Friday, February 3, 2017

1-16-17 Roller Coaster

Hey Yall!

This week has been a roller coaster. ups and downs, and some throwing up. (luckily not on my part).

We were driving to see someone, and we were turning left in an intersection when a car broke down in the middle of the intersection. Luckily they were off to the side, and before we could help we were forced to turn, so we prayed that someone would help her. Well the person we wanted to see wasn't available, so we back through that intersection to visit someone else. The car broken down somehow made its way to an open parking lot. We thought "good! she is safe" then we be like "and she is trapped.......maybe they could use some company!" We made our way through the parking lot to her. offered our help but she reassured us that help is on the way. So we took out a Book of Mormon, explained who we were and gave her the book. She gladly took it, telling us that she has been wanting to learn more about the Mormon Church! that was pretty cool!! 

On Tuesday we were on exchanges. I took a sister and worked in Joplin while my companion worked in another area. We had an amazing time! we talked with so many people. Taught the most lessons we have ever taught in the area. WOO HOO! 

But the coolest thing happened. Wednesday morning. First off, this sister confessed to me that she knows the church is true, she knows the power in the Book of Mormon but her faith isn't dominant well I gave her my comforting words and council to what I know. But really what she needed is an experience. Blessings of Wednesday morning.....we went to do service, and doing service on a Wednesday was definitely led by the Lord. But we were folding clothes with this woman I've never met, D....... we strike up conversation and of course the church came up. We told her a lot in brief sentence and really took hold of her attention. We then offered her a Book of Mormon. she said she would glad to have one. We gave her one just before we left. We said a prayer with her, and in the prayer the spirit prompted us, "Read Moroni 10:3-5 with her." I'm thinking "I'm hungry, its cold. shes got the book. we will read it next time." but when the prayer was over, the prompting came again "Read Moroni 10:3-5 with her." I couldn't avoid it that time. We read the scripture with her, her eyes filled with tears and she began to cry. We asked her what she thought she said "I've been lost." then we asked her how she felt and she said while holding up the Book of Mormon "BLESSED." she then goes on to say that she has strayed from Gods path and "this" (the book) is her way back. tears filled my eyes and my companions. We talked and hugged with D........a little more. She is beautiful. on our way out my companion turned to me and said "that was so cool. I have never seen anything like that before. I feel the spirit and it is too big for me. its true." The Lords hand was in all of this. and now that special sister has a dominant faith:)

We had some other great experiences. Even with members! Building their faith to share the gospel. One member shared the concern that she doesn't know how to take rejection, and the fact that we are out being rejected everyday is admirable. The thought came to our mind and we shared with her why we could take so much rejection and still push forward "Every morning, at 8 am. We kneel down to pray. Then, EVERY MORNING, we read the Book of Mormon. That Book is a powerful book. and if you read it every day, with a sincere study and pondering, you will not fear or be discouraged by rejection. because you know it is true."  

We did lots of walking this week too! My legs ache a little. We had a couple of ice storms but no damage. and ate good food. 

last thing:

About the picture. In may of 2011 Joplin got hit with a tornado. It did more damage then any other tornado I believe. Even to this day people are still recovering from it. Well while they were rebuilding Joplin they placed these giant metal butterflies all around to symbolize the new birth or Joplin. they are really stunning and bring hope to the people here:)

Love you all soo much! Thank you for the many prayers. I'm learning so much on my mission more than I though I would. I feel very blessed. and humbled. continue to read the Book of Mormon!
Sister Pollard

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