Wednesday, December 28, 2016

12/26/16 Merry Christmas


That probably should have been in last week email...but today is good too. 

Christmas as a missionary is a very spoiled time of the year for a missionary. At least it was for me. I was so grateful, I got packages from members in previous areas, presents from members in this area and I haven't even met them yet! Satuday and Sunday was all about going from one dinner appointment to the next. Like I woke up this morning still full. 

No snow! The weather was actually beautiful, in the 70s,  got some lightning storms yesterday too. 

Some really cool things tho:

The V.....'s are a family that moved in a month ago, and invited us to make cookies and deliver it to their neighbors so that they can meet their neighbors, I went while my companions went to other appointments, it was so fun,  and they were a great family:) really enjoyed their company and example!

Sacrament was great! We had all 4 wards in the area meet in the stake center, and all the primary kids sang "Picture a Christmas" I laughed rather hard because out of the 4 wards, it made up the primary in my ward in Oakley. haha these wards are small in general though, they did a great job! and looked beautiful. and the spirit was felt. 

We had a zone conference on my birthday! (I'm 20 now!) and everyone semi sang to me. so at the end of the conference I started saying to people "Thanks for coming to my birthday party!" hahhaa they laughed. Elder Nau, and I have served around each other for awhile now, and he got some elders together and did this year beat/clap rhythm thing while Elder Nau danced a happy birthday dance. It was sooo funny, everyone was cracking up. Good way to spend the bday though. 

umm...hung up christmas lights. that was a challenge. 

And ya:) it was a great Christmas and birthday week. But what I loved most....was how often my thought directed me back to the birth of the Savior. to a specific chapter in the Book of Mormon actually.

1 Nephi 11. I invite yall to read that and ponder on the message. 

I love this time of year, its a beautiful time of year, its a time to remember where peace and hope come from, and that's from Christ. What a great way to end a hard year and start a new one. I pray that yall make new year resolutions, and make at least one that is centered on Christ. Perhaps it will be to read the Book of Mormon as a family daily, to do your home and visiting teaching monthly, to develop a Christlike attribute, or so on. 

im fixin on mine and will share with you next week! share with me yours!


Sister Pollard

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