Saturday, August 6, 2016

8/1/16 Two sticks of Joseph

Wow so much has happened this week and I have sooo much to do so this will probably be be better if I sent a letter home with all the cool stories....I might do that


Wednesday-had interviews with Mission President and visited with his wife. Got a lot of good advice and help and.....we probably be riding the bus now:) soooo excited.

Thursday-Friday I want on exchanges with my sister training leader, Sister Benites, who Is incredible! We had a great time teaching together and talking. I really enjoyed it.

Saturday we got 2 new investigators who are just the cutest couple!!! I adore them soo much and we are seeing them again this Thursday I'm so excited.

Sunday was a good day as always

And today we went bowling with the elders and a couple of our members took us out to eat!

Honestly this has been a great week. It started off real rough and I mean....REALLY ROUGH. But I couldn't even tell you what happened, but things are going great! The branch is improving. members are getting involved, we have more investigators. and more people to teach.

I'll just tell you one of my favorite experiences....

It's about this kid, we are going to call him Jack even though that isn't his real name. Jack moved to Oklahoma not too long ago, but he and his mom have been less active for a few years now. His dad isn't a member and he lives in another state. We go see Jack and get the scoop on where he is at spiritually. He is a wonderful guy, who has "forgotten" his testimony. Well that morning during studies I was reading 1 Nephi 1, when Lehi prophecies about the destruction of Jerusalem. I thought "if Jerusalem was destroyed, where in the bible does it talk about it?" And so my search began, and of course it is there (2 kings 25) and I was really really really excited, so we showed that to Jack. The spirit was there, Jacks testimony was brought back to remembrance and now he is coming back, getting his mom and called his dad and told him about the Book of Mormon. I had a lovely chat with him on Sunday about all of it. He got a new Book of Mormon (since he lost his) and is eager to learn more. Really intelligent kid, and is trying hard to share the gospel with his family.

Anywho! I love the Book of Mormon and the Bible. I have been on a real Bible kick this week and I couldn't tell you everything but I will tell you that the Bible is very very important. But without the Book of Mormon, it is confusing. Thank goodness for modern day revelation as well.

Love you all! probably write mom and dad a letter soon:)


sister Pollard

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