Friday, February 3, 2017

1-2-17 Happy New Year!


I have a lot to say....and wont say it all. 

I'll share a couple and will write a letter home.

1. I dont know if yall remember Sharon and Jason. On my very first day ever in the mission field in good ol Branson Missouri, I knocked on my first door with a message to share with whomever is on the other side. It so happened to be Sharon and Jason. We shared a message, we helped them with their move, we read the Book of Mormon with them, they came to church, then moved to Springfield. We told the Elders about them and put our trust in the Lord that all will go well. 
WELL crazy update:
Remember Sister Hadley-shes my MTC companion. and Sister Martin-shes a previous companion. Well they are companions and they found SHARON AND JASON AND ARE TEACHING THEM!!! I guess the Elders never found them.. but that's okay. i was so happy. plus Sharon and Jason still remember me and Sister Pond. Soo crazy. love them lots. I know God is placing missionaries in Sharon and Jason lives because they are prepared and they need the truth. just like the rest of us. Sharon and Jason are super humble as well. so it works out:)

2. I beat this Elder at chess last p-day. hehehe that was fun! 

3. Okay!! So we were at this recent converts house for dinner, and they have a 9 year old son who is interested int the piano. The father wants him to play sooo bad, during dinner, brother F..... (the dad) asked if any of us could play piano. I said I could, and he said "after dinner I need to pick your brain apart so that my son can play." well I sat down with T........ (the 9 year old boy) and heard him play piano.....not too good. And the book he had was too difficult and confusing, so I taught him the notes. I taught him where the notes are on the piano and I taught him a portion of the basics. T....... is smart and caught on, and could play right! woo woo. it took about 20-30 minutes. His dad was soo astonished! He started pleading me to teach his son piano lessons. Promising me money and food, and clothes and a cannon and a castle (get the reference mom and Jo and Rayna??) Anywho, I reassured him that all those things are unnecessary and inappropriate. But that I  would be happy to do it. I would just need to get permission. So I go about asking my zone leaders, and they said no for certain reasons. I told brother  F....... and at church we saw him and we was so heartbroken, and said that T......... is heartbroken. I felt sooo bad. Then he went talking to the zone leaders and the zone leaders tried to explain but brother F........ is determined. So Zone leaders are asking. But if all else fails, they did say that if I do it on p-day, that would be okay.....I want to do it soo bad. but once I leave the area.....I cant teach T........ anymore. so praying about it. But T......... did call me his Piano Mama. cutest thing ever

4. Gave a talk in church yesterday at the last minute. was suppose to be a 5-10 min on the 1st vision....ya I gave a 20-30 min sermon......hahha it was great! I love speaking too much. 

I'll write a letter home about some  great things:) love yall so much!!

hope you sent some worthy New Year Resolutions! I'll share mine in a letter!

sorry to keep this.....this hahah

Love ya! Love the Lord!

Sister Pollard

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