Saturday, April 29, 2017

4/17/17 Easter Message

While many great things happened this week- the weather has been beautiful, the progress record never looked so good, got more members to come out with us, bomb exchanges with other sisters-id say what blew me away the most was the lesson we had last night. 

We are teaching this part member family. The son is a member and his mom and step dad are not. well the mom is investigating. The step dad would be too, but he works on the nights that she is home, so we have a hard time catching them both. Anywho, prior to this lesson we are at a members house and my allergies start going off, really weird because there were no cats around. By the time we left I felt so weak and exhausted, my eye was red, my nose was runny, it is 8 and I'm just ready to call it a night and reschedule this lesson. I also "knew" that this investigator doesnt do whole lot of participating and I question if she was even learning anything, yet she has come to church and is reading the bible, so I see some potential. Anywho, I thought to myself, we will call it a night, and then I remembered the importance of the lesson we were going to teach. I remembered, the promised blessing given to us as we preach the gospel-one being given strength that is not known among men- and those blessings are from the arm of God and not by the flesh of man. I also thought "what example would I be to my companion if I turned in just cuz I feel weak." Now of course, it was the spirit bringing all of these things to my mind. and I received the strength to do 1 more lesson. We taught the importance of prophets leading into Joseph Smith. Never before have I seen our investigator so involved! she was asking questions, thinking, making comments, seeing the need for a prophet, and feeling the spirit. During the lesson my allergies didnt bother me. Even while her cats were playing on my lap! I felt the strength that is not known among men. and I walked out very humbled. I talked about it afterward with my companion. (BTW she is doing better thank you for the prayers). and im excited for the next lesson to come about Joseph Smiith

WHICH! in case you didnt know, there is a new 1st vision video on LDS.ORG under CHURCH HISTORY titled ASK OF GOD! it is very detailed and moving. I invite all to see it!

For Easter we spent the time at church and in the home of 2 great members and our investigator. 
Easter is a wonderful time of the year. It is more than just about new beginnings and candy. The purpose of Easter is to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. and to ponder on the reason of His resurrection. I know there are many false teachings about Christ Resurrection being only symbolic. I testify that it is not symbolic, it is true. Jesus Christ did die on the cross, and three days later  rose from the tomb in a glorified body. "Death hath no sting and the grave hath no victory" because of the risen Lord. If there was no living Christ, there would be no Hope. But HE DOES LIVE! and so will we all live again too. And now is the time to repent and prepare for the day when we stand before our King and our Lord. I know that He loves us. I know that He wants to help us and redeem us. and I know that the Book of Mormon testifies of the LIVING CHRIST, as does the Bible. 
and this I testify of in the name of the Only Begotten, Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Sister Pollard

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