all canceled at the last minute. She said "We were just praying in the car and I was overwhelmed not sure what we were going to do. then I got out of my car and you two girls start walking towards us. and I thought 'God works in mysterious ways." She then shared with us that even though they are both physically---not youthful---they got on their knees that night and thanked the lord. 

I guess she has had some conversations with missionaries in the past. but this time around we wrote our testimony in a Book of Mormon highlighted some amazing scriptures and shared our love, and Gods love for her and the power of the book. She began to cry and took it. Not sure what is going to happen, but we got her email and she really is just the sweetest woman and loves MOTAB so we pray for the best for her. 

Long story short-service softens hearts. Not doubt about it. Go out and serve, whether it is someone who is active in the church, not a member, or struggling with their faith. Service softens the heart. 

Love you all!!

Sister Pollard

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