Friday, November 25, 2016

10/10/16 Keeping the Sabbath day holy.

AH! My companion and I taught sharing time yesterday at church:) it was the best ever! I forgot how much I miss primary and working with kids:) We talked about prayer. And I used some of my old tricks that I used in singing time when we had too much time. For example we learned all the kids name be singing the welcome song over and over, and we made it rain, and I loved it and so did the kids:)

I am serving in a young family ward. There are lots of kids and I can count the grandparents on 1 hand. What is amazing though, is that this ward is so selfless and welcoming. I've been very impressed. 

We rode our bikes this week as well and that took a lot more energy than I thought I had. Cheyenne, I don't know how you do it. But since our car is going to be taken away soon, we will keep practicing and building those leg muscles!

Sis Martin has become a great friend of mine. Truly. I can talk to her about anything. She pushes me as well, in ways that other companions haven't so its been a growing experience. 
 Story time? I say yes

There is a recent convert. Her name is T... she was baptized in August. Sis Martin and I are doing the new member lessons. She is a cute mom. has 3 boys and a supportive husband. One day she texted us and said that she got a job at Walmart (which everyone btw works at here in Walmart city) and she works on Sundays so that she can be home with the kids on Saturdays. Sis Martin and I were so sad at this because keeping the Sabbath Day holy is a commandment. We go over for a lesson, determined to talk about the sabbath day in a loving but firm tone. Before we even start she says "Lately the commandments have been on my mind. I think about them all the time. and I know that is because I work on Sundays now. And I know that God has commanded me not to. I just dont know what to do and I pray all the time to figure it out." We smile because we saw her sincere desire to keep the commandments and her concern as a mother. we had a wonderful discussion and found some solutions for her and her situation. 
I bring this up because of a few things. 1. Keeping the sabbath day holy is and will forever be a commandment. 2. God is aware of you and your situation, therefore as you seek his council and approach the situation with faith, divine revelation and sometime intervention will come to you. 3. I LOVE THE HOLY GHOST! I love how he reminded T...constantly of the commandments to hep her and build her trust in God. Remember, if it inviteth one to do good, it is of God. 


Some really funny stuff happene,  and lots of good experiences and people.
I think my favorite part though, was in a 7 year old (we are teaching him the lessons because his active parents asked  us to) told us that he prayed about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and Baptism. we asked him what his answer was and with a big bright smile he said "I wanna get baptized." We are seeing them tonight to teach the plan of salvation. But when he told us with that sweet strong spirit, my heart skipped a beat and I could just feel Gods infinite love for him. and Feel how proud he is of his son. 

Sister Pollard

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