Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2-15-16 Skinny? Not anymore!!

Dear family and friends.......

Missouri is fattening me up. No Joke. 
Warning-I will not come back looking the same!
Warning for mom-My skirts are getting to tight. 

This past week has been nuts! Full of ups and downs!!

Mon-had the best won ton soup ever. And a man shares his testimony of the garment and it's protection as we keep covenants. Miracles. Just amazing. 

Tues- The sisters from another area came to Branson for exchanges,  so we had 2 sets of missionaries just in 1 area. Got a lot of teaching and tracting done. Felt really good. We taught this man name Vern. I LOVE VERN! he is 53 and just super nice and friendly. he has some great musical talent and very welcoming. He is a smoker and loves his house to be dark. But he is a happish fella. He said he would read the Book of Mormon. great lesson. 

Wed- I got work with Sister Hadley!! Trainee and Trainee together! It was so good to work with her again. we went to the pine wood derby (so many non members there hehehe) and people get really intense....

Thurs. we were out finding people. We were looking for this one lady but could not find her house! but we did find a man name Daniel  and he is all for talking about Christ and really just took in everything we taught him. he is reading the Book of Mormon and is just fascinated. so that's awesome!

Fri- we met with a family that has two YSA  kids that we wanted to teach. well we pull up to their house and all we see are cats. no joke...19 CATS swarming that little house. I'm allergic to cats but luckily my eyes didn't turn so red just really itchy and I couldn't touch them. but sweet kids....interesting family. Nervous and excited to see where this goes. but i don't think we will be meeting at their house again....too many cats and other "stuff"

Sat- The hardest day of my mission. we couldn't find anyone to teach. No one would answer our calls. Doors slammed in our faces and just confused on where to go and what to do. I thought call Vern so that he can come to church tomorrow. I called him, and after a 10 minute phone call I just sat in the car and was ready to burst into tears and cry, Vern dropped us! Meaning he no longer wants to see us. I see so much for Vern if only he had the gospel. I know that he would accept it, but sadly someone had put some negative thoughts about the Mormons into his mind. (that's what it sounded like). He said that he wanted to thank us because if it weren't for us he wouldn't be going back to his church again. he will continue to read the Book of Mormon but no more contact. I became so upset. and so sad. and now I understand when they say that the mission is "hard." I'm okay now, I'm not giving up on Vern just yet. I've got a few ideas to try out first.

Sun-Great Day! Funny how you go from one bad day to one amazing day. First of all Sister Pond became "deathly ill" Sunday morning (shes fine) but while she stayed home from church with a member, I went to the YSA because I have to play the piano! Surprisingly the Stake Presidency was there...but I just played and it turned out really really good. Lots of compliments and ya. enough with that. But since Sister Pond wasn't at church I got to take the lead in everything. And to be honest it felt really really good. I did a pretty good job (not to brag) but I felt comfortable. After church sister Pond was feeling better so we went out to some dinner and teaching, and since it was Valentines day we thought we would give a gift to a few of the single sisters in the ward. We wrote a card and on it I was going to put "The one and only" well....I mistakenly put "the one and lonely"..........when I saw my mistake I was appalled. quickly I changed it to "The one and lovely" it was pretty funny and sad at the time. 

The mission is a lot of work. but what I love about it is that it is work. I feel like I'm actually doing something even though there are not a lot or results. 

Really not much left to say. things are good. still smiling:) still loving it!

Sister Pollard

Spiritual thought: truth. Define Truth.

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