Friday, July 21, 2017

7/19/17 Kendyl's last letter home.

Well Ya'll.....I know you cant see me right now, but there are tears in my eyes and a huge smile on my face:)

First: This Friday I will be flying home in the Salt Lake Airport. There are 15 other missionaries too haha. but I'll be the cute one in the black dress. 

Second. This week has been a great hard working week. We found Jessica through a member, and she is beyond prepared for the gospel. She has a baptismal date the next Saturday  the 29th . She already has strong testimony of each lesson and a desire to keep each commandment. she is incredible.

We had a huge success at the farmers market with our family history booth! It was so great that we were asked to make a short presentation on it for the mission. I'm putting it together tomorrow, and my sweet companion Sister Ferrell get's to present it!  

We finished our English Class and it was really hard saying goodbye to them:(

Lastly: this is what I really want to say:

The Gospel works. Having faith in Jesus Christ, secures our hope for the future. Repenting of our sins, offers us the greatest relief and love. Being baptized by someone holding the proper authority, cleanses us. Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, brightens every aspect of our life like noon day. Enduring to the end, makes it all worth it. 

When we are baptized, we choose to follow Jesus Christ. It is symbolic of the death of our old selves and the birth of our new bright life. I was baptized at 8, but I feel as if this past 18 months have been one giant baptism. I am a new person because I have a better understanding of what the gospel is. I have a deeper love for My Heavenly Father, and a great desire and need to follow my Savior, Jesus Christ. I feel cleansed. I believe in God, "with surety hope for a better world."the Gospel works for you and for me. I testify that Jesus Christ lives today. and His eyes never leaves the wandering sheep. I'm excited to see my eternal family:)

Thank ya'll for your support and the sacrifices made in my behalf. I love you:)


PS 18 Months later and the mission has just begun.

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