Wednesday, June 7, 2017

6/5/17 transfer week so short.

Hey yall! it is transfer week! and we got a lot going on. so I'm gonna keep this short:)

Sister Lunt is headed home, I'll be staying in Centerton 2 and my new companion is Sister Ferrell.

The mission took a temple trip this week so that was a blast!

We started an English Class! We are teaching India people because there are a lot here!Our first class was yesterday and it went really well-I'll tell ya a cool story about it:
In our apartment complex there are A LOT of India people. so we coordinated with the manager, and we are using the clubhouse for the class. Well this cool maintenance guy finds us passing out flyers, and he said "I see at least 10 Indian people a day. If you give me some flyers I'll deliver them!" it was sooo cool! he has been a huge help and support! God is so good! So now I just wanna teach him:)

 We have some really good stuff going on. and I'm looking forward to what is coming ahead! sorry to keep this too short! talk to yall MONDAY!

Love sister Pollard

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