Friday, September 30, 2016

8/29/16 Fixen to tell Ya'll


We had a miraculous week this week and some major events happen:) I wont be able to write it all but I'm fixen letters to yall about some incredible and heart wrenching things that happened. so today I'mm just gonna give snipbits:)

First off I should explain, 3 transfers ago when Sister Rish and I were both placed in the area, we worked hard and long with the members and less actives. Through much prayer and much fasting we knew that by the third transfer (Aug 18) we would have a great influx of investigators. Unfortunately Sister Rish was transferred out and I've tried my hardest to explain to my new companion about how a YSA branch works (because it is different from a family ward here) and where we are standing.
Well Sister Rish and mine prayers and fasts were answered this week.
In one week we found 4 incredible new investigators! 3 of them came from members and one came for us doing service. Out of these 4 one of them has a baptismal date, and 2 of them are progressing. One of the two came to a convert baptism for a family ward on Saturday and afterward we had a short talk about how she felt, tears filled her eyes and she describe the Holy Ghost, to the best of her ability, washing over her as she saw the baptism and to hear the testimonies.  She said she would be baptized after she learns more and now she is praying for a baptismal date.
I could tell you incredible things and experiences about all of them we had this week. but I'm writing them in letters:)

other things
we had a rat friend.
we had Russian food-borstch (mikee do you know what that is?)
felt the protection of the spirit
we set up a booth on a college campus and handed out 4 copies of the book of Mormon within 2 hours. That was actually really cool and fun:) makes me miss the school life though haha!
A less active showed the greatest amount I've ever seen as he is giving up smoking!
we somehow got lots and lots of pizza which is always good
and im just happy:)

Sister Friel has been such a blessing. I come home feeling exhausted! and my body just "aches" and she would scratch my back and play with my hair and its like relaxing my entire being. I haven't had that on the mission and it feels so nice!!! *Dear Future Husband back scratches is a must:)* Like father like daughter right dad?? hahaha

Again I'm fixen to write some letters about the growth I've personally made in this glorious gospel. and the admirable growth that others are making in finding their savior and their purpose in life.

But to leave you with, I'm happy:) I love my life because I love the gospel and I try to live it to the best of my ability. This is the best experience ever, I wouldn't trade it and I'll never regret it:) I'm grateful I've been born in the covenant, and I'm extremely grateful and blessed from the Scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. I love my family and my dearest friends who have helped me become who I am and have assisted me to where I am today.


Sister Pollard

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