Friday, September 30, 2016

9/19/16 Keeping your line in the water

Hey family and Friends! 

A lot has happened this week:) Sister Friel and I have been striving to be more obedient. Not just with the schedule but with the advice and counselling given to us by our leaders and the Lord as well. For example-watch all the district, ride bikes more, keep your line in the water (that means to always look for ways to share the gospel with all the people around you) and A LOT more. It can feel very overwhelming at times trying to remember all that you need to do and not to do but we are striving to be diligent and the Lord blesses us for our efforts and miracles happen "after all that we can do."

An example of this: I don't have too ton of time to write because before this Sister Friel  and I went for a hike (glorified walk) and we left at a time from the trail to make it back in time to write for more than 40 minutes. Regardless, we wanted to "keep our line in the water" so I grabbed a Book of Mormon and we began our walk! We walked and saw people but no gospel opportunity yet. Not until we were on our way back. We meet this guy Name Stevens with the cutest little puppy ever. I love it when people have dogs cuz they make it not weird to talk to said person. Anywho we talk to Stevens he asked us a lot of good honest questions about our belief and some funny ones about Mormons. we gave him the Book of Mormon and he gladly accepted it, and told us how he is on his search for finding the truth.😄 when people say that I hear "I am ready to be baptized!" hahahaha JK, more great talk and we are seeing him on Friday! woot woot! Sadly he is actually visiting Tulsa. he lives in Colorado. Gladly there are missionaries in Colorado and he knows a return missionary who's married in the temple that lives in Colorado. still happy to teach him:) glad we found him, and we think he was glad that we found him too. So that is why I wont be writing for very long. which to me is the best excuse. I still love you though mom. 

another beautiful blessing....sooo many. 

Another great person is Ashley. Ashley, I believe grew up Mormon. but not her whole family....kinda confusing. But in her teenage years she fell away. Now about 10 years later she has been striving to come back and has made big steps. hasn't missed a Sunday. We see her weekly and give her the lessons. helping her become worthy for her temple recommend again. She really done this on her own with the help of her sister who recently converted. She lives with her brother and his wife who is a non member. Ashley, being as amazing as she is, started doing phenomenal missionary work on Crystal her sister-in-law. When we first met Crystal she told us that she was already thinking about baptism! 😶 my face. 

We called up the elders, and had a great lesson with them and the family and really just amazing what a persons testimony can do for another. We are all average Joes, But our testimonies sure sets us apart from the rest of the world. I love Ashley and Crystal. 
 Other amazing stories happened and I learned some great lessons. wish I could tell them all to you, but then I would have nothing to talk about when I get home. hahaha 

overall though if I were to put my whole week in one line it would be:

His Lost Sheep Are Not Lost to Him.

I've been a witness of this. and I testify it to be true. I encourage you to ponder on it and how it affects you personally. 
I love my Savior. I love my dear family:) and my wonderful friends:)

Pray Always


Sister Pollard

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