Friday, September 30, 2016

9/28/16 TRANSFERS!!

Hey everyone! This is week is transfer week, hence the emailing on Wednesday. 
Yes, I am getting transferred. Really bittersweet. I am going to Centerton, Arkansas and my new companion is Sister Martin. I'm excited to be in Arkansas because they say that's the best place for fall:) and I'm sooo excited for a fall that lasts more than 2 days! eeep!

I don't know anything about Sister Martin. But I'm really really excited. I'm nervous for this next transfer for many reasons but super ecstatic for greater reasons!

Update on People here. The Less Active Couple, whom I love dearly, that are preparing for the Temple are doing great! We had a lesson last night, it was beautiful. and 30 minutes later they call us to tell us that they are engaged! so I'm even more happy for them:)

I actually want to take this moment and tell my mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
I love my mom. She is 39 and still looks 29. I dont know how she does it! luckily I got her genes so my future looks real bright:)
I've been pondering.....a lot of what we teach and help people understand and feel is that personal love that God and Christ have for them. And I was listening to this song and it kinda clicked why we emphasize that soo much. There love for us is perfect. and we don't entirely understand that perfect love but we can feel it or least glimpses of it. And the reason why we want to feel it, is more than just to feel like our life has a purpose or someone really does care and understand us. But this perfect love from God and Christ has the power to soften and change peoples heart, right? And in that spirit, we have that desire to change. It's not rocket science, and I understood this, but if we are to become like God, we need to have that same perfect pure love-Also known as Charity. So I asked myself "is my love that strong? does it make people want to change? Do I give the glory to God." I would hope but I've got plenty of room to grow. Then I thought "Have I felt this type of love from anyone, besides my Maker?" 
And without a doubt or hesitation, I say YES. I have felt this love. From a few people actually. And one of the greatest person I know that has that pure love of Christ, to soften my heart and help me want to change and be a better person is my MOM. Her love, however, does not just effect me and my family, but all those around her. 
Thank you mom, for loving me unconditionally. I think that is the best lesson I have ever learned form you:) (well one of the many.)  Happy Birthday! May you enjoy being 39 again!

I wish i had more time to write, but again, I've got today to pack and do everything since I leave tomorrow for Arkansas. My new address however is:

501 East Centerton Blvd.
apt 913
Centerton, AR 72719

Love you all!

Sister Pollard

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