Monday, July 18, 2016

7/18/16 TORNADO!!

Oh goodness even when I write down things I forget the most terrifying experience!


Well sorta.......

Okay it is Thursday morning,it's around 11 am and we are at the library doing weekly planning. We are in a private room discussing such and such matters when this worker walked in and he said "are you aware that the tornado sirens are going off and we are all taking cover?" My companion and I were like "" so we walk out where everyone was near the front doors close to the bathrooms (where we should be) and there is this massive storm going on outside. It's pouring rain like no other, and the wind was tearing through the sky and the sky was turning color to green (big sign of tornado) and of course the sirens are going off and everyone is on their phone watching the weather and seeing where the tornado will be at. Lightning is flashing and the drums are louder than ever. It was a scene!   The doors are opening and closing due to the wind, and rain starts crawling in through the windows and doors! It was that awful of a storm.

But no tornado in Tulsa. There was a tornado in two cities close to us where we visit often but tornado was safe. However, there was damage from the wind. Trees had fallen over, fences had broken apart, electricity was out for hours. but no one was killed (I think) and it was an exciting scene. Biggest lightning storm so far that's for sure!

Just thought I would throw that in there:)

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