Wednesday, June 7, 2017

5-1-17 New (sort of) area.

Hey Yall!

I'll give a quick update and this new transfer!

-So I'm in Centerton 2 and we got a fancy fancy apartment. I feel very very spoiled. but I'm also really happy because I got my own bathroom! First one in 20 years:) (probably the only one)

-My new companion is Sister Lunt she goes home in 6 weeks and she is a sweet heart. 

-Don't know the exact title of my new 'role'. AP Sister works...but we do not do near as much as the Assistants themselves. We go on exchanges 2 a week and train the trainers on how to train.....ya...that is the best way I could put it. We do work close with President and Sister Loveland and the assistance but our focus is on sisters....I think. still trying to get it figured out. I'm elated!

-We have a great ward and the members are all very missionary minded.

-We've had some terrible storms these last few days...good thing I kept SOME of my winter stuff haha:)

-As of right now we have 1 investigator. But get this...remember Robin? I taught her while in Centerton 1 last fall. she was baptized shortly after I left to Joplin. WELL! she is living in Centerton 2 hasn't come to church yet, BUT she came yesterday and I surprised her:) she was so happy to see me and I was thrilled to see her. Hopefully as we continue to work with her she will feel comfortable in the ward! It really is a fantastic ward.

-So we are in a finding stage in the area! I really think that is because most of the sisters in the mission are in a finding stage. So as they come do exchanges with us, we can teach them how to find so that they can take that and apply to there area. It wouldn't be helpful if we taught them how to teach those preparing for baptisms when they have no one preparing for baptisms. But this will be good! finding is one of the best and easiest ways to see the Lords Hand:) bueno. 

Well that really is it as of now....Happy May and I'll talk to yall next week!


Sister Pollard

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