Friday, November 25, 2016

10/3/16 New area Centerton Arkansas

First off, wasn't General Conference just amazing!? Oooh it filled me with the Spirit!!

I'm in Centerton Arkansas now. (Close to Bentonville/Close to mission home) and I'm very impressed. I'm actually serving in a country-ish area. Its a lot like Kamas Valley but more spread. Lots of fields. Lots of good people. LOTS of dirt roads. cattles, chickens, trees. Everyone I've met is very self sufficient-which is amazing. I am now driving a truck, and I was terrified at first. Okay still am. I'ts a small truck but big to me.

My apartment is beautiful! No more rats:) (in case you didn't know there were rats in my last apartment)

My companion is wonderful! She reminds me a lot of Cheyenne and Mikee. So I know we will get along just fine:) She just finished training, so she has only been out 3 months. But she is way mature and sweet and humble and all that goodness you would want in a companion.


1. My first dinner here was with the Jones. There are 4 kids between 3-10ish, they are energetic kids. Well, I had my ukulele in the car so we ran out to grab it and we sang primary songs with them for our dinner message then talked about the Book of Mormon. the kids were so focused in and loved my "little guitar" Sis Jones took a video of it (how embarrassing) and sent it to Sister Loveland....hopefully it doesn't go too far. Moral of the Story is, I am soo excited to be in a family ward working with kids again! I forgotten how much I've missed them.

2. We have this investigator, and she lives with her parents but her parents are soo against the church, that whenever we go over for a lesson we have to have the lesson in her barn! It made chuckle, there are pigs, chickens, goats, bunnies and a giant turkey just around us as we talked aobut the Word Of Wisdom. it was stinky but I couldn't help but to laugh that I was teaching someone in a barn.

3. We are teaching this incredible guy! Sis Martin taught him the restoration before I got here, then when I met him for our lesson he asks us "I read the introduction to the Book of Mormon. I admire Joseph Smith. Can I come to church with you this sunday?" My jaw dropped, no one has ever said that to me. We explained to him general conference, and he got more excited. We called up these amazing members, then on Sunday, our investigator and us went to our members home to watch general conference. We watched the first session then had a BBQ with the bishop! Then watched the second session. Our investigator stayed for the full thing. He took notes. We discussed a little bit about it over lunch. I am very impressed. He also texted us this morning thanking us again. We are seeing him Thursday. I just love how perfectly God prepares his children.

4. I saw something unusual....we knocked on a members door and hanging above the door frame is a Ziploc bag filled with water and a penny inside. I asked Sis what that was about. She said it keep the bugs/flies away, but she doesn't believe that it works. But this other member swears by it.....haha really funny, made me chuckle. Who knows maybe it could work!

Well that's my new exciting stories for now:)
the leaves haven't changed color yet. and are truck is getting sold so soon we will be on bikes most likely. 

OH! I pray that you all take something away from General Conference. something important to you. Something that the Lord needs you to do. I know I have!


Sister Pollard

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