Thursday, June 30, 2016

6/25/16 40 Day Fast

This week was an interesting week....and I have a bad memory sooooo.

What I remember the most is Thursday and Friday, we went on exchanges.  Our area was closed for 48hours and that hurts but it felt good to work with another Sister in another area. and while we were in another area we found a new investigator for our area!! whaaaaa??? only in YSA

It went down like this, I was with Sister Greiner and we went to a members home and there is a 19 year old her mom and their non member friend who is also 19. After a wonderful discussion and testimonies on the Book of Mormon he said he would read it and we can meet him again! We are inviting him to FHE (Family Home Evening) tonight so hopefully he comes. He's a great guy who loves studying religion and is familiar with Mormons since lots of his friends are, but never looked into it until now. 

I also got this cool pen from dinner with a family on Thursday. It is a home made pen and it is made from the trees in Bethlehem and Jerusalem...(I think-again I might have forgotten)

it was a fun 48 hours.

But here is the thing im most excited for


In the YSA starting in July, we are doing a 40 day fast. So for 40 executive days there will be a fast for the missionaries and missionary work in the area. To make it work, each member signs up to fast for 1 day for the 40 days, and they cannot sign up more than once. Nik Mallory (ward mission leader assistant) gave us the idea because it was super effective on his mission in California. So we bought some glitter and made a poster board and EVERYONE is on board!! We are super super excited (I hope that made sense) we wanted to show the branch the power in fasting, and unity, and missionary work, and trying something new and glittery so that they don't give up!

I think that is all for now...

love you and miss you all!


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