Friday, November 25, 2016

10/31/16 Peace in the scriptures

Kendyl Celebrated my Birthday with a member
Hey Everyone! Happy Halloween!

This week has been member miracle week. We got a lot of referrals from members and more an more people are coming out with us. And more and more are fellowshipping our investigators. I have been very very impressed and moved by them and their sincere genuine desire to serve. 

But I choose to share one story that was the perfect way to end the week, and I've been pondering on it since. 

Out here in Centerton there is this family the C's. They have a friend, R......., who is staying with them temporally right now. Before I got into the area, Sister Martin had met him but he wasn't that interested in taking the discussions. Then my 4th week here, we had dinner with the C's and Sis Martin brought up R....., asking how he was doing and so forth. We left the C's a copy of the Book of Mormon to leave out at their house so that R..... can read it. A few days (maybe a week) later Sis C..... texted us and said "Just so you know, R...... has been reading the Book of Mormon. He has tons of questions. and he is coming to church on Sunday." Sister Martin and I literally were jumping up and down because of how happy he felt (I did most the jumping...). But what happened next is what touched my heart.
Sunday comes around and R.... came. After the gospel principles class  he turned to us and said "Who gave me the Book of Mormon?" We told him. then he said "When I saw that book, I knelt down and prayed about it before I even opened it. I haven't heard great things about the church, but I wanted to know. I told God, if this is true, if this is His, then to let me feel peace. I opened it. I felt peace. And I havent felt peace in more than 19 years. But I felt peace. Thank you!" Our conversation carried on, he is in 1 nephi 18 has lots of question loves church and more that I wish I could say. I just remember when he said while pointing at his heart "I don't ever want this peace to leave me"

I honestly dont think that my writing gives enough detail and description of this man. He was very emotional. The spirit told us that what he said was true. That he hasn't felt peace in years, that he has abandoned God. That he is coming back to his Savior. That he found an undeniable peace in the Book of Mormon. Why? Because the Book of Mormon has the everlasting gospel. You will come closer to your Creator as you read the Book of Mormon with sincerity. God designed it to be that way. and it can be that way for everyone. This man describe his emotion as "hunger" he is "hungry for the truth." Tears filled my eyes as I heard his simple testimony. I love this man. I love him because I saw God's constant and patient love for him. I saw his potential. Dressed in white.  I feel blessed to have known this man. 

other miracles similar to that has happened as well. but i'm going keep those in my journal for now. I love you all. And if you need peace, love, guidance, security, joy, hope, faith, READ THE BOOK OF MORMON, 


Sister Pollard

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