Saturday, August 6, 2016

7/25/16 Someone Proposed to Me!

This week was great!

Tuesday we taught this Less active she is 19 and is struggling, feeling wanted and loved. Really she started losing hope in God, in life, and in herself, which breaks my heart. We showed her the Like a Broken Vessel video and within second tears where streaming down her face because those feelings describe what she has been feeling perfectly. But near the end of the video it talks about gaining hope. So her tears turned into tears of joy, knowing that there is a way. We then talked for a bit and shed a few more tears. and by the end of our conversation her whole countenance changed. She had a light about her. One of faith and hope, she started believing that there is a God and is ready to make the changes to come closer to her savior. I love her soo much! She just needed to know that she isn't given up on:) most of us needs to be reminded of that.

Sister Rish either pulled a muscle in her foot or spranged her ankle so that has beeen fun adjusting to haha. She also had her 20th birthday on July 21 so we celebrated:) and there are now 2 cakes and icecream in our house.....oh vay.

Friday we were doing service for the Methodist church. We do this every Friday. we make this food orders and deliver them to certain people. We then leave a message with them and if they are interested send their info to the elders as referrals. It is a great resource. So we are on our last delivery, and we walk up to the apartment door (passing other doors) to get the lady to sign the paper, as we are passing these other doors this older man (40ish) opens his door and walks out in his underwear! And tries to talk to us but we had a hard time understanding him. Then we felt the feeling "keep walking." so we just headed on, got the lady to sign then walked back to the car to get the food. and AGAIN this older man comes out and stares at us, no big deal I tell myself. just grab the pepper spray from the car and we will be good. We get the food, haul it up to the ladies house and he just stands outside his door watching and smiling at us (clearly he was not all there in his mind). We had a lovely discussion with the lady about the Book of Mormon and on our way back to our car to leave the man interferes into my path and shows me this ring (it looks like a copper diy ring) I, trying to be polite, say "oh that's pretty." He then gets down on one knee and holds the ring up to me.....I stuck out my hand and firmly said "No." and walked away.  That is not at all how I wanted to be proposed to (by a man in his boxers who I don't know with a copper ring) and I was hoping that my first proposal I would say yes....oh well. we had a good laugh about it. 

Friday Night and Saturday was our YSA Conference. We were able to go and meet lots of new people:):):) which always makes me happy and stressed out but its all good haha, and it was enjoyable. We didn't stay for the whole thing, we left taught a few lessons all that good stuff. 

Sunday we visited with this cute girl who just moved into her dads. She was very hesitant about coming to the conference but she came, but she has been struggling for  a little bit. We pulled up to her apartment and her dad came out, ready to head to church when he saw us. He stopped and talked to us thanking us for visiting his daughter he walked away but then turned around back to us and with tears in his eyes, he told us that he knew that we were inspired to help his daughter. It was such a tender moment, we had a lovely talk with her and got to know her better. She shared with us her fav scripture from the Book of Mormon. it was great talking with her. and it was great seeing her fathers faith. He has such great faith. 

With that I want to share with you one of my favorite things. It is when I see people being touched by the spirit. When they are moved by the spirit of God. I can't begin to explain to you my love and desire for the spirit, and how important it is. But whenever I see someone, whos heart is warm, or tears fill their eyes, I am reminded of whos work I am doing, and who is in control, which is the most comforting thing ever. I love this gospel. I love the spirit. I thank My Lord for giving us such a precious gift. In the Name of my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ Amen

Sister Pollard

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