Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12/5/16 Light the World


We had a good week this week. Some highlights:

We took R.... to the temple on Saturday! (had to get up at 2am to be there by 7:30) he took his mom and dads name and loved every minute in the temple. Super powerful. We then went to Liberty Jail and learned more about the early saints and Joseph Smith. Afterwords R.... said "I feel like I understand Joseph Smith better than before" He loves Joseph Smith and is baffled by his story. We then had lunch at TEDS. I love Ted's. I am having Ted's withdrawals. I love R....... so much! I cant wait for you all to meet him too!

So yesterday Ro...... came to Church again!! Yay! and she was so moved by the spirit that she shared her testimony. oh my goodness it was painful trying to stop the tears from coming. I'll never forget what she said and how humble I feel. 

Some funny things...

Sis Robison did our companion inventory (this is where we tell each other what strengths we see and an improvement the other could make) for my improvement that she gave me, she said, "Maybe you could start using your blinkers when you are making a turn as we are driving." I laughed so hard. but I am now using my blinkers!

Sis Robison and I were washing our car, and we went through an automatic car wash and soap starts piling on and she said "man, I'm gonna pretend we are in a snowstorm!" I laughed so hard again. There is no snow in Arkansas and we really miss it haha. 

But life is good! Christmas is getting close and we have a couple families fighting for us so tha'ts super funny. I just want to testify that God's hand is in the details of our lives, and he cares about our desires. But he does expect us to work. (alma 60:21-23). and this Christmas season, as we are blessed with our needs and wants, He has asked us to do work-to Light the World, and I promise that if you do this, you will have the best Christmas ever:) Go on to learn more, and tell me all about it!

Dec 2. was honor your mother and father.

Dad-I want you to know that from you I have developed the hard working skills that I need. I am quick in my thoughts and words. I am comfortable with people and can speak to anyone. Because of you I have learned the importance of prioritizing and God and the family will always be number 1. thank you for you being that example and teacher:)

Mom-first off, when people see a picture of you they think you are my sister. Second off I'm so grateful for you. You have taught me how to be Christ like. From you I have learned creativity and organizational skills. I have learned the importance of fulfilling a calling to the fullest. Because of you I'm able to love those that are difficult to love or to understand, because you took the time to teach this to me throughout my years. 

Mom and Dad, I love you. I honor you.I respect you. I miss you. and I will see you soon!

Next week is transfer week. so i'll be emailing on Wednesday. and my heart is being tugged on. so I'm not so sure if I'll be staying. But we will know next week! Thanks yall!

Sister Pollard

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