Friday, July 21, 2017

7/19/17 Kendyl's last letter home.

Well Ya'll.....I know you cant see me right now, but there are tears in my eyes and a huge smile on my face:)

First: This Friday I will be flying home in the Salt Lake Airport. There are 15 other missionaries too haha. but I'll be the cute one in the black dress. 

Second. This week has been a great hard working week. We found Jessica through a member, and she is beyond prepared for the gospel. She has a baptismal date the next Saturday  the 29th . She already has strong testimony of each lesson and a desire to keep each commandment. she is incredible.

We had a huge success at the farmers market with our family history booth! It was so great that we were asked to make a short presentation on it for the mission. I'm putting it together tomorrow, and my sweet companion Sister Ferrell get's to present it!  

We finished our English Class and it was really hard saying goodbye to them:(

Lastly: this is what I really want to say:

The Gospel works. Having faith in Jesus Christ, secures our hope for the future. Repenting of our sins, offers us the greatest relief and love. Being baptized by someone holding the proper authority, cleanses us. Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, brightens every aspect of our life like noon day. Enduring to the end, makes it all worth it. 

When we are baptized, we choose to follow Jesus Christ. It is symbolic of the death of our old selves and the birth of our new bright life. I was baptized at 8, but I feel as if this past 18 months have been one giant baptism. I am a new person because I have a better understanding of what the gospel is. I have a deeper love for My Heavenly Father, and a great desire and need to follow my Savior, Jesus Christ. I feel cleansed. I believe in God, "with surety hope for a better world."the Gospel works for you and for me. I testify that Jesus Christ lives today. and His eyes never leaves the wandering sheep. I'm excited to see my eternal family:)

Thank ya'll for your support and the sacrifices made in my behalf. I love you:)


PS 18 Months later and the mission has just begun.

Monday, July 10, 2017

7/10/17 Impressions of my heart.

Hey y'all! 

I thought about telling you some crazy things that have happened this week. but I want this email to be about the impressions on my heart. 

There is a gospel, about who we are and who we can become. As we live according to that perfect gospel to the best of our mortal abilities, we will witness miracles. we will discover joy, we will be made whole. 

We live in a fallen world, therefore in more than 1 way each day we become just a little more broken. If there was no Gospel, if there was never a Savior, we would only be broken.  But because of a loving Heavenly Father, and a perfect Son, broken people will be whole! I testify that is true. I have seen it in the lives of those who are lost, depressed, suicidal, abused, and more. I have seen my own broken self be made whole. 

Let us stand after we kneel and press forward. Let us be  a good soldier of Jesus Christ.  (2 Timothy 2:3)

I love my Father. I love His Son. I love the power of redemption I have felt, and I love the plan that he has given me. I love that His thoughts are not my thoughts. (Isaiah 55:9). and His thoughts, His work, His Glory is all for you and me. I rejoice in my trails. I rejoice in my pain. It has brought me to my knees and has made a more perfect clear road to my Heavenly King. 

I testify with all that I am and with all that I am to be, Jesus Christ Lives. His Kingdom is being built. and We can be Whole. In His holy name Jesus Christ, Amen

Sister Pollard

7/3/17 Two weeks left and still teaching

We walk up to the door of an investigator. this will be the 2nd  time meeting with her. Previously we have given her a Book of Mormon. we knock. she lets us in, we sit down, our purpose in being there was first to invite her to a members home for smores. The conversation begins, we are laughing and enjoying each others company. We further explained to her what we do as missionaries. We lightly brought up baptism, but her previous comments made us unsure of inviting her. There was silence,  the spirit spoke and she asked us a great question "What do y'all believe about being baptized again?" This stunned us for a moment. we needed to be careful what we said and how we said it. We explained "Being re-baptized is not bad. But we need to look at the example of our Savior. We learn that He was baptized by John the Baptist. Not by just any other man. He sought out John the Baptist. Why? Because John the Baptist had the authority from God to baptize in His name. Therefore once Christ was baptized by that authority, He did not need to be baptized again." the spirit was so strong,  and she said "that makes sense. I've been baptized twice. Once when I was a little girl by my dad, and again when I was a teenager. My heart was sincere when I was baptized again, but it didn't feel complete. And I think it was because it wasn't by authority." my jaw dropped and we invited her to baptism and she accepted when she knows the truth. As we left, she said "Well before my kids get home, I'll read that Book of Mormon." I was awe struck. It is a testimony to me, that baptism is essential. And that my purpose to invite others to baptism. I love it. Every time I do I feel like an instrument in the Lords hand. I've never been asked that question before, I have learned that the spirit does give us the right thing to say at the right moment when we seek for it. We had no idea what to say. I've never taught baptism like that before. but I too was taught by the spirit. and I am grateful that the Lord strengthens me even when I feel weak. 

Hey y'all!! this week was such an emotional week. We got dropped by 4 investigators. and we dropped 1 since they were not progressing. so it was been a huge finding week. 

We've made it a goal to talk about baptism more in our lesson, and to be more obedient in inviting everyone to baptism within the 1 or 2 lesson. We have been doing a good job with it. I actually have a story about it....(clears throat)

One more story: I was walking to take the garbage out this morning. and my companion was getting something from the car. I pass a man at the dump this was our 20 sec conversation.

me "Hi!"

him "Hello, I'd like to go to your church."

me "................uh, have you been to our church"

him, (as he climbs into his car) "No, I'd like to go to your church."

me "oh!"

him "I have to go right now, I live in that building, 2nd floor."

me "ok, what number?

him "25"

me "great we will come see you. Bye!"

sooo....we will be seeing him tonight....I didn't even get his name haha!

Other cool stuff this week:
Missionary Leadership Council happened
Block party at our members and were able to meet lots of great people there!
Our English class is great!
We had a family search booth again at the farmers market and that was a success!

Big storm hit us last night was we were tracting haha
and I'm happy:)

I Know that God lives, and that he loves us. I know that Jesus Christ can and will redeem us. I know his gospel is a gospel of salvation. I love the Book of Mormon and the Bible. I'm grateful for my family and friends and companions. I'm so blessed to be where I am and to be who I am because of My Redeemer. I pray that you all will strengthen your relationship with him throughout this week through prayer and study and service. In His name, Jesus Christ, Amen. 


Sister Pollard

6/19/17 Backspace button not working

Hey everyone! I thought I would share some stories with y'all. but I sadly discovered that the backpase button on this comuter  does not work. so youall get to see ohow aoften miake mistakes. this is very annoying. ....... but the week was great!!   oh....just found out the enther button does not work either....that is okay. i still get to thsend this. ! soooooo guess what...out english calss is a hughe yhit! everyone hear (hear imeant hea....HERE) loves it sooo much! it changes the vibe in teh apap-apartment actually. beofre it was indians stary from us americans. and now we all mingle and they love talking to us. Ecam----o---we actually ahve a cool story about this indian guy. i dont know him. we caught us fjust when we were about to leave. adn he siasked if we were sisters. we told him we were gfriends but that sister meant we were missionaries for our jue-church. We explained that we teach people about Jeseus Christ. This mand then says in his thinck accent "Id like to learn more about this Jeseus" it was really really cool adn now our catch fphrase!! (i dont know how much loneger i can chnhangd-handle this keyboard.)   Wednesday was Zone Conference iand i insturcted on Finding Joy in the Work. it was good. i lokve instrucinga dn teaching i have decided! we then meat with gury name JEREMY! he came to the church and we showed him all about family history. it was really cool. he came across the work on the webiste "sealing" and the family history consultatnt was was with us explained it so well to him. and now we get to meet with him adn his family this wednesday! i am really excited. We talk-taught at girls camp this week as well. we gound 7 new investiagators. adn life is good. i love being a missionary. im doing with kyeyborard! happy fathers day to the best daydadda! hahah love ya ''ll see ya soon!
Hey everyone! I thought I would share some stories with y'all. but I sadly discovered that the backspace button on this computer  does not work. so you all get to see how often I make mistakes. this is very annoying. ....... but the week was great!!   Oh....just found out the enter button does not work either....that is okay. I still get to send this. ! Soooooo guess what...our English class is a huge hit! Everyone here loves it sooo much! It changes the vibe in the apartment actually. Before it was Indians stay away from us Americans. And now we all mingle and they love talking to us. We actually have a cool story about this Indian guy. I don't know him. He caught us just when we were about to leave. and he asked if we were sisters. We told him we were friends but that sister meant we were missionaries for our church. We explained that we teach people about Jesus Christ. This man then says in his thick accent "I'd like to learn more about this Jesus" it was really really cool and now our catch phrase!! (I don't know how much longer I can handle this keyboard.   Wednesday was Zone Conference and I was instructed on Finding Joy in the Work. It was good. i love instructing and teaching I have decided! We then meat with a guy name JEREMY! he came to the church and we showed him all about family history. It was really cool. He came across the work on the website "sealing" and the family history consultant was was with us explained it so well to him, and now we get to meet with him and his family this Wednesday! I am really excited. We taught at girls camp this week as well. we found 7 new investigators. and life is good. I love being a missionary. I'm done with this keyboard! happy fathers day to the best daddy! hahah love ya ''ll see ya soon!

6/12/17 5 1/2 weeks left

Hey Everyone! 

My new companion is Sister Ferrell. She is a great dedicated missionary who smiles probably more than a bride on her wedding day. 

Cool Story to start off. I don't know if y'all remember Robyn? I taught her in Centerton 1. She was baptized shortly after I left. Moved to Centerton 2 and hasn't gone to church. Well she came last week and yesterday and I am super proud of her! Saturday night we actually went over to go see her, but she was sleeping. This guy Eli answers the door. I've known Eli a wile now but never really had the chance to talk to him about the gospel he is 20 and lives with Robyn. She is kinda a mother to him. Anywho we start striking up conversation with Eli. Now you don't need to KNOW someone to know when they are unhappy and lost in life. We promised Eli that our message will bring him happiness and purpose, he reluctantly agreed. Then we said "Eli do you have anything to  lose?" he thought for a minute, realized he really didn't. We then committed to have him join us at church. Kinda a big step. We didn't tell him what church was even about or how it worked. We never mentioned the Book of Mormon to him (granted he has seen them in Robyn's house).
I wasn't so sure that he would even come. We called him Sunday morning, and sure enough he said he was coming with Robyn and that they will be there. AND THEY WERE! they only stayed for Sacrament but I was soo happy! Eli does want to learn, so we are going to give him to the YSA missionaries. we think he would like that better:)

ANOTHER great story! We have this investigator named Roy. he is 78 and is reading/listening to the Book of Mormon. Well we went over to teach him about Joseph Smith. We asked him if he prayed to know if it is true. he said "Well, I have come to the Conclusion that it is. "
I nearly fell off of the couch! hahaha

Well I love being a missionary! My passion for teaching has increased so much! I may have 5 1/2 weeks left, but I certainly can feel the Lord preparing me for what's to come when I get home while being focused on my mission!

All is Well!
Sister Pollard

Ps. I fly home July 21. Plane lands at 4:19 pm.