Tuesday, June 21, 2016

6-13-16 Ice cream

This week was bueno! (I've been working on my Spanish)

Besides the awful hair cut, I've had a great week.

Just a couple of memories ill share...
In one of the photos you see me, my companion, and president. Saturday after the stake conference adult session president took our zone out for ice cream! The whole zone consist of elders, and us. and they were all sitting on each other at a table so we thought we wouldn't join them and got a picture. However ice cream after 9 just makes me sick. ACTUALLY!  Even though I'm gaining weight, sugar in general, doesn't really please me anymore. that's good.

We had a lot of great experiences. We met with this former investigator, his name is Hayden. Very powerful discussion and we talked a lot about the butterfly effect.
The butterfly effect is when you choose to do or say something and that effects everything and everyone around you. So, us meeting with Hayden effects a lot of what he would do, he said. It was really neat and powerful and things were said that, well Ill just say that the spirit was definitely guiding the conversation and we were saying exactly what he needed to hear and know. It's hard to write and describe over email. ill have to send a letter. but hes my new favorite (not that I have favorites).

My mind is kinda racing so much is going through it and so much I wish I could say but ill end with this,

Everyday, as you crawl into bed, write in your journal, or tell your spouse, how you saw Gods hand in your life today. That is something that our President has really pushed us to do. I didn't realize why until this weekend. I encourage you to do, so you can realize why as well. It's powerful.

I love you all!! thank you for your thoughts and prayers. sorry this week email was kinda scattered. haha

sister pollard 

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