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3/15/17 Keeping your covenants

Hey Yall! 

For this email I want to focus on a message not on my week, but I will give you an update on transfers. I am STAYING in Joplin. My address is the same. and yes I did get those pre-trunky papers (papers about going home) and yes I did try to convince my greenie that they were for her. 

I had a heartbreaking experience this week. one that I can not go into details about. But this is something that I have witness multiple times on my mission, everywhere I go, both with members and nonmembers. It attacks all of us. And it is something that should be talked about. 

Elder Holland says it best
May the joy of our fidelity to the highest and best within us be ours as we keep our love and our marriages, our society and our souls, as
pure as they were meant to be.

In todays world, evil and wickedness attacks us everywhere and all the time. With the use of Instant Media, social media, movies, music, books, billboards, and acquaintances it is easier now to be unfaithful to a loved one, a spouse. 

BUT PLEASE!! Do NOT fall in the traps of the one that wishes to destroy you! He is good at what he does, and if you want to have all that your Creator has for you stay away from lustful, pornographic, degrading content. You are worth more than that, and so is your family. I have witnessed many marriages fall apart, trust walls being built, and children being abandon due to unfaithfulness. 

It would not be fair of me to only speak of these horrifying things if there wasn't a way out, and there is. Jesus Christ and His atonement, and only Him, can be the one to mend, heal, strengthen, and purify those in such tragic situations. Turn to Him. RUN to Him, and repent and forgive. 

I have a story from the Book of Mormon that I think explains it best. 

In Alma we read of the Strippling Warriors. 2000 young men going to war and all surviving when statistically none should have. We are taught and shown that it is because of the teachings of the their mothers about faith and God. I wish to add, it is also because of the covenants which their fathers have kept. 
The young men's fathers were skilled in war. They fought long and hard throughout their lives and many had lost their lives. Through a series of events, they covenanted (promised ) with God that they will no longer pick up their weapons and battle. Years later they find themselves in a situation where war was needed. Yet due to the Fathers keeping their covenant not to battle, and due to the mothers teaching the sons, the Fathers sent their sons to battle praying that their boys would be brought home safe.

Let us make and keep our covenants/promise with God. Stay away from anything that will tempt you to break such a sacred promise. and God will protect you and your family as you do so. Let us teach our children the importance of fidelity and the difference between love and lust.  

Elder Holland gave a beautiful talk on this that I encourage all to read "Place no more for the enemy in my soul." 

I believe in Miracles. I believe in more than 2nd chances. I believe in repentance. I believe in forgiveness. I believe in marriage and children. and I believe in covenants. 

I am grateful for my parents and grandparents for teaching me the importance and power of keeping covenants. let us be one with Christ. 

In the name of the Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ Amen
Sister P.

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