Wednesday, March 8, 2017

3/6/17 Gratitude

Oh my what did I do this week? hmmm....I'm pressed for time as well so this will be short and sweet. 

1. the pics I set are from an old abandoned water park (this water park was real intense) and is now owned by a member and he let us play flour ball throughout the whole park! It was fun and yes we did win:) Shauna this park would be PERFECT for photos:) you would love it! I could have spent hours there!

2. Looking at last week, we did exchanges on Tuesday. I took this sweet sister who is on her second transfer now and she told me that she never done her own tract approach. I was shocked, I guess her companion always talks to the people. So we did tracting and she finally did her first tract approach and it went great! I was super proud of her:)

3. On Thursday we visited this returning less active, she asked for a priesthood blessing so we brought 2 members with us. I took notes during her blessing,  she is going through a lot and we wanted to have her keep that blessing close and read it often. Well I wrote the entire blessing out before we left her home and gave it to her. As I was writing the blessing I got this feeling of gratitude. there was my gratitude and someone elses gratitude. I was grateful for this opportunity to read and write such a beautiful divine given blessing. It was perfect, and my imperfect eyes were beholding it. I got this second wave of gratitude from an angel you could say, or the spirit of God, really, someone out there was happy the work we were doing with this beautiful woman and this blessing would carry her through. The next day she went to court, and before her trial she read and reread her blessing, found great comfort and won the case. She came to church and she is relying on her Lord. 

That's all I'm gonna share for now though many more beautiful things did happen!

Love yall!

Sister Pollard  

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