Friday, November 25, 2016

10/24/16 The Book of Mormon

Hey Everyone!

For today, I really just want to share two amazing miracles, in hopes that all may see that God prepares His children to accept the gospel, and that the Book of Mormon has power to overcome all sorts of evil. 

Story #1. R.... and K......

There is this returning less active family in the ward that is striving to come back. Every week we visit them and give them a lesson. They are great. Well in their apartment complex, a woman and her 17 year old daughter were kicked out. Our members, being christlike, took them into their own homes. This woman, R..., I swear has been a blessing to the members more than she realizes, but the members have also introduced her to the gospel.
At first R....was not interested, nor her daughter K,,,. but by the next couple of lesson she started sitting in, but not participating. Then this pass week, Sis Martin and I went on splits, and Sis Martin saw R.... and the members and R.... confessed that she wants to go to church. They had a great discussion and helped her over come her fears. Well fast forward, she has the Book of Mormon now and has been reading, has accepted to live the Word of Wisdom and baptism. No date yet. she is coming to church with us on Sunday. Her daughter is also reading the Book of Mormon and is doing well. This all happened in a week. Sister Martin and I were baffled. R..... is the most patient and hopeful person I've ever met. 

Story #2 W.....

Theres this former investigator W..... and his wife. Well you see when the missionaries found him in the past, they weren't obedient. So they got used to "fun, chilled, disobedient missionaries". But none the less they love missionaries. She would have been baptized but he isn't a fan of the church. He tries to give us a hard time about it, and bring up anti Mormon stuff but nothing we haven't heard before. Well, we threw it back at him and said "W.... what will it take for you to read the Book of Mormon?" He said sacrastically that if he read it to us we will listen and the only good time for him is at 5:30 in the morning while he is taking a smoke. We told him that we will be there the next day at 5:30 to read with him. he thought we were bluffing. But 5am roles around and we get out of bed and go see W..... he called us crazy. put put his cigarette out and read alma 32 with us. His face, his voice, the look in his eyes changed. He didn't read he listened and stared at his book and us. After we were done he said "Yall are dedicated." We smiled and told him we were, and that this book is important. We had a great discussion with him about the chapter, then offered to come the next day. he said "yes, but we will give you a call cuz you aint coming at 5:30"
He just needed a little bit more reading I suppose;)

Book of Mormon does have power. Have you felt it?

Love you all!

Sister Pollard

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