Monday, December 19, 2016

12/19/16 Joplin

Hey yall!! 

These past few days have been crazy and a rollarcoaster. lets take it day at a time


I got to my new area! JOPLIN! I've always wanted to see Joplin. It's a mix of city and country I think. I like it, but it is COLD! I thought I was ready for the winter but nope, nope, nope. Plus we are a walking/biking area, luckily there is a trolley! woot woot

Our mission boundaries are changing. We are giving three zones/stakes to the Oklahoma City Mission. Therefore right now we are combining with Carl Junction area and a sister there. Her companion is in Oklahoma showing the OKC missionaries the area,  a bunch of missionaries are doing that, so until the new year we are in a trio, and grateful Carl Junction does have a car! so no walking or trolley just yet:) thank goodness.

We have a bigger Christmas tree then the one in Centerton so that's a plus and we just decorated it the other day. 

We had our ward christmas party! I was so thankful because I was able to meet many people in the ward, they also asked if any of the sisters could play piano. I said I could. and I played Picture a Christmas for the primary kids:) they said they might need me in primary on Sundays to play. There's not many piano players here, and if they are, they have other callings. Our ward is small. I told them I would be happy to of course:)

We had breakfast from our 1st investigator, J...... She is from Bulgaria (Crazy, right Mikee!) and she is so selfless and loves to serve and children. Definitely prepared for the gospel but timing is not now. she loves us but wont read the Book of Mormon because she is scared to. We tried to console her and address her concerns, but she made it very clear that when she is ready to read it, she will call us. so...she dropped us (meaning we will no  longer be teaching her, and now we have no investigators but that's okay! Because a fresh start is always good and we  can focus on the members! 

Saturday got a huge ice storm, and we were given council to stay inside, so lots of studies that day and getting to know my 2 new companions! Sis Bisch and Sister Stirling. Sister Bisch is my companion for Joplin. Sister Stirling is waiting for her companion.

Due to the ice storm Church was canceled. More studies, then when the roads cleared up we went out and saw members! woot woot 

and today is monday. 

So ya, nothing too exciting yet but we had powerful member lessons and I'm looking forward to be serving in this part of the vineyard!!

Christmas is this weekend! 

Keep Christ at the Center!



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