Tuesday, June 21, 2016

9-20-16 The Wheels on the Bus

Dear Friends and family,
the goal for me is to try and be more organized with my thoughts especially when writing/emailing. so here we go:)

A lot of great things happened this week but for today I'll speak on two :)  one is our temple trip and the second is watching the Cokeville Miracle.

On Tuesday we had the amazing opportunity to got to the temple!! We went to the Oklahoma City temple and it is super super tiny! But beautiful as always. We did baptisms and then a session, all of it was really good:) it was nice taking a "break" and receiving some revelation in such a holy place. 
On the way to the temple, we are in a huge comfortable bus (as comfortable as buses can be) and our Mission President is teaching us some things and all this good stuff. But at the end he wanted us to sing some songs! Woohoo. So we sing hymn after hymn for a while and then he asks me to sign the primary song I knew for everyone. You never tell president no, so I went up to the front of the bus and every missionary sang and signed the song He Sent His Son. It was the coolest thing ever! I wish I took a photo or a video of it, but it was really incredible and President just got a kick out of it haha.

Saturday night, my companion and I rearranged an activity to watch the Cokeville Miracle with all of the YSA's since nearly all of them haven't seen it yet. Some things kept coming up to prevent the activity from happening but we pushed forward with it in hopes that all will go well, and it was a success!! We had a lot of the members come, a long with 3 investigators and a handful of our less actives. The spirit was so strong and I cried all the way through it and then we had ice cream.  It was really good.

love you all so much! not much left to say for now:)

talk to you soon!
Sister Pollard

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