Friday, September 30, 2016

9/28/16 TRANSFERS!!

Hey everyone! This is week is transfer week, hence the emailing on Wednesday. 
Yes, I am getting transferred. Really bittersweet. I am going to Centerton, Arkansas and my new companion is Sister Martin. I'm excited to be in Arkansas because they say that's the best place for fall:) and I'm sooo excited for a fall that lasts more than 2 days! eeep!

I don't know anything about Sister Martin. But I'm really really excited. I'm nervous for this next transfer for many reasons but super ecstatic for greater reasons!

Update on People here. The Less Active Couple, whom I love dearly, that are preparing for the Temple are doing great! We had a lesson last night, it was beautiful. and 30 minutes later they call us to tell us that they are engaged! so I'm even more happy for them:)

I actually want to take this moment and tell my mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
I love my mom. She is 39 and still looks 29. I dont know how she does it! luckily I got her genes so my future looks real bright:)
I've been pondering.....a lot of what we teach and help people understand and feel is that personal love that God and Christ have for them. And I was listening to this song and it kinda clicked why we emphasize that soo much. There love for us is perfect. and we don't entirely understand that perfect love but we can feel it or least glimpses of it. And the reason why we want to feel it, is more than just to feel like our life has a purpose or someone really does care and understand us. But this perfect love from God and Christ has the power to soften and change peoples heart, right? And in that spirit, we have that desire to change. It's not rocket science, and I understood this, but if we are to become like God, we need to have that same perfect pure love-Also known as Charity. So I asked myself "is my love that strong? does it make people want to change? Do I give the glory to God." I would hope but I've got plenty of room to grow. Then I thought "Have I felt this type of love from anyone, besides my Maker?" 
And without a doubt or hesitation, I say YES. I have felt this love. From a few people actually. And one of the greatest person I know that has that pure love of Christ, to soften my heart and help me want to change and be a better person is my MOM. Her love, however, does not just effect me and my family, but all those around her. 
Thank you mom, for loving me unconditionally. I think that is the best lesson I have ever learned form you:) (well one of the many.)  Happy Birthday! May you enjoy being 39 again!

I wish i had more time to write, but again, I've got today to pack and do everything since I leave tomorrow for Arkansas. My new address however is:

501 East Centerton Blvd.
apt 913
Centerton, AR 72719

Love you all!

Sister Pollard

9/19/16 Keeping your line in the water

Hey family and Friends! 

A lot has happened this week:) Sister Friel and I have been striving to be more obedient. Not just with the schedule but with the advice and counselling given to us by our leaders and the Lord as well. For example-watch all the district, ride bikes more, keep your line in the water (that means to always look for ways to share the gospel with all the people around you) and A LOT more. It can feel very overwhelming at times trying to remember all that you need to do and not to do but we are striving to be diligent and the Lord blesses us for our efforts and miracles happen "after all that we can do."

An example of this: I don't have too ton of time to write because before this Sister Friel  and I went for a hike (glorified walk) and we left at a time from the trail to make it back in time to write for more than 40 minutes. Regardless, we wanted to "keep our line in the water" so I grabbed a Book of Mormon and we began our walk! We walked and saw people but no gospel opportunity yet. Not until we were on our way back. We meet this guy Name Stevens with the cutest little puppy ever. I love it when people have dogs cuz they make it not weird to talk to said person. Anywho we talk to Stevens he asked us a lot of good honest questions about our belief and some funny ones about Mormons. we gave him the Book of Mormon and he gladly accepted it, and told us how he is on his search for finding the truth.😄 when people say that I hear "I am ready to be baptized!" hahahaha JK, more great talk and we are seeing him on Friday! woot woot! Sadly he is actually visiting Tulsa. he lives in Colorado. Gladly there are missionaries in Colorado and he knows a return missionary who's married in the temple that lives in Colorado. still happy to teach him:) glad we found him, and we think he was glad that we found him too. So that is why I wont be writing for very long. which to me is the best excuse. I still love you though mom. 

another beautiful blessing....sooo many. 

Another great person is Ashley. Ashley, I believe grew up Mormon. but not her whole family....kinda confusing. But in her teenage years she fell away. Now about 10 years later she has been striving to come back and has made big steps. hasn't missed a Sunday. We see her weekly and give her the lessons. helping her become worthy for her temple recommend again. She really done this on her own with the help of her sister who recently converted. She lives with her brother and his wife who is a non member. Ashley, being as amazing as she is, started doing phenomenal missionary work on Crystal her sister-in-law. When we first met Crystal she told us that she was already thinking about baptism! 😶 my face. 

We called up the elders, and had a great lesson with them and the family and really just amazing what a persons testimony can do for another. We are all average Joes, But our testimonies sure sets us apart from the rest of the world. I love Ashley and Crystal. 
 Other amazing stories happened and I learned some great lessons. wish I could tell them all to you, but then I would have nothing to talk about when I get home. hahaha 

overall though if I were to put my whole week in one line it would be:

His Lost Sheep Are Not Lost to Him.

I've been a witness of this. and I testify it to be true. I encourage you to ponder on it and how it affects you personally. 
I love my Savior. I love my dear family:) and my wonderful friends:)

Pray Always


Sister Pollard

9/12/16 Teaching Moses

Hey Yall!
This week was pretty cool. However, my mind has been racing like crazy so hopefully this email makes sense and gets my point across.

Our investigator, Alyson told us about the most exciting thing in her life! She was filled with so much energy and glow as she told us how she has discovered for herself and felt the influence of the spirit confirming to her that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and it goes hand in hand with the Bible. She chose her baptism to be on 24 Sept. But, she told us yesterday that her dad wont make it on that day so she wants to move it. We don't know when yet, but she has made the decision to follow the footsteps of her Savior and be baptized:) 

Then we were going through our area book looking at former investigators and trying to contact them. We were successful with a couple but this guy, MOSES is my favorite:) he got really close to the elders prior to us but wouldn't keep commitments. well after a lengthy conversation about A LOT of things, he promised that he would read the Book of Mormon and Pray about Joseph Smith. ( this was all within about 2 lessons). Moses knows the Bible really well, and we had great conversations about the prophets throughout the bible. it was cool. but he said it would be important to know if the Book of Mormon is another scripture from God so hes reading and praying about it. we will be seeing him tonight:)

Really there is a lot of success going on, thanks to the members. they are bringing investigators to dinner with us, to church, and to activities. It is really amazing and I just pray thanks to God every night because I feel so blessed witnessing this miracles first hand. I don't think the members realize what good they do:) I'm very blessed. I will probably cry if i get transferred. out.

My mind is still racing about....well a lot of things hahaha. It's like a good stress though:) but I've gotta get rolling. love you all soo much. 

and please don't stop praying to your maker. 

Sister Pollard

ps. scripture- 1 Peter 2:9

9/5/16 Growing everyday

I believe it was last week when I said a lot of great things happened and I'm writing a letter to home about it. (still working on that letter) well last Monday after dinner my joy and humility reached a whole new level that later brought me anxiety hahaha:)

There is this great couple in the branch. He served a faithful mission, and she has always had a desire to be sealed in a temple. Unfortunately life gets hard and they were attacked. Both of them have been through hell and back. Then, they both somehow ended up in Tulsa right when both are making the effort to find their way back. they of course fell in love and are aiming for the temple. I met him my first night here almost 4 months ago. He intimidated me. And he knows it:)

Time goes by and we develop a relationship, all 4 of us. We reach out to them, but they both weren't ready to make those changes. We became great friends regardless,  and we knew that when they are ready for more, they would ask. I honestly never thought my testimony or Sister Rishs testimony would ever get to them. No matter how hard we prayed or fasted or searched we fear that our love and devoutness to them just wasn't enough because it was not the right time . Last Monday, (Sister Friel with me now) after dinner (they always took us out), She (the girlfriend) turned to us and said that they both would like to meet with us at least once a week and take the missionary discussions. They were tired of being angry and confused and they felt that we were the missionaries to help them. They spoke highly of us, but all I could do was hold back the joyful tears. 

It was at that moment when I felt the truth and plea from Alma 31:35. That night I felt the truth in Mosiah 28: 3 And it wasn't just for them, but for many many people that I've watched and listened to and occasionally spoken to, plus all those that I have not met yet. (I'm crying now as I ponder this) 
I really do not think I could write all in one email all these emotions and feelings and thoughts racing through my mind.
I feel very very inadequate to be out here. I have lots of fears, and weaknesses, and struggles of my own. I tell myself, They need someone who is perfect. someone who understands them. I don't understand the alcoholic, the porn addict, the abused child. I don't understand the runaway, or the fearful one. They need someone that can help them change, that can show them the better way and be there for them 100% because I can't. I'm temporary. 
And that is the most beautiful thing about this Gospel. There is someone. He lives. He is the Savior. and He knows His Sheep. Jesus Christ is perfect, he does no man or woman or child wrong. He forgives, he forgets, his love is infinite and unconditional. He understands individuals, and he understands you and me. That is what I share with people. My testimony, of My Savior, of His Church for His sheep. That's all of us. I'm so grateful for a Savior, because as I have witnessed many struggle and those that live through bitterness, I know that, that doesn't have to last forever. That God has provided a way for them to escape that, and that way is through Jesus Christ (I pray this is making sense). So grateful, as well, that our Heavenly Father and Lord, Jesus Christ, will use other people to show their love and their power. Just as he did with Sister Rish, Sister Friel, and I to help the couple in the branch. The spirit is working on them. and we pray daily that we may have that spirit with us, so that their hearts can be turned to Christ. Because that is how true happiness comes about. 

I don't have much time, but that is my testimony to you all. Don't give up. Your Father would never give up on you, and your Savior calls for you. You are precious. No matter how unworthy you feel. I love my Savior, and I am grateful for this mission. 
In His Sacred Name, Jesus Christ, Amen

Sister Pollard

I feel the need to add this as well,

Struggles and Happiness can live together. If you are struggling, it does not mean that you are unworthy of happiness. 

8/29/16 Fixen to tell Ya'll


We had a miraculous week this week and some major events happen:) I wont be able to write it all but I'm fixen letters to yall about some incredible and heart wrenching things that happened. so today I'mm just gonna give snipbits:)

First off I should explain, 3 transfers ago when Sister Rish and I were both placed in the area, we worked hard and long with the members and less actives. Through much prayer and much fasting we knew that by the third transfer (Aug 18) we would have a great influx of investigators. Unfortunately Sister Rish was transferred out and I've tried my hardest to explain to my new companion about how a YSA branch works (because it is different from a family ward here) and where we are standing.
Well Sister Rish and mine prayers and fasts were answered this week.
In one week we found 4 incredible new investigators! 3 of them came from members and one came for us doing service. Out of these 4 one of them has a baptismal date, and 2 of them are progressing. One of the two came to a convert baptism for a family ward on Saturday and afterward we had a short talk about how she felt, tears filled her eyes and she describe the Holy Ghost, to the best of her ability, washing over her as she saw the baptism and to hear the testimonies.  She said she would be baptized after she learns more and now she is praying for a baptismal date.
I could tell you incredible things and experiences about all of them we had this week. but I'm writing them in letters:)

other things
we had a rat friend.
we had Russian food-borstch (mikee do you know what that is?)
felt the protection of the spirit
we set up a booth on a college campus and handed out 4 copies of the book of Mormon within 2 hours. That was actually really cool and fun:) makes me miss the school life though haha!
A less active showed the greatest amount I've ever seen as he is giving up smoking!
we somehow got lots and lots of pizza which is always good
and im just happy:)

Sister Friel has been such a blessing. I come home feeling exhausted! and my body just "aches" and she would scratch my back and play with my hair and its like relaxing my entire being. I haven't had that on the mission and it feels so nice!!! *Dear Future Husband back scratches is a must:)* Like father like daughter right dad?? hahaha

Again I'm fixen to write some letters about the growth I've personally made in this glorious gospel. and the admirable growth that others are making in finding their savior and their purpose in life.

But to leave you with, I'm happy:) I love my life because I love the gospel and I try to live it to the best of my ability. This is the best experience ever, I wouldn't trade it and I'll never regret it:) I'm grateful I've been born in the covenant, and I'm extremely grateful and blessed from the Scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. I love my family and my dearest friends who have helped me become who I am and have assisted me to where I am today.


Sister Pollard