Wednesday, July 6, 2016

7-4-16 Idle hands are the devils workshop

In case you didn't know, I HIT MY 6 MONTH MARK! typically elders would burn a tie at this 'big' event but I, loving my clothes too much, decided that burning clothes was not an option. So today we are celebrating with manicures:) and then I'm gonna buy a banjo. so all happiness I need.

This week was probably good:) We started the 40 day fast and we are super excited about how many members are participating!
 For family home evening this week we played ultimate Frisbee. I, of course, just had to play (regardless the skirt and flats). And of course, I being my competitive self, got way into it and aggressive and came out with a hurt shoulder. I'M OKAY!! haha it was just funny.

Downtown here there is like 3 blocks filled with taco trucks. pretty legit. And our investigator wanted to get lunch with us so we went and had taco truck food with her which was pretty good:) and she is just the cutest doll.

We were looking for this new move in girl the other day, and we went to her apartment and saw two guys and a girl and a cute baby outside at the door next tp the one we wanted to knock on. We passed by them and started talking to them and one of the guys really wanted to talk to us about Christ. Really Cool! To bring it short, he has forgotten Gods love for him and has felt outcasted by other churches because he has tattoos. We assured him that God still loves him and that his suffering will end if he follows Jesus Christ. Super cool and something he needed to hear. We then invited them all to church with us, but they didn't come. BUT! we have his number and will stop by this week again:)

Ultimately the week was good. Got some rain. taught more lessons this week more than before so that's cool. 

OH! So last night we were talking to this very active member, and he said "Satan Loves boredom and isolation." and that just rang true! When we are bored or when we feel isolated that is when we take down our guard and Satan attacks us. Always be going somewhere and doing something with your life that is good,  and remember that God put millions of people on this earth for a reason. Don't isolate yourself. There is good in the world.

Probably one of the most important thing I've learned  that I feel the need to share is that it is very easy to be deceived, and it breaks my heart. There are so many people out here that don't know good from evil anymore. They don't know what truth is. They get so caught up in what they WANT to believe and not what they NEED to believe. I plead with you, if you don't know something, but you think it might be important to know, ask God. That is one reason why we have prayers. Missionaries, leaders, family members, friends can help but you must, for your salvation, YOU MUST humble yourself, ask God, put trust in Him and make the necessary changes. I know it is easier said then done. I know doing what is right today is a lot more difficult then to do what is wrong. but the ultimate reward of righteousness is "peace in this world, and eternal like in the world to come." What else does one need? Again, I urge you, pray, trust, believe, have faith. 

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is what changes a person.-living that Gospel. And that Gospel is found in the Book of Mormon, in the Bible, In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I know this. I love this. I fight for this. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. He amazes me:) and I look forward to the day when He comes again. 

I leave these things with you In His beloved name, Jesus Christ Amen.

Sister Pollard

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