Wednesday, March 8, 2017

2/13/17 #blessingsofmembers

Hey yall! 

I hope you ya'll had a good week like I did:):):):)

First off thanks for the letters from Kyla and Krissi!

So some bomb stuff went down and I did a lot better job remembering them:)

Monday: we had dinner with these great members! They invited a less active over to join us as well:) then after dinner they put on the movie "The Testaments" for us all to watch. It was really sweet of them. #blessingsofmembers

After that we visited our investigator V........ We really stressed the importance of the Book of Mormon. We then had her write down a question that she wanted answered from God. We read the Book of Mormon for her to find that answer:) It was really neat! I know that asking questions then reading The Book of Mormon for answers really does work. Two things could happen 1. You receive your answer 2. You receive the comfort and peace of not having an answer:) "All things work out for good for those who love God"

Tuesday: This day I went to Bentonville to do Exchanges with the AP Sisters, and I was so happy for it to be with SISTER HADLEY! My MTC companion. we had a good time:)

Wednesday: We had dinner with this really really cute old couple who are still in love with one another. They live in this humble home and went "all out" for us. All I could think was "they are doing things right." #examplesofmembers

Thursday: BOMB! dinner (again). Get this, a great missionary minded member signed up to feed us dinner. But something came up and they couldnt feed us. Well she talks to the less active family and asks them if they would feed us and she would buy the food. It worked out great! She bought Olive Garden and we got to get to know this less active family that we have been trying to get a hold of for a long time! WELL we now have FHE with the family tonight too:) #blessingsofmembers

 Friday: was a brain dead day. hahahahaha 

Saturday: WE BIKED TODAY! LIKE A LOT! We were teaching these cute kids about God. Well one of them was so amazed that God knows everything and he has power to do anything. His little 8 year old mind had a hard time grasping that:) 

Sunday: this was a good day, a day always needed, but a sad day because V......... didn't come to church! We were devastated and went to her house afterwards. She claims that her alarm never went off and she slept till 8:30:( After we talked for awhile, she brought up baptism. ya, so cool, she is quitting smoking now and planning on going to addiction recovery program. This Sunday she will make it to church. we can see her true desire. She is incredible. words can't even describe how proud I am of her even though she hasn't made it to church yet. She has come a long ways from when we first met her:) all is well. 

TODAY! we took some pictures on main street in Joplin. and I got my haircut. I decided I like it shorter:) not a pixie but maybe soon, trying something new:) 

IT was a good week and I love being a missionary. I have a great companion. she is sweet and funny and we are buds. I hope yall have a great valentines day tomorrow! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SIENNA! 


Sister Pollard

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