Monday, July 18, 2016

7-18-16 Cursed


a lot of cool and unusual things happened this week an I'm doing a lot better at remembering them (aka I have a list).

Tuesday we did service at this place called kids against hunger. It is a great service organization but the guy Marshall, is my favorite. He reminds me of grandpa pollard who just won't retire because he loves work too much. haha but he shared some of his most spiritual experiences with us and the good that the Lord is using him for. He is one of the most faithful persons I have met. One who lives what he believes. I love the reminder that the Lord works and inspire all people to do good. and Marshal has over 80 years of experiences to tell you about it.

Thursday we went to institute. Well I should first explain-the building that the YSA members meet is behind a Presbyterian church. as in-we are renting a part of their church for our meetings, and we hold institute there. Well we were walking to up to the door and saw this old man sleeping at the Presbyterian back door. "Strange but not unusual" I thought. However something told me that we will talk to him, but we weren't THAT comfortable to awake him. Well after institute was over we were just about to head out when the old man walked into the door and wanted to learn about the church. After some discussion and prayer we set up an appointment to meet him tomorrow with the elders and left him with the Book of Mormon. Now this old man has no it was very difficult to even understand him. The next day we show up (the elders were running late) and luckily the old man was there, but he was mad. Again I have no idea what he said to us but he did not like the Book of Mormon. Since I didn't understand him I asked "I'm sorry sir, what's wrong?" and he got on his bike with all of his stuff and starting speaking so fast and quoting bible verses and I'm pretty sure he cursed us. At least I felt like he was. Sister Rish said he was praying for protection from us. Either way it was weird because he just hopped on this bike and started peddling away and yelling bible verses. Then we tried to explain all that happened to the elders and they totally missed out. It was weird guys, just weird, and I don't even know why he was upset! Moral of the story-keep your teeth. it makes things easier for everyone. To do this don't do drugs, don't drink, and don't smoke.

Saturday was me favorite day! We went to this elderly 'home' to do service. and they had a piano. The elder people weren't doing anything,  actually they just finished a movie when we got there so we rummaged through some stuff and we found a hymn piano book. "Surely this will lift their spirits" I sat on the piano and started playing some hymns. This woman began belting and I mean belting out the lyrics to songs. After that she told me anything I can play she can sing. So I played all the hymns that I knew plus some out of that hymn book and sure enough she knew the words. I sang along with her of course but I couldn't sing as loud as her. She wasn't the only one! A few more elderly women joined us in song. This one adorable woman rolled her little wheel chair up to the piano to ask me the next time I will be here because she wanted to make sure she was here to hear the music again. Then I took a request from her and we sang "God be with you till we meet again." I was so impressed by these women...oh the men? ya they fell asleep. hahaha  the woman that sang so loud-she even got on the piano with me and played "this little light of mine" because I couldn't play it since I had no music for it! but she played it so well from memory I was impressed. we played and sang for 2 hours!! but it sure flew by. we sang:
Sweet hour of prayer
how great thou art
nearer my god to the
amazing grace

and a couple of other ones I cant remember.

Sunday. church starts at 2 so we met with our less active at 11 and this kid is super cool. His name is Josh. Josh is actually striving to come back to church. He's making long strides. Well we wanted this lesson to be a little bit more fun, so we bought ice cream. and we talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy. haha no need to get into detail but it was fun:)

The week was pretty good:)

Love you all!

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