Friday, February 3, 2017

2-1-17 Game Night

Crazy times happening in Joplin....where does one begin?

So we had this stellar worldwide missionary broadcast. Talked a lot of good stuff about teaching the gospel. Then they made changes to our schedule. Nothing to drastic, we still get up at 6:30 and go to bed at 10:30 but the order of things are different and the missionary chooses more of what they do with their time. it's kinda nice:)

On Thursday my companion got real sick again. so did a lot of deep cleaning again and studies.

Friday we had our very first WARD GAME NIGHT! We played volley ball and board/card games at the church. it's a missionary opportunity so everyone invited to bring someone. But it was the first time so not a lot of nonmembers were there but there were a lot of members there showing their support! It was a success, we decided to do it 1 month until we see more progression in it. it was fun:) my volleyball skills are improving!

So Saturday we saw some less active families in hopes of helping them coming to church the next day. AND IT WORKED. 3 Less actives families came! (2 of which hasn't been in years) you should have seen the look on bishops face! He was shocked, it was really amazing. Since it was the 5th Sunday we focused on missionary work, and our ward mission leader told us to bring 150 copies of the Book of Mormon. after running around collecting all that we can from other missionaries, we finally made it to 150 by Sunday. it was a great lesson got people really excited about missionary work:)

We have this great investigating family. Mom and 2 girls, love them soo much! They were gonna come to church but they forgot to set their alarm and slept in! (church starts at 8:30). I guess this Sunday we will be giving them a wake up call! haha 

Did exchanges on Wednesday.....we biked 11 miles. oooph! We can do that here, because we have 60-70 degree weather:) haha it's beautiful!

In all honesty the big news going on right now is on transfers. 

Sister Bisch, my companion, left for home today for health concerns. I am training again so I will get my new companion tomorrow! As of now I just hang out with Sister Pond again:)

Its been a really a chaotic week with getting things collected with Sister Bisch and her going home. but I think it will be best for her. 

Well Ill tell you more about Joplin next week! Gonna be finding more people to teach!

Love yall!


Sister Pollard

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