Friday, February 3, 2017

1/23/17 Great Week


Had a good week this week. In fact for some reason I've been in such a good mood that I've been singing the past 48 hours. Just hymns that come into my mind! 

Why was it so good? ill tell you

-Found 3 new investigators.

- Went on exchange with the Sister Training Leader Leader. (they are like the AP SISTERS) and it happened to be SISTER POND, my trainer:) so we had a good ole time together! I love her so much!

-Had a movie night with this part member family. they are warming up to us more. and are more receptive to the gospel so that's really good:)

-On Saturday however, Sis Bisch was sick unexpectedly. so she slept all day and I did more studies and some major deep cleaning on our apartment. Cleaning is a good stress reliever for me so it all worked out. also called a bunch of former investigators in our area book to see if we could teach them again. they said no. but that's okay. there is still a bunch more to call:)

-Sunday we had a great day at church. We went to the young women's this time and that was a blessing in itself. 

-But my favorite was that night. We visited this member and his family. They are going through some changes in their life and we were able to bring them comfort and testify of good things to come. I love this family even more than before. and this morning he texted us saying how grateful they were for us and that we can go to them anytime and for anything. I was touched and felt at home with them:)

-OH! Got a wonderful package from my mom!! thanks so much! came at good timing too! LOVE IT!

Thanks so much yall! I love the Gospel and I love the people here who do everything they can to live the gospel:) 

Have a great week!
Sister Pollard

Sister Pond and I being companions again! love her so much!
Drove past an abandoned house, so of course we pulled over and took pictures:)

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