Monday, July 10, 2017

6/12/17 5 1/2 weeks left

Hey Everyone! 

My new companion is Sister Ferrell. She is a great dedicated missionary who smiles probably more than a bride on her wedding day. 

Cool Story to start off. I don't know if y'all remember Robyn? I taught her in Centerton 1. She was baptized shortly after I left. Moved to Centerton 2 and hasn't gone to church. Well she came last week and yesterday and I am super proud of her! Saturday night we actually went over to go see her, but she was sleeping. This guy Eli answers the door. I've known Eli a wile now but never really had the chance to talk to him about the gospel he is 20 and lives with Robyn. She is kinda a mother to him. Anywho we start striking up conversation with Eli. Now you don't need to KNOW someone to know when they are unhappy and lost in life. We promised Eli that our message will bring him happiness and purpose, he reluctantly agreed. Then we said "Eli do you have anything to  lose?" he thought for a minute, realized he really didn't. We then committed to have him join us at church. Kinda a big step. We didn't tell him what church was even about or how it worked. We never mentioned the Book of Mormon to him (granted he has seen them in Robyn's house).
I wasn't so sure that he would even come. We called him Sunday morning, and sure enough he said he was coming with Robyn and that they will be there. AND THEY WERE! they only stayed for Sacrament but I was soo happy! Eli does want to learn, so we are going to give him to the YSA missionaries. we think he would like that better:)

ANOTHER great story! We have this investigator named Roy. he is 78 and is reading/listening to the Book of Mormon. Well we went over to teach him about Joseph Smith. We asked him if he prayed to know if it is true. he said "Well, I have come to the Conclusion that it is. "
I nearly fell off of the couch! hahaha

Well I love being a missionary! My passion for teaching has increased so much! I may have 5 1/2 weeks left, but I certainly can feel the Lord preparing me for what's to come when I get home while being focused on my mission!

All is Well!
Sister Pollard

Ps. I fly home July 21. Plane lands at 4:19 pm. 

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