Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2-21-16 Short and sweet this week.

Hey Yall! Don't have lots of time but here is the highlights,

1.Played the piano in sacrament AGAIN! They asked me to play the closing hymn. I gladly did. 

2. playing in sacrament this coming Sunday! I am accompanying someone. That is way neat that they think I'm that good.

3. Played the piano in a members home! that was scary.

(thanks for teaching me the piano mom)

4. Met elder Christofferson on Saturday we went to a missionary conference and he and a couple members of the 70 were there. It was way neat and totally needed because that day was hard. I was just an emotional train-wreck like I usually am. But I loved what was said. and the two greatest things I got from it was that I needed to make the decision now with what I am going to do with what the Lord tells me to do, and with the knowledge I already have. I need to decide what I am going to do with it. I encourage the same for you all. The second thing is that we need to give the people everything to believe. Meaning we ourselves need to be living worthily for their trust and especially for the Lord's trust. 

5.Made some music videos and deleted some music videos. 

6. OH I downloaded like 20 talks on my usb to listen to in the car. Well....we get in the car. I put on a great talk....and it is in japanese!!!!!! ALL 20 TALKS ARE IN JAPANESE! I got so upset. like really mad. and earlier Sister Pond is asking me when I will "freak out" well I freaked out then and her reaction was "you freak out over conference talks?? weird." anywho. once I'm done with this I'm going to fix that.

7. Taught lots of lessons. met new people. all is well. happpy happy happy

Love ya so much! thank you for the prayers!!

Sister Pollard

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